Koush Builds Chromecast Into CyanogenMod Framework, Any App With Video or Audio Can Cast

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If you haven’t yet, go order a Chromecast from Google and deal with the 2-3 week wait period. This device, at $35, is going to be the ultimate media sharing tool in the coming months once non-partner developers are allowed to publicly distribute apps that have Cast support built into them. Take for example all of the work that Koush has been spamming off on his Google+ page.

It initially started off with him showing how you could stream on-device video and pictures to Chromecast, but the functionality he has produced over the last week has increased dramatically. He went from casting Dropbox to RSS video to now showing Cast support built into the framework of CyanogenMod. With this new trick, he demonstrates being able to Cast from any app that plays video or audio through the MediaPlayer.

Watch the clip and you’ll understand how powerful this is. Rather than waiting for app developers to build in Cast support themselves, this essentially enables the functionality without their work.

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Koush Creates Chromecast App That Allows Sharing of On-phone Video and Pictures to Your TV

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At this time, it’s no secret that Chromecast is certainly somewhat limited in functionality. Netflix, YouTube, and select Google services are a great start, but we would love to see some of our favorite apps from Twitter to photo sharing services join the party. Thankfully, Google has already pushed out a Google Cast API to developers, so that in the near future, we’ll see apps feature the “cast” button allowing for mirroring of their apps’ content to TVs.  (more…)

Koush Gets Google Voice Working Through Any SMS App on Cyanogenmod, Available for Download

google voice android

Google Voice, while an amazing concept and at times brilliant product, has been neglected by Google for the last couple of years and is for the most part incredibly frustrating to use these days. It still doesn’t do MMS, but maybe more importantly, users have been forced to use the painfully buggy and slow Google Voice app for texting rather than some of the more popular SMS apps available. Thanks to Koush, that second issue may have been fixed.  (more…)

Koush Details New PushSMS Feature for CyanogenMod, a Secure Messaging Service


Yesterday evening, Koush took to the official CyanogenMod page on Google+, announcing that he has been in the process of building a brand new messaging service called PushSMS, an “app” that rivals Apple’s iMessage in terms of security. Koush took security and privacy to the next level, enabling users to send encrypted messages, allowing for a greater sense of security when messaging friends and family.  (more…)

Wil Wheaton Struggles to Root His HTC One – Koush Does It Instead, Names Recovery After Him

will wheaton

Last night, Wil Wheaton broadcast to the world through Google+ that he was struggling to fully root his HTC One. He was able to unlock the bootloader (likely through HTCDev), but them found the entire process of putting a recovery or rooting it to be quite difficult. He eventually gave up, leaving for the night after five hours of work with some parting words about how much he loves his “GNEX” and despises the UI of the One. So what happened after he ran off to bed? Koush came to the rescue.  (more…)

CyanogenMod 10.1 M3 Builds Now Available For Large List of Devices

Cid CyanogenMod

It’s almost the weekend, so let’s get a shiny new ROM flashed for you to play with. Today, CyanogenMod launched the 10.1 M3 builds for an impressive list of phones like the Galaxy S3, Nexus 4, One X, Galaxy Nexus, etc. Naturally, as more builds are uploaded for different devices, you can expect to see this already impressive list grow even larger.  (more…)