Video: Watch the Entire Amazon Kindle Fire HD Event

Since yesterday’s Amazon event wasn’t streamed live, most of you participated in our live blog (which Ron did an amazing job during). If you missed that or simply want to go back and catch every single detail that Jeff Bezos belted out about the new Kindle Fire HD models, the Paperwhite, and all of their new software enhancements, then Amazon has gone ahead and uploaded the entire thing to YouTube for you to watch.  (more…)

Entirety of Amazon’s New Kindle Fire Lineup Is Ad-Supported (Update)

As more hands-on time is being spent with the newest Android-powered Kindle Fire tablets from Amazon, we’re learning much more about how Amazon is able to sell the hardware for so cheap. The newest piece of info we’ve learned, whether you think is good or bad, is that all three of the new Kindle Fires (Fire, HD7, HD8.9) will be ad-supported. Much like on the older e-reader from last year, Amazon will display “special offers” on the lockscreen of the device while it is not in use.  (more…)

Thursday Poll: Interested in Any of the New Kindle Devices?

It’s been a big day for tablet lovers. Amazon has announced a total of six new Kindle devices and we’re curious to see if anyone here is going to pick one up. The options are certainly all over the board and there’s bound to be one to suit the needs of anybody looking to jump into the tablet market. If you need a bigger display with 4G LTE, there’s the Fire HD w/ LTE or if you’re just looking for a basic e-reader there’s the new Paperwhite.

Let us know which one has caught your eye.

Interested in any of the new Kindle devices?

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Kindle Fire HD (All Sizes), Kindle Fire 2, and Kindle Paperwhite Available for Purchase Now

If you were impressed by today’s Kindle announcements, then it’s time to place your order. Most are available starting September 14, with the Kindle Fire HD models coming a bit later on November 20. Why not pre-order, though?

Kindle Fire Family

Link:  Kindle Fire HD 8.9″ 4G LTE (32GB for $499, 64GB for $599) – Available November 20

Link:  Kindle Fire HD 8.9″ WiFi (16GB for $299, 32GB for $369) - Available November 20

Link:  Kindle Fire HD 7″ WiFi (16GB for $199, 32GB for $249) - Available September 14

Link:  Kindle Fire 2 WiFi (8GB for $159) – Available September 14

Kindle Paperwhite

Link:  Paperwhite 3G ($179) – Available October 1

Link:  Paperwhite WiFi ($119) – Available October 1

Amazon Changing the Game With 4G LTE Powered Kindle Fire HD and Its $50 Per Year Data Package

Amazon put on quite the show today in California, announcing multiple Kindle devices, one of which may change the game. The 8.9″ Kindle Fire HD with 32GB of storage and 4G LTE at $499 is something we need to talk about for a minute. And we need to talk about it because of this ridiculously cheap data package that Amazon is willing to sell to those that buy the device.  (more…)

Amazon Announces the New Kindle Fire for $159, Plus the Kindle Fire HD in Two Sizes Starting at $199

Amazon just announced the new Kindle Fire for $159, plus the Kindle Fire HD, at their event in Los Angeles.

The new Kindle Fire still rocks a 7″ display, has a new faster processor, double the RAM, 40% faster performance, and longer battery life. It ships on September 14.

The Kindle Fire HD comes with either a 7″ or 8.9″ display with 254ppi, and a 1920×1200 resolution. It’s 8.8mm thick, runs an OMAP4 4470 processor, at least 16GB of storage, HD front facing camera, dual stereo speakers with Dolby Digital Plus sound, HDMI out, Bluetooth, and dual band WiFi.

The 7″ HD model with 16GB will be priced at $199 an ships September 14. The 8.9″ HD with 16GB will be priced at $299 and ships November 20. There will also be a 32GB version with 4G LTE connectivity (10 bands) for $499. The interesting part about this, is that they you can spend $50 for the year and get 250MB of data to use each month, plus 20GB of cloud storage and a $10 Appstore credit. As Ron so eloquently put it in the live blog, that’s “bonkers.”

On the software side of things, Amazon built in WhisperSync, which allows you to switch between reading a book and listening to it. It will save your spot, so that you can pick up where you left off. Same thing  for games. Say you play 30 levels on one game and then switch devices. WhisperSync will pull from the Amazon Cloud which stores your game progress, so that you can continue playing without having to start over.

They also tossed in a custom Skype app and a custom Facebook app.

To follow all of the details as they come out, be sure to tune into our live blog.