LevelUp Studio Launches Bright Weather to Google Play

A new application called Bright Weather from LevelUp Studio, the same creators of Beautiful Widgets, launched on Google Play this morning.

The app is described as being the most comprehensive weather application on Google Play, bringing many features to the disposal of users, including complete weather forecasts, advanced weather condition information, and current moon phases.

Still interested? Check out this full feature list below.  (more…)

The Makers of Beautiful Widgets Launch Quad Drawer to Google Play

Quad Drawer

A simple question is raised by the developers of the newly launched Quad Drawer application, the same folks that created one of Google Play’s most highly praised applications, Beautiful Widgets – How much time do you spend searching for apps on your device? Well, it may not seem like a long time for most people, but LevelUp Studios has found a way to make the process of locating your apps a bit faster.  (more…)