Carbon Out of Beta and Now Available Through Google Play


This morning, Koush’s Carbon app is now out of beta and available in Google Play. It seems that testing went very well and everything was ready for the prime time. With Carbon, users root and non-root can backup their apps and app data to several different places for safe keeping, including the cloud. It’s perfect for people like me who are looking for a third party means of transferring data between devices.  (more…)

Koush Releases Updated Carbon Beta, Non-Rooted Users Can Now Have Fun

Carbon Backup

This morning, Koush released an updated version of Carbon, his backup app that has been making the rounds and receiving a lot of great attention. In this update, he has allowed non-rooted users to get into the game, with the help of a desktop application that is easily installed on your computer. With this app, every Android user (rooted and non-rooted) can backup apps and app data easily and safely.  (more…)

Carbon Beta 2 Released, Now Supports Dropbox and App Groups


Koush released a new version of his cloud app syncing app called Carbon, this morning. In the new build, which is still root-only, you can now backup to Dropbox, group apps into batches (and save those same groups for later), “select all” apps, and tell Carbon to backup app data only, rather than the entire .apk.

He says there will be one more beta release that will be the non-root or “rootless” version before going to market.  (more…)

Koush Releases Cloud App Syncing and Backup App, Test the Beta Now

carbon backup

Just the other day we were talking about backup solutions and how you should always choose one that allows for cloud storage. Today, long-time developer Koush, released a beta of his new app that does exactly as we were describing, only it takes it a step further. He is tentatively calling this app “Carbon,” which we got a chuckle out of, after the name quickly brought back memories of the overhyped Twitter app by a similar title which never made an official debut.  (more…)

ROM Manager Updated, “Restore ROM Manager” Feature Could Save You Later

Sometimes, you flash a new ROM and come to find out, it doesn’t have Google Apps coupled with it and ROM Manager was also left out. So, what’s a flasher to do? Thankfully, Koush has fixed this from being an issue down the road.

With the new “Restore ROM Manager” feature, ClockworldMod Recovery checks before reboot whether ROM Manager is installed on your device under system/apps. As long as you have that settings box checked, whether you wipe all of your data or not, ROM Manager will be there to greet you upon reboot. Definitely a saving feature for the habitual ROM flasher.

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ClockworkMod Recovery 6 Released for Galaxy Nexus, ROM Manager Overhaul is on the Way Too

Last week, Koush talked about a release of ClockworkMod Recovery 6 that would include a handful of new features. Last night, we released the update for the Galaxy Nexus, bringing with it faster backups, a new backup format, fixed restoring of backups greater than 2GB, and a fancy new background. If you want to update to this right away, you can do so through ROM Manager.

Speaking of ROM Manager, he also announced that everyone’s favorite ROM flasher is in need of a makeover. A UI rewrite will arrive “shortly” and will include a paid ROM section, an option to upload your ROM for anyone to use, and the ability to connect your ROM to Recovery Builder. It’s hard to believe that this fantastic app has been around for 2 years already. Bring on the makeover!

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Cheers Scott and Scott!

Again, Clockwork Touch Recovery is Available in Beta for the Galaxy Nexus


We wrote up this bit of news on Sunday when Koush first released it, but our inbox has made it clear that many of you unplug from the internet on weekends (how dare you!). So for those with lives, you should know that a beta version of Clockwork Touch Recovery is available for the Galaxy Nexus and a handful of other devices.

If you want to get it for free, you can browse through the “Download Touch Recovery” column at the ClockworkMod site and then flash the .img through fastboot (Instructions). If fastboot is not your friend, you can pay $1.99 through ROM Manager to unlock the touch goodness.

*Note – Through the first couple of releases, some ROMs were struggling to flash properly. Koush appears to be working through many of those issues, so if you run into any, report the errors if you please, and be patient.