Samsung Announces Level Box Mini Bluetooth Speaker, Kind of Like a Jambox

Samsung added to their line of Level audio products this morning with the announcement of the new Level Box Mini. As the name suggests, this is indeed the smaller version of their previously announced Level Box.

The Box Mini is Bluetooth speaker that offers users “a smart, seamless user experience combined with Samsung’s iconic design and premium sound technology.” The body of the speaker is “metallic,” sports a large 55mm stereo speaker and a passive radiator, which is “optimized to deliver a premium-quality sound that is powerful, crisp and balanced.” You could use it for conference calls or consume media, just like any other Bluetooth speaker. Devices are paired to it via NFC.  (more…)

Samsung’s Level Premium Audio Products Available in the US Tomorrow

Level, the premium range of audio products introduced by Samsung back in April, will become available in the US starting tomorrow on After the line passes through its 72-hour stint on Gilt, all products will come to Amazon (July 20), (July 21), and Samsung Experience Shops in Best Buy stores (July 27) shortly thereafter.

For those new to Level, you are looking at four different products. The Level Over is an over-ear Bluetooth headphone that delivers an “immersive sound experience.” It runs $349.99. The Level On is an on-ear, wired headphone that “packs a powerful, clear and pure sound in a compact design,” running $179.99. The Level In is a pair of in-ear buds that runs $149.99. Finally, the Level Box is a Bluetooth speaker that costs $169.99. We have yet to test any of these products, but hope they have something special in-store to justify those prices. At least they look pretty, right?

To see images and read the full specs, jump below and then through the source link.  (more…)

Google Sets Up Android Wear Section on Google Play – Level, IFTTT, Pinterest, Runtastic, and More Featured

Orders of the LG G watch and Samsung Gear Live from Google Play are due to begin shipping very soon, so Google is doing everything it can to prepare for those arrivals. It is pretty clear that the first move was to get all sorts of popular apps on board with the Android Wear movement, have development teams prepare updates for those apps, and then feature them in a new, dedicated section on the Play store. That section is now live, along with a number of apps you probably use on a daily basis.  (more…)

Samsung Launches Series of Audio Products With “Level” Brand Name

Jealous of your BoomSound-toting friends, Galaxy S5 owners? No, your phone won’t be seeing magical speaker improvements any time soon, but Samsung is launching a set of four premium audio accessories to go with your device. Level Over, Level On, Level In, and Level Box will seek to take care of your audio needs, and all are aptly named under Samsung’s new “Level” product category. (more…)

Level Comes to Android, a Pretty Way to Manage Spending Money

Level, a popular iOS financial management app, is now available on Android for those of you looking for help with monthly spending money. Level connects to the top 100 banks in the U.S. (also does savings and credit cards), reads transactions and bills, figures out what you are spending money on, and calculates leftover cash for you to use for the things that bring you joy in life. It’s an automated money management system that also looks quite pleasing.  (more…)