Flyfit Brings Fitness Bands to Your Ankle Through Kickstarter, Lojack Jokes Welcomed

What do you do as an entrepreneur when you find something like the smartband market growing in popularity yet are hesitant to enter it because it is completely flooded by competitors? Apparently, you build the same exact product for an athletes ankle. And that brings us to the latest Kickstarter (did you change your password yet?) project that appears to be on its way to guaranteed funding. It’s called Flyfit, and yes, it’s a smartband for your ankle. It’s an anklet!  (more…)

Kickstarter was Hacked – No Credit Card Data Stolen, but You Should Change Your Password

Last week, Kickstarter was hacked. The crowd-funding site was informed by the breach as early as last Wednesday, though they didn’t make the information public until a couple of days later. According to emails being sent to account holders, no credit information was accessed, but some of your personal information may have been. In other words, it’s time to change your password, even though it may not have been included in the breach.

Kickstarter said that they were quick to close the security breach and have already begun strengthening security measures throughout their system.

And that’s that. Since we feature Kickstarter projects quite often, we thought you should be informed in case you didn’t receive an email from Kickstarter. Go change your password, then enjoy President’s Day.  (more…)

Aurora Seeks Funding Through Kickstarter, the Dream-Enhancing Headband

This post is not really mobile or Android related per se, but if launched, there will be an Android app for it, so that’s good enough for us. The project we want to share is called Aurora, and it’s a headband that is placed right above your eyes while you sleep. In the band are various LED lights that go off at specific times to help the user get a better nights sleep, while also having lucid dreams. The LED lights also act as visual cues while in your dream, to allow the user to realize that they are in fact, dreaming. Once you know you are in a dream, the possibilities are then endless. Sounds like a great plan for Kickstarter, right?  (more…)

Case4Glass Looks Like a Great Google Glass Case, Assuming Its Kickstarter Goal can be Met

Should you already own Google Glass, like the rest of us, I’d be that you have probably complained out loud a time or two about its storability and portability when not on head. The headset itself doesn’t break down, collapse, or do any other typical glass movement to make it easy to store, so owners of the $1,500 contraption are left either using the oversized and inconvenient soft-hard case that comes with Glass, or risking setting them down on a table. To remedy the situation or at least provide another option, a Glass owner/engineer has taken to Kickstarter (of course they have) to create the Case4Glass(more…)

New Kickstarter Called GlowLytes Will Put Android-controlled LED Lights in Your Front Yard

It’s always fun to browse through Kickstarter and find neat projects to fund, and a new one called GlowLytes has caught our attention. It is much like the multi-colored LED bulbs that you can put inside of your house sockets, but these are specifically made to be put outdoors. Once you set up the set of multi-color LED lights, you can control individual bulbs using your Android or iOS device. There are also presets available for special occasions, such as Christmas, 4th of July, and Halloween. It’s a fun and mobile-related way to show off your festive side all year round. (more…)

Omate TrueSmart Smartwatch Closes on Kickstarter With Over $1,000,000 in Funding


If you were trying to figure out what product you could launch to kickstart a new company, I’ll give you your best idea for free right now – just make a smartwatch. Like seriously, just make a smartwatch and put it up on Kickstarter. These things can’t fail. The latest of the smartwatches to go wild on the crowd funding site is called the Omate TrueSmart. Having been successfully funded almost immediately after launch, the project has now closed with over $1,000,000 in funding and over 4,000 backers.  (more…)