Tuesday Poll: Lexikon? DROID2 Global? Something Else?

Yesterday we saw some pretty revealing pictures of a new HTC device headed to Verizon, codenamed the “Lexikon” and the week before we brought you some exclusive shots of the Droid 2 Global.  Do either of these phones interest you?  Are either of them a “must have”?  Or are you waiting for something bigger and better?

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HTC Lexikon Shows Up Looking Like the Next Global DROID

The device we know as the HTC Lexikon (ADR6325) just made a huge appearance over at BGR. The device is meeting all of the specs that we figured it would, but now sports a very Droid-esque appearance and what looks to be a fantastic physical keyboard.  Let’s also not forget though that it’s a global beast (SIM card included), has a 5MP camera, runs Android 2.2 and more than likely the new Sense.

Oh…yes that shot above does say BING.  Maybe this won’t be the next Droid?  How could any Droid survive without the Google Apps suite?

After seeing our Droid 2 Global exclusive pictures and now this new HTC device, you’ve got to be excited for the holiday season.  Verizon again “ftw.”    Gallery after the break.   (more…)

HTC Lexikon will be Verizon’s Next DROID?

You are looking at a picture of the HTC Lexikon which could very well be the next “Droid” family member, meaning it’s headed to Verizon and packs a big enough punch to receive the coveted label.  While the picture above looks slightly different than the photos we’ve seen of a new slider from HTC that is also possibly headed to VZW, the specs appear to matchup.  An almost 4″ screen plus a slide out keyboard; is that an instant win for some people?  It looks a lot like the Incredible, which in our books is a good thing.

Oh, we almost forgot to mention that an RUU (HTC leaked ROM) has already dropped.  Catch it and rumored specs after the jump.   (more…)