LauncherPro Updates in the Works: Screen Transitions this Week, Gmail Widget Next

Anyone ready for a LauncherPro update?  Been a while right?  With Fede currently hacking away at his full re-write, he still wanted to feed his followers and will in fact do that this week and next.  We’ve received word that he’ll first be dropping an update on us all this week (today or tomorrow?) that will include fancy screen transitions, which we have to assume will be similar to those seen on ADW EX.  He’ll then follow that up with an update that we wish was available from day one for Plus users:  a Gmail widget.  Yep, you read that right.  LauncherPro Plus users should have a Gmail widget to enjoy some time next week.


All credit to Tato for the scoop.

A Few LauncherPro Docks to Brighten Your Day

About 10 minutes ago, I hit up Twitter with the screenshot above to show off a new dock that was passed on to me and it seemed to get a decent amount love.  So I thought, why not post up the dock in a few different colors for the rest of you all to enjoy?  The original dock actually came in white and was made by XDA member sonnysekhon for his Nexus One and S ROMs and was then handed to me by our favorite Android veggie, Tim-o-tato.

Grab them all after the break!   (more…)

Download: Gingerbread Themed LauncherPro by Benny879

As many of you know, we’re big fans of themes for LauncherPro, so that means this new set of Gingerbread-styled versions are all must-haves.  Made by LP forum member Benny879, you have 3 color schemes that all match up perfectly to the new highlights included in Android 2.3 or this awesome Apex ROM we gave you on Friday.

To get the look, all you have to do is download a color scheme from below, install it over your current LauncherPro (or uninstall and re-install) and enjoy!

*Make an LP backup though!  Preferences>Backup homescreens.

*For ALL users.

Download:  Dark Background with Green Outline

Download:  Grey Background with Green Outline

Download:  Dark Background with Grey Outline

Support thread, more mirrors and a chance to say “Thanks!” can be found here.

Cheers PatriotVirus!

LauncherPro Update is Live, Virtual Looping and Recent Apps Added

The LauncherPro update for this week that we got the scoop on is now live in the market for your virtual homescreen looping and recent apps viewing pleasure.  So yeah, the update includes virtual homescreen looping which means that you can try to go past your last homescreen and LP will flip you all the way over to the other side.  Check the box in Preferences>Homescreen Settings to utilize this feature.

The other new additional is a “Recent Apps” gesture.  All you need to do is long-press on a tray icon, choose “Swipe gesture action”, “Show Popup”, and “Recent Apps” and you will be live.  Quickly view up to 16 of your most recently used apps with a quick swipe.   (more…)

LauncherPro Update Coming This Week?

This is definitely what we want to hear on a chilly Monday afternoon in December. It’s been too long without word from Federico Carnales and his LauncherPro, meaning we’re starting to get antsy. If you recall reading this true masterpiece of an interview, you will remember Fede announcing he would be rewriting the entire app from scratch to reduce bugs and to easily add features. Plus one to that.


Download: Droid Life Themed LauncherPro

Well thanks to a very nice themer (Signals23) over at XDA, we now have our very own Droid Life version of LauncherPro. We have shown his work here on DL before, but this one deserves some special recognition. Signals23 is responsible for many of the themed versions that you’ve seen of our favorite home replacement app and this will be a great addition to his lineup.

Donate to signals23 here. Please help support him if you can. Without talented people like this, our homescreens would be well, bland.  I also would like to thank ardchoille over at LauncherPro forums for the source image I used to produce this dock. (more…)