Deal: 5-Star Productivity Pack Adds Dropbox Pro to Already Awesome Lineup, Still Just $60

Remember the deal we wrote up a month ago for a productivity pack that included premium subscriptions to Evernote, Pocket, Wunderlist, LastPass and the New York Times, at a ridiculously low price of $59.99? We now have that deal in our DL Deals shop, only it’s better than ever. If you pick-up the 5-Star Productivity Pack from us, you also get a 3-month premium subscription to Dropbox Pro for that same $59.99 price.

The total value here is around $182, so you are getting a solid discount. Keep in mind that the deal only runs for a week.

Deal Link ($59.99)

Deal: $60 for 1-Year Premium Subscriptions to Evernote, Pocket, LastPass, and Wunderlist

Ready for the most productive year of your life? If not, maybe today’s bundle of software from the folks over at Pocket, will help convince you that it is time to get your world in order. Called “The Productivity Pack,” Pocket has teamed up with Evernote, LastPass, Wunderlist, and the New York Times to get you a deal on all of these apps’ premium services for a discounted price.  (more…)

Grab One Free Year of LastPass Premium, the Last Password You Have to Remember

If you are the type to always forget that certain password to that certain website, there are services available which can help you store this type of sensitive information, while also making sure it is incredibly protected at the same time.

For a limited time, users of LastPass, a service which creates super strong passwords then stores them for you, can grab a year free of LastPass Premium through AppSumo(more…)

Securing Your Passwords with an Android Password Manager [Beginner’s Guide]

Let’s just get this out there: remembering passwords is the worst. We all know that we are supposed to have complicated, long passwords that have nothing to do with our history. We are supposed to have a new password for every site and the list goes on from there. Unless you are a human supercomputer, doing all that is not very easy.

Luckily for us, there is a growing market out there for password managers and lockers that make the whole process very easy. Let’s take a look at few of these services that are out there and discuss just how you can use them to keep your accounts and passwords safe.  (more…)

LastPass Adds Galaxy S5 Fingerprint Scanning to App

The Samsung Galaxy S5 has only been available for a couple of weeks and yet we have our first developer (outside of Paypal) who has built-in support for the device’s fingerprint scanner. LastPass, a leader in password management, updated their Android app today to allow you to swipe your finger to authenticate within the app rather than having to type out your full master password.

If you have yet to walk through the steps needed to setup the fingerprint scanner on your Galaxy S5, be sure to check out our guide. Then think about picking up LastPass to securely sync passwords and form information from browser to smartphone.  (more…)

LastPass Android App Updated to Allow Users to Fill Passwords in From Within Apps and Google Chrome

In the 21st century, hacking is something to fear, which means using one password for all of your services is a bad idea. Fortunately, secure tools have sprung up allowing users to create and store complex passwords for different services, LastPass being one of the more prominent ones. Today’s update allows Android users to automatically fill in logins for apps and Google Chrome. (more…)