Keyprop is a Smartphone Stand Disguised as Key, Actually Looks Useful for $15 on Kickstarter


When I took my first glance at the Keyprop on Kickstarter, I’ve got to admit that I initially laughed it off as another silly Kickstarter smartphone-related campaign that I’d probably never think about again. But for some reason, I found myself watching the promo video for it, then looking at the pictures in the posting, saw the use cases, and then couldn’t help but hope it was reasonably priced. Thankfully, it was because this is actually something I could see being pretty useful in a pinch or even on a regular basis.  (more…)

Agent Smartwatch Launches on Kickstarter, Like a Thicker Pebble That’s a Year Late to the Party


Kickstarter seems to be the number one choice for upstarts with a smartwatch in mind to seek funding these days. Agent “the world’s smartest watch” is the latest in a long line that includes tech darlings like the Pebble. And actually, this new Agent watch seems like nothing more than a thicker (and potentially uglier depending on your taste in watch designs) version of the Pebble, but with one difference – it has Qi wireless charging built in. The promo video shows a watch with a “Memory” display that’s a combination of an e-paper and LCD displays, that can be paired with your phone and used to tell the time, show weather, control music players, act as a pedometer, and show you incoming calls or messages. (more…)

EMBRACE+ Kickstarter Crushes $80K Goal in 10 Days, Brings Ridiculous Glowing Notification Light to Your Wrist


“Wait, teal green notification!” – grabs neck and begins to perspire, “only 150 likes on my newest head-cocked-to-the-side, shirtless Instagram post? Something is wrong here,” mumbles the young teenager. “It’s OK,” replies Tiffany, “I’ll get my L4L brigade on it in 30 seconds, but I have to pee like nobody’s business.” The young teenager then thinks to himself as he closes his eyes, and drops thumbs-only into his jeans,”Zen-mode time, baby. Life couldn’t be more peaceful now that my wrist is blinking in neon colors and Tiffany has cleared her bladder. #teambreezy”  The story of two EMBRACE+ customers, in love. The end.  (more…)

Kickstarter for the Mini MicroSD Reader for Android Devices Looks Sweet

Having a separate and completely portable MicroSD card reader for your Android phone/tablet could be very beneficial given the right circumstances. On Kickstarter, there is a new project that is already fully funded almost four times over, for those exact unforeseeable circumstances. It is a tiny SD card reader that you insert into the MicroUSB slot of your device. You pop in the MicroSD card, then you have access to all of the files on said card. You may not need it all of the time, but you never know when having it could come in handy.

Pledges start at just $12 to receive a reader, which seems like a steal. To learn more about the project, follow the via below.

Via: Kickstarter

Minuum is a Bold Attempt at a Minimal Keyboard in a “Single Dimension”


When your keyboard pops up on your device as you tap inside of a text box, do you ever get frustrated over the fact that it covers up precious real estate or hides objects that you would rather see? You are not alone. A new keyboard, which is hoping to see funds through an IndieGogo campaign, is attempting to fix this problem. It’s called Minuum(more…)

GameStick Unveils New Design With Help of Backers


GameStick, the newest overnight Kickstarter-inspired portable Android gaming system sensation, announced today that they have signed off on a new design with the help of feedback from backers. After the initial and much squarer design was received with mixed feelings, this new version of the GameStick looks much more appealing to average and advanced gamers – well, according to its creators.  (more…)