It’s LG G6 Day: All the Videos You Need to be the G6 King, Right Here!

Sort of crazy to think that the LG G6 is just now launching around the globe, but that’s where we’re at! After being announced back in February, LG’s best phone in years is finally available at all major carriers in the US.

We’ve spent loads of time with the phone in recent weeks, putting together a pretty comprehensive set of videos that new owners of the phone might consider watching. Below, we’ve gathered the big ones, which include our full review, a set of tips and tricks, and the first 10 things to do when you fire up a G6 for the first time. If you want to get the most out of that new phone, this is the place to start.

Also, for the dirty details on the phone, should be considering one, be sure to read our full LG G6 review.

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Video: LG G6 Review!

Just in case you happened to skip our written LG G6 review because you prefer the video format, we’ve got something for you today. Our LG G6 video review is here!

In this video, we cover the same general thoughts as the written, but you will get my slightly tweaked opinion over Tim’s. Overall, though, we both view this phone very similarly. We both think LG did a heck of a job by building an ultra-premium smartphone with solid cameras and few (if any) gimmicks. This is a redemption story after last year’s G5 disaster, that’s for sure.

As Tim noted in the written portion, the Galaxy S8’s arrival is going to make it tough on LG once again, but I’d argue that you should still give this some serious consideration. This phone doesn’t really have any weaknesses, plus you get some added bonuses (dual cameras).

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LG G6 Review

With the G6, LG is hoping to do something it was unable to last year — sell some phones. While we must applaud the company’s investment and willingness to try something new with the G5 (modularity), we’ve stressed multiple times that the implementation did not work.

In 2017, LG has scrapped the modularity entirely and is offering a completely redesigned smartphone. It has metal, glass, and a great 5.7″ QHD display with hardly any bezel surrounding it. It’s a night and day difference between last year’s G5, but is it enough to get people excited and on board? That’s what we’re here to find out.

This is our LG G6 review. (more…)

LG G6 Launched at Verizon Today, and You Can Still Get a Free TV With Purchase

I know that world is still focused on yesterday’s big Samsung Galaxy S8 event, but the LG G6 launched today at Verizon. And we’re talking full launch, as in, you can walk into a Verizon store and buy one. Pre-orders are done, man.

If the Galaxy S8 and S8+ didn’t turn you on, the G6 is going to be an excellent option. It’s got really good specs, a big ol’ display with little bezel, water resistance, dual cameras, and a premium metal and glass design. It’s easily LG’s best phone in years.  (more…)