Amazon’s Kindle Fire Completely Sold Out, Holds 22% of US Tablet Market

This morning, Amazon announced that their Kindle Fire tablet holds a massive 22% of the U.S. tablet market share and that the Fire is now completely sold out. Bummer. But don’t worry, Amazon has a press conference set for September 6, which more than likely, will be to unveil their newest Kindle lineup. Amazon’s CEO certainly seems excited about their future offerings:

Kindle Fire is sold out, but we have an exciting roadmap ahead—we will continue to offer our customers the best hardware, the best prices, the best customer service, the best cross-platform interoperability, and the best content ecosystem.

The Kindle Fire was released less than a year ago. To come out as the #1 selling Android tablet and to hold a big stake in the entire U.S. market is quite impressive. There’s no doubt that Amazon’s next offering(s) will surely live up to high expectations.

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Amazon Holding Press Event on September 6, New Kindles Incoming?

On Thursday, September 6, Amazon is holding a press event to introduce something. The invite itself doesn’t give off any hints, but with the rumors of new Kindle tablets on the horizon, one would guess that we may get a new slate or two. Could we see a 10″ device or will it be a beefed up 7-incher to battle the Nexus 7? Tough to tell, but we’ll be there to bring it to you.

The Google Experience [Opinion]

With the release of the Nexus 7, Google set its sights on Amazon to try and reclaim control of the Android tablet space. Ever since Amazon forked Android for the Kindle Fire there has been some confusion about what OEM software customization means. There seems to be some confusion in the industry about what TouchWiz and Sense really are. More and more often I have seen articles arguing that the Galaxy S III and the Kindle Fire offer the same non-Google experience. Even more shocking, I’ve heard arguments that AOSP is Android and the Nexus line of phones offers the “Google experience.” The question isn’t whether or not OEMs offer a Google experience (they do); the question is if they’ll keep a Google experience.


Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean Ported to Amazon’s Kindle Fire

Want to have some fun with that Kindle Fire you have laying around? Maybe you want to put Jelly Bean on it? You’re in luck, a developer over at XDA has done just that. Sure, a few things are a little broken, but this is why we love Android. WiFi works, so I suppose that is all you really need right off. The ROM itself is beta so don’t be upset if you find things missing here and there. It’s a work in progress. If you feel like giving it a go, follow the via links down below.

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Bloomberg: Amazon is Planning to Make an Android Powered Smartphone

What would you say to Amazon building an Android powered smartphone? Would you be interested? According to a report out of Bloomberg, Amazon has already pegged Foxconn as the builder, is trying to lock down patents for protection from you-know-who, and would allow them to add another device to their Kindle Fire approach of pricing low, but hoping to make tons of money in the end off of media sales. No other information was given, and as always, the sources are anonymous.

Personally, I’d welcome it with open arms. While I probably wouldn’t buy one myself, since Amazon completely butchers Android as on OS, look what the Kindle Fire did for the tablet market. Nexus 7, anyone? If Amazon were to take a similar approach with a smartphone, and say sell it unlocked for ultra cheap, could that potentially change a part of the industry again? Maybe.


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Kindle Fire Updated to 6.3.1, Adds Requested Features and Privacy Options

The Kindle Fire has receiving a pretty big update in the form of 6.3.1 and for those worried about their privacy settings they are welcome changes. The biggest change is the ability to outright not use Amazon’s Silk Browser feature that lets pages load faster by letting Amazon do the heavy lifting beforehand. If you don’t want anyone in your browsing history then this is great for you. Amazon also added in content filters for libraries that might not be family oriented.

A Reading View has been added for the browser so if you want to focus on the words without all the distractions you can now do so and a few other tweaks have been put into the movie rental system and a few other applications as well. If you want to update your Fire manually hit the source link below, and they’ll have instructions waiting for you.

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Deal: Refurbished Amazon Kindle Fire for $139

The Amazon Kindle Fire is today’s Warehouse deal, which means you can nab the to Android tablet (by a mile) for as little as $139. It’s refurbished, but since Amazon apparently did the dirty work, it comes “factory sealed” and is essentially as good as new. Ready to help the Kindle Fire continue dominate the non-iPad tablet market? It already has a 54% share of the Android tablet world.


ComScore: Kindle Fire Holds 54% of the Android Tablet Market in the U.S.

In not-so-surprising fashion, Amazon’s Kindle Fire has been announced as the top dog in the U.S. Android tablet market according to the latest ComScore numbers. What is a bit surprising is that the device makes up for 54% of it. The Samsung Galaxy Tab family comes in at 2nd with around 15.4% share and no one else even cracks the double digit mark. So in 5 months, the $199 Fire has taken over and probably won’t bother to look back.

You can imagine that Google is doing whatever they can to prepare their $199 tablet for release, especially since the Kindle Fire isn’t necessarily looked at as an Android slate. Sure it runs Android, but you can’t tell since Amazon customized the heck out of it and uses their own app store. The price point is nice and hard to argue against though.

We covered the Fire a bit when it first launched, but got the feeling that many of you were not all that interested in and cut back. After looking at these numbers, I’d say that people actually are fairly interested in the device. So tell us, are you a Fire owner?  (more…)