Google: Experience Launcher Found on the Nexus 5 is an Exclusive


When speaking with The Verge about about the release of Kit Kat and the Nexus 5, Google brought up the new Google Experience Launcher that is found on the Nexus 5, and that you won’t be able to find the launcher on any other device – at least for the time being. For now, the launcher is an exclusive to the N5 and Google wants users to pick up the Nexus 5, instead of waiting for them to push it to other devices like the Nexus 4 or even placing it in the Google Play store, which could happen someday.  (more…)

A Look at What’s New in the Google Experience Launcher


Yesterday, Google finally announced the Nexus 5, Kit Kat, and all of the other goodies that came with them. One massive change they made is big improvements to the Google Experience launcher, which is just a fancy term for the stock Android launcher that comes on certain vanilla Android devices. If you have a device from Samsung or LG, then you are running a skinned version of the Android launcher, which isn’t bad, but just not exactly what Google would call their “experience.”

We want to go over all of the changes that Google made, so continue on to see what you should expect if you decided to load this onto your very own Android device.  (more…)

Action Launcher 2.0 Pushes to Beta, Introduces New Quickpage and 1-Swipe Features


Action Launcher, the popular yet minimal take on a 3rd party launcher, will receive an update to version 2.0 in the coming weeks that introduces two new features called Quickpage and 1-Swipe. Quickpage acts a secondary page that can be added to the right of the Action Launcher home, while 1-Swipe allows you to access both it and the app launcher from anywhere in the system. Think of 1-Swipe as an alternative multi-tasking option. That will all make much more sense once you watch the video above.  (more…)

Buzz Launcher Wants to Pay $10,000 to the Best Android Home Screens on the Planet

buzz launcher1

Anyone remember Buzz Launcher? This is the third party launcher that launched as a beta back in March, allowing you to share and install all of the most beautiful home screen setups on the planet with a only few simple clicks. For example, you could spend hours cruising around MyColorScreen trying to come up with an idea for your next setup, but with Buzz Launcher, that entire setup may already be available to download through their marketplace and without having to pick and choose items from Google Play. It’s a pretty brilliant idea, actually, especially for those who are constantly tweaking phone appearances or looking for the next great trend.

We took at a look at this new third party launcher back in April, and came away impressed by its ability to quickly get you the setup of your dreams without much work. We also saw the potential that it could have should its userbase grow and the community involved with it continued to share their home screen setups.  (more…)

Video: Nova Launcher Updated, Customize Individual Drawer Icons and New Wallpaper Picker Interface


Over the weekend, Nova Launcher received an updated to version 2.1, bringing with it a few features that really are quite notable. For most, the important feature addition is the ability to change individual application icons in the app drawer. This is highly important when the icon pack you are using does not skin a particular icon, making the theme a bit off when viewed.  (more…)

Video: Buzz Launcher Brings the Best Custom Android Home Screens to Your Device

buzz launcher1

A new launcher has arrived on Android that is certainly worth a few minutes of your time, that is, assuming you take your home screen setups seriously. It’s called Buzz Launcher Beta, and it wants your home screen setup to be as beautiful as those you see on MyColorScreen or reddit, however, it wants you to get there without all the work normally required. With this launcher, you no longer have to scour various forums or websites to find what you are looking for. A custom look is only a couple of taps away.  (more…)