GameStick Unveils New Design With Help of Backers


GameStick, the newest overnight Kickstarter-inspired portable Android gaming system sensation, announced today that they have signed off on a new design with the help of feedback from backers. After the initial and much squarer design was received with mixed feelings, this new version of the GameStick looks much more appealing to average and advanced gamers – well, according to its creators.  (more…)

GameStick Pulled From Kickstarter Due to Intellectual Property Dispute (Updated)


Uh-oh. Looks like the GameStick could be in some trouble. According to emails that backers are beginning to receive this morning, the GameStick is the center of an intellectual property dispute, which has forced Kickstarter to remove the project from their site. The GameStick was fully funded just 30 hours into the campaign, so if they are unable to take care of this business within 30 days, they’re screwed.  (more…)

GameStick Kickstarter Appears, Another Affordable Android Gaming System

Game Stick

The bigger consoles may soon be taking the backseat, as more affordable and pocketable gaming platforms are emerging with the help of Kickstarter. The newest Android-powered device is called GameStick, and it certainly is interesting.

Being designed with portability and power in mind, it runs off of a thumb drive that plugs directly into your HDTV. To keep size down, the drive fits perfectly right into the controller itself. The team has a way to go in terms of being fully funded, but getting your hands on a GameStick is incredibly cheap, with early bird specials going for just $69.  (more…)

Ubi Kickstarter Begins, Always On Voice Activated Internet Device for Your Home

Say, “Hello” to Ubi. Ubi is short for ubiquitous computer because Ubi is always on and always listening. It is a truly hands-free device for your home that plugs right into an outlet on the wall, then connects straight to your home’s WiFi network. So, what can you do with Ubi? Ubi can do voice-based searches on the Internet, act as a personal assistant, control a home’s climate, be a baby monitor, and also act as a notifier for when receiving emails and other notifications.  (more…)

Pebble Shows Off Watch UI Progress in Latest Video

The Pebble E-paper watch was the talk of the town back in April as it crushed every Kickstarter record known to man. As an affordable “smart watch,” it claimed it could do all sorts of magic, thanks to an e-paper display that can last up to 7 days. It also has much of the same functionality that you will find in the MotoActv or Sony Smartwatch, except that at $115, it comes in at a fraction of the price.

In a recent update to the project, the Pebble team apologized for their last update, which briefly mentioned a delay in manufacturing (September is no longer happening), but to help make up for it, released this video that shows some UI elements. You can see that this is definitely still a work-in-progress. Emulators for real time developing have been created, however, they still have a ways to go before this thing is going to be ready for shipping. With said, I’m really liking the minimal styling that this e-paper display presents.  (more…)

Video: First Look at Chameleon for Android

Chameleon for Android, a Kickstarter funded tablet home replacement app, has entered into its beta stage, which means that the 7,000 people that pre-ordered it will soon get an invite to start testing. Others have been hand-selected to test the app, a group that we were lucky enough to be a part of.

As is customary around these parts, we like to take apps that have generated a substantial amount of buzz for a test drive to see if they can live up to the hype. While this is still beta, the Chameleon team is confident enough in it to at least let people start to play with it.  (more…)

L8 SmartLight Kickstarter Project Can Turn Your Notifications into Visual Cues

There has been an ever increasing number of cool projects popping up on Kickstarter, and L8 SmartLight is no different. With L8, you can use a box packed with 64 LED’s and one Super LED to give visual cues for notifications when hearing them is not an option. For example, you can personalize a color or pattern you want to see for incoming calls, emails, and text messages. This is definitely the most unique notification/light system we have seen. (more…)

OUYA: The Android-Powered Gaming Console That Wants to Take on the Big Boys (Updated)

My two biggest gripes with mobile Android gaming are as follows: I don’t have a reliable controller for most of the games, and the screens are too small to really get immersed in. Kickstarter is hosting a very promising looking project called OUYA (pronounced ooh-yah) that looks to take mobile gaming back to the living room, and rival the big console makers. This Android powered console is calling on the powers of Android’s open development platform and the free-to-play model of gaming that has been all the rage recently. Can this grassroots program rattle the cages of Sony and Microsoft?

Update:  And within a couple hours of posting, OUYA went from about $600K to over $1 million and is now past their goal with 29 days still to go. That was insanely fast.