Koush Releases AllCast App To Google Play, Brings Local Video Casting To Many Devices

Android developer Koushik Dutta, of CyanogenMod and ClockWorkMod fame, announced today the arrival of his new AllCast application onto Google Play. Previously in beta, the app allows local media content to be pushed to a wealth of popular devices, like new Xbox consoles, Roku 3, and Apple TV. Google’s Chromecast remains unsupported in the app due to Google’s continuing developer limitations, which have been documented quite publicly since the HDMI dongle’s release this past summer. Koush could only say that he “hopes” Chromecast support will arrive some day.  (more…)

Koush’s ROM Manager Pulled From Google Play, Google Cites Developer Agreement Violations

ROM Manager has been a huge part of the Android ecosystem, helping rooted users flash new ROMs and restore backups for years. Unfortunately, it appears that its developer Koush, has run into troubles. Google, without warning, removed ROM Manager from Google Play, citing that the app violates a few agreements that developers sign in to, specifically ones that deal with third party payment options inside of apps downloaded from Google Play.  (more…)

Since the App was About to Expire, Koush Released an Updated AllCast Beta App to Google Play

If anyone here is using Koush’s AllCast beta application, which allows users to stream on-device videos to almost all of their TV-connected devices, a newly updated beta application is available through Google Play. Since the old beta version is set to expire, you will definitely need to pick up this new version if you plan to continue using the service.  (more…)

Google Issues Response to Third Party Chromecast App Situation


When you tinker with unfinished software and APIs, you sometimes have to expect certain things to break after updates. That was the case when Google sent out the latest update to Chromecast, which left many third party apps for the HDMI dongle in a non-working state. One app in particular that was affected was Koush’s local video sharing application called AllCast. After the update broke his app, Koush publicly addressed the update as an intentional move to kill off his app’s video playback functionality through Chromecast, even going as far as stating that the device would probably end up not being friendly to indie developers.  (more…)

Latest Chromecast Update Breaks Third-Party Apps, Koush Thinks It’s On Purpose


Since Google’s $35 Chromecast didn’t have the functionality to stream local media from smartphone to the TV of your choice, multiple developers took to the challenge and made their own apps that could. True to the spirit of Android, more than a few apps have been put together that gives us the ability to stream photos, videos and music in other ways than what Google intended. Yesterday, another update to Chromecast broke the ability of third-party applications, and Koush thinks that it is intentional. (more…)

Koush Releases AirCast App for Testing, Share Videos From Dropbox or Gallery to Chromecast

Koush – of ClockworkMod, ROM Manager, and Helium (to name a few) fame – took to Google+ this morning to share his first Chromecast app called AirCast. The app allows you to share videos that are locally stored on your Gallery, in Dropbox, or on Google Drive with a Chromecast device attached to TV. He claims that after a couple of hours of “reverse engineering” the Chromecast protocols, he was able to get around the currently in-place whitelist restrictions for Google’s new HDMI streaming dongle to create his latest piece of work. (more…)

Koush Builds Chromecast Into CyanogenMod Framework, Any App With Video or Audio Can Cast


If you haven’t yet, go order a Chromecast from Google and deal with the 2-3 week wait period. This device, at $35, is going to be the ultimate media sharing tool in the coming months once non-partner developers are allowed to publicly distribute apps that have Cast support built into them. Take for example all of the work that Koush has been spamming off on his Google+ page.

It initially started off with him showing how you could stream on-device video and pictures to Chromecast, but the functionality he has produced over the last week has increased dramatically. He went from casting Dropbox to RSS video to now showing Cast support built into the framework of CyanogenMod. With this new trick, he demonstrates being able to Cast from any app that plays video or audio through the MediaPlayer.

Watch the clip and you’ll understand how powerful this is. Rather than waiting for app developers to build in Cast support themselves, this essentially enables the functionality without their work.

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Koush Creates Chromecast App That Allows Sharing of On-phone Video and Pictures to Your TV


At this time, it’s no secret that Chromecast is certainly somewhat limited in functionality. Netflix, YouTube, and select Google services are a great start, but we would love to see some of our favorite apps from Twitter to photo sharing services join the party. Thankfully, Google has already pushed out a Google Cast API to developers, so that in the near future, we’ll see apps feature the “cast” button allowing for mirroring of their apps’ content to TVs.  (more…)