Kickstarter for the Mini MicroSD Reader for Android Devices Looks Sweet

Having a separate and completely portable MicroSD card reader for your Android phone/tablet could be very beneficial given the right circumstances. On Kickstarter, there is a new project that is already fully funded almost four times over, for those exact unforeseeable circumstances. It is a tiny SD card reader that you insert into the MicroUSB slot of your device. You pop in the MicroSD card, then you have access to all of the files on said card. You may not need it all of the time, but you never know when having it could come in handy.

Pledges start at just $12 to receive a reader, which seems like a steal. To learn more about the project, follow the via below.

Via: Kickstarter

Minuum is a Bold Attempt at a Minimal Keyboard in a “Single Dimension”


When your keyboard pops up on your device as you tap inside of a text box, do you ever get frustrated over the fact that it covers up precious real estate or hides objects that you would rather see? You are not alone. A new keyboard, which is hoping to see funds through an IndieGogo campaign, is attempting to fix this problem. It’s called Minuum(more…)

GameStick Unveils New Design With Help of Backers


GameStick, the newest overnight Kickstarter-inspired portable Android gaming system sensation, announced today that they have signed off on a new design with the help of feedback from backers. After the initial and much squarer design was received with mixed feelings, this new version of the GameStick looks much more appealing to average and advanced gamers – well, according to its creators.  (more…)

GameStick Pulled From Kickstarter Due to Intellectual Property Dispute (Updated)


Uh-oh. Looks like the GameStick could be in some trouble. According to emails that backers are beginning to receive this morning, the GameStick is the center of an intellectual property dispute, which has forced Kickstarter to remove the project from their site. The GameStick was fully funded just 30 hours into the campaign, so if they are unable to take care of this business within 30 days, they’re screwed.  (more…)

GameStick Kickstarter Appears, Another Affordable Android Gaming System

Game Stick

The bigger consoles may soon be taking the backseat, as more affordable and pocketable gaming platforms are emerging with the help of Kickstarter. The newest Android-powered device is called GameStick, and it certainly is interesting.

Being designed with portability and power in mind, it runs off of a thumb drive that plugs directly into your HDTV. To keep size down, the drive fits perfectly right into the controller itself. The team has a way to go in terms of being fully funded, but getting your hands on a GameStick is incredibly cheap, with early bird specials going for just $69.  (more…)

Ubi Kickstarter Begins, Always On Voice Activated Internet Device for Your Home

Say, “Hello” to Ubi. Ubi is short for ubiquitous computer because Ubi is always on and always listening. It is a truly hands-free device for your home that plugs right into an outlet on the wall, then connects straight to your home’s WiFi network. So, what can you do with Ubi? Ubi can do voice-based searches on the Internet, act as a personal assistant, control a home’s climate, be a baby monitor, and also act as a notifier for when receiving emails and other notifications.  (more…)