And Just Like That, Kongregate Arcade is Gone From the Android Market

When you launch a massive gaming application like Kongregate did yesterday, you should probably read the Android Developers Distribution agreement which clearly states that you can’t provide an app that allows people to download other apps.  And since they didn’t, their app and its 300+ Flash-based games is gone and will probably not be returning any time soon.  Google definitely frowns upon anyone looking to distribute apps through other apps that they might have downloaded from their market.  They have zero control over anything when this happens, and while they are pretty lax for the most part, this is a serious enough situation to warrant such a removal.

You can still download the app here.

Via:  Joystiq

Kongregate Releases Android App, Includes 300+ Flash-based Games

Kongregate announced today that their Android application with its 300+ Flash-based games are ready for prime time and can be grabbed from the market immediately.  I know what you’re thinking, “Finally!  Let’s take advantage of this Flash goodness that can only be found on Android!”  And I agree, it’s about time that we get to use Flash for something other than just watching embedded YouTube videos.  This is good stuff.

This new app allows for mobile-only badges, high scores, ratings, comments, and offline play (+100!).  Yes, I just said “offline play.”  It uses your Kongregate web account and they’ll even toss int 50 points when you install the app for the first time.

Now, who’s got some game recommendations?

Download Link

Via:  Kongregate

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