ClockworkMod Recovery 6 Released for Galaxy Nexus, ROM Manager Overhaul is on the Way Too

Last week, Koush talked about a release of ClockworkMod Recovery 6 that would include a handful of new features. Last night, we released the update for the Galaxy Nexus, bringing with it faster backups, a new backup format, fixed restoring of backups greater than 2GB, and a fancy new background. If you want to update to this right away, you can do so through ROM Manager.

Speaking of ROM Manager, he also announced that everyone’s favorite ROM flasher is in need of a makeover. A UI rewrite will arrive “shortly” and will include a paid ROM section, an option to upload your ROM for anyone to use, and the ability to connect your ROM to Recovery Builder. It’s hard to believe that this fantastic app has been around for 2 years already. Bring on the makeover!

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Cheers Scott and Scott!

Again, Clockwork Touch Recovery is Available in Beta for the Galaxy Nexus

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We wrote up this bit of news on Sunday when Koush first released it, but our inbox has made it clear that many of you unplug from the internet on weekends (how dare you!). So for those with lives, you should know that a beta version of Clockwork Touch Recovery is available for the Galaxy Nexus and a handful of other devices.

If you want to get it for free, you can browse through the “Download Touch Recovery” column at the ClockworkMod site and then flash the .img through fastboot (Instructions). If fastboot is not your friend, you can pay $1.99 through ROM Manager to unlock the touch goodness.

*Note – Through the first couple of releases, some ROMs were struggling to flash properly. Koush appears to be working through many of those issues, so if you run into any, report the errors if you please, and be patient.

Touch-Enabled Clockwork Recovery Released as Beta for Galaxy Nexus

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The touch-based Clockwork Recovery that was teased late last week is now available in beta form if you would like to test it. I flashed it without any problems, cruised through menus and am now performing my first backup with it. So far, everything seems to work. Scrolling through lists of files can be a little difficult to control at this time, but again, it’s a beta so expect all of the polish to come as you all take the time to test and provide feedback. Otherwise Galaxy Nexus owners, get to it.   (more…)

Video: Koush Teases Full Touch-Enabled Clockwork Recovery

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No, this isn’t the touch-based Clockwork Recovery that was created for the Galaxy Nexus at the beginning of the month. This is a fully touch-enabled version that no longer uses arrows or physical buttons to get the job done. Our man Koush released a teaser on G+ to get some feedback and to show the progress that he has made. You can’t test it yet and he has promised a better UI, so try to be patient.

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Contest: 10 Premium Redeem Codes for Koush’s Tether App Up For Grabs

Koush’s Tethering app is all the rage these days in Android. It has given those that aren’t interested in rooting, an opportunity to tether from their phone to a computer with little hassle. Tato has actually given it some good run here at CES and would definitely recommend it.

To celebrate its official release this week, Koush handed us 10 premium redeem codes to get a set of DL readers up and taking full advantage of their data packages. After all, you do pay for it, so why not use it however you want, right? That’s probably a conversation for another day. :)

So here is the deal. To enter to win, all you have to do is tell us how much data you consume on average each month and if you use any sort of tethering service on a regular basis. Simple enough?

Later this evening when we leave the show floor, we will pick the 10 winners.


Koush Releases ClockworkMod USB Tethering Application For Mac, Linux, and PC Users – No Root Required

Have our rooted users been taking advantage of the WiFi tether ability that our phones are capable of?  Are you non-rooted and wishing you could have 4G LTE speeds on your PC without having to go through the trouble of rooting and the risks associated with that? Well our good friend Koush has released ClockworkMod Tether Alpha, which is a USB tether application that you can install on your PC, Mac, or Linux machine which requires no root permissions from your phone. (more…)

Founder Of CyanogenMod Offers An Update On The Development Of CM9, Original DROID No Longer Supported

“Never ask for ETAs.”  Probably the most well known quote from the CyanogenMod Team.  It makes sense though, seeing that greatness can not be rushed.  Well I wouldn’t call this an actual ETA, but Cyanogen himself has gone ahead and posted up a blog letting everyone know their plans for distribution of CM9 – the newest custom ROM offering based on Google’s Ice Cream Sandwich.  According to Cyanogen, thanks to changes Google has made in their code, the CyanogenMod Team is going to be working extra hard to create working builds for multiple devices.  Little hiccups like this have never stopped them before.  No need for worry there.  (more…)

DROID 3 Bootstrap Released, Get Your Recovery And Backups On

This morning we had the pleasure of the bootstrap for the DROID Bionic being released and now all you lovely DROID 3 owners can have some fun too. Thanks to HashCode, users can start backing up and restoring from SD Cards, and even flash some soon-to-be available ROMs. Make sure to be careful when attempting these procedures.


Download: DROID3Bootstrap.apk

Video showing off the newly bootstrapped DROID3:  (more…)