FYI: Offline Maps Saved by Typing “OK Maps” in Google Maps, Latitude Retires August 9

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Moments after the new Google Maps v7.0 went live last night, the cries of “Where is Latitude!” and “What happened to offline maps?” spread throughout the internet crowds. Since Google had yet to push out a blog post detailing the new features of Google Maps prior to releasing the update, you can imagine that we were all scrambling and concerned. Now that a post has been issued, we have two bits of news – one good, one bad. Offline maps are indeed still there, but Latitude will retire on August 9.  (more…)

Google Sneaks Check-in Point System and Leaderboard Into Latitude


Google Maps received an update last week that was supposed to improve battery life while using Latitude, only that’s not all that came with it. If you use the location and check-in service in Maps, you will notice that after a check-in, you are awarded points and a fancy animated leaderboard appears. From there, you can tap to see a full leaderboard that shows an all-time list, current week, and even last week. This new social check-in addition pulls from your Google+ Circles to let you compete with your friends or the world for that matter, similarly to what Foursquare offers.

Google has yet to officially mention that the service exists and has simply posted a brief 1 sentence section in their Maps support section. I’m sure we’ll see more before long.

My question is, does anyone actually use Latitude? I have always been intrigued by the idea of it, however, it’s difficult to find anyone that even knows what it is or how to use it.

Via:  Engadget, Google Support

Tip: Latitude in Google Maps Now Has Google+ Integration for Check-ins


Today’s Google Maps update that included transit navigation is turning out to be quite the fun-filled hidden gem adventure. Our readers first discovered that you could start downloading maps for offline viewing, but there is also new Google+ integration in Latitude that hasn’t been pointed out anywhere yet.

All you have to do is update to GMaps 5.7, install Google+ (join too if you can), cruise to your favorite bar, sign in to Latitude, choose to Check-in, and then start adding Circles.  Once you’ve added your favorite Circles, press the big blue “Check in here” button and watch it post straight to your Google+ stream.

Ahh yes, integration into other Google apps.  We likey.

Cheers Ben!

Google Maps 5.1.0 Update Available, Allows for Auto Check-in and Friend Notification (Updated)

A new Google Maps update is available for everyone, bringing you up to version 5.1.0 that includes a bunch of Latitude check-in features.  Users will now enjoy the ability to check-in to places using Latitude, let their friends know, and then have their phone automatically check them out once they leave.  If you are a location-based app dork like myself this is pretty cool news, but for the rest of you, just update and move along.

Update:  More info is now available at the Google Mobile blog.  Video preview below.   (more…)

Google Launches New Latitude API

Google announced just minutes ago that they have released the Latitude API which will allow developers to create apps that can use your Latitude location in new and innovative ways.  They even went as far as listing out some pretty interesting ideas…

  • Thermostats that turn on and off automatically when you’re driving towards or away from home.
  • Traffic that send alerts if there’s heavy traffic ahead of you or on a route you usually take based on your location history
  • Your credit card accounts to alert you of potential fraud when a purchase is made far from where you actually are.
  • Photo albums so your vacation photos appear on a map at all the places you visited based on your location history.

Location-based apps are taking over the world and it’s a joy to see.  With Foursquare and Latitude currently running our lives, this new API is surely going to allow for more location app obsession.

Source: Google Mobile