Deal: $69 for One Year Subscriptions to Wunderlist, LastPass, Pocket, and More

Through the Productivity Pack, offered exclusively from the companies involved, buyers can get premium one-year subscriptions to six different services, in addition to a 12-week digital subscription to The New York Times for only $69.99.

Premium subscription services are being offered for the following services: Wunderlist, LastPass, Pocket, UberConference, Quip, and Do. Each service offers something different for your productivity needs. Let’s go over them, just so everyone is on the same page. (more…)

LastPass Authenticator Makes Your Password Bank Even More Safe

The new LastPass Authenticator app, available on both Android and iOS, is here to make your passwords super safe. Using two-factor authentication, you can be sure that no one will gain access to your password, except for you.

Coupled with the LastPass service, the way two-factor authentication works is pretty simple. When logging into LastPass, the service will send out a unique code, which will then be used during the sign-in process. The code is only sent to you, via mobile phone or other form, meaning only those with this code will gain access.  (more…)

My Favorite Android Apps of 2015

I’m starting to think that this mobile ecosystem that we play in every day has matured. I say that because I haven’t dramatically changed the way I use my phone from 2014 to 2015. I still use many of the same apps as I did last year (most can be found in this list), though some have improved greatly and a few have been replaced. I don’t know that that’s a bad thing, I think it just shows that it’s become harder and harder to standout with new apps or services. Or maybe people aren’t even attempting to make new products or services because the standard options are so good? Whatever the case may be, I do feel as though I’m more efficient than ever and am also able to accomplish more with the apps I continue to use on a regular basis. So that’s a good thing.

In this post, I thought I would share those apps that I continued and/or started to use in 2015. I’ve found a pretty good groove this year in terms of getting the most out of my smartphone and these apps all seem to be aiding in that.

These are my favorite Android apps of 2015.  (more…)

LogMeIn to Acquire Password Management Company LastPass

LogMeIn, a remote desktop service, announced its plan to acquire LastPass this morning, bolstering the company’s position in the multi-billion dollar identity and access management (IAM) market.

What does it mean for users? All good things, apparently. According to LastPass’ blog post, users on each tier of the service will continue to receive updates and even new features. “Together with LogMeIn, we’ll be able to accomplish more, faster – providing an even better service to millions of people,” the company states.  (more…)

LastPass for Android Devices Now Free

LastPass, a password management service available on phones, desktops and tablets, announced today that the service will now be free to signup for on Android smartphones and tablets. The free account includes data sync across any amount of devices, as long as those devices stays within the same product category. For example, if you sign up on a tablet, you can only sync data to other tablets.  (more…)

You Should Probably Change Your LastPass Master Password

Last Friday, the folks at LastPass, keepers of the password on all sorts of platforms, noticed “suspicious activity” on their network and decided to go ahead and shut down that noise down. (Thanks!) Wait, though, suspicious activity? What does that mean? According to LastPass, that means that l33t hax0rs (hackers) were able to grab “account email addresses, password reminders, server per user salts, and authentication hashes.” Yikes. Thankfully, they have found no evidence of user vault data being taken, which is awesome news, since that’s where all of your passwords for other websites are stored.  (more…)