Noke is a Bluetooth Unlockable Padlock That Destroyed Its Kickstarter Goal in Days

Use a padlock to secure your bike on a regular basis? What if you could unlock that padlock without using a key or entering a combination? What if a single click on the locking mechanism (shank) could send a Bluetooth signal to your securely paired phone, allowing it to unlock? That can happen, thanks to Noke (no-key, get it?), a Bluetooth powered lock that has already cruised past its Kickstarter goal of $100,000 in funding.  (more…)

Neptune Pine Smartwatches Being Shipped Out to Kickstarter Backers

The first batch of Kickstarter backers for the Neptune Pine smartwatch are about to receive their devices. After what feels like years, the Pine, which we thought looked pretty great when it was first revealed, is much more than a dependent watch on your wrist. Unlike Android Wear, it features data connectivity on its own, meaning its basically a condensed smartphone on your wrist.  (more…)

Electric Objects, a Digital Picture Frame That Doesn’t Suck, Available on Kickstarter

There are plenty of digital picture frames on the market, most of which totally suck, purchasable for about $30 from Walgreens. You upload family photos or anything else you might like to see, displaying them proudly in your home or at the office. The idea is sweet, but the hardware used for these products is anything but premium.

Finally, a Kickstarter has been started online, which brings high-grade hardware along with high-grade works of art right to your home for you and your family to enjoy.

Electric Objects is a project out of New York, NY, with a goal of $25,000 to get this hardware onto the market. At the time of this writing, they have smashed that goal, reaching nearly $700,000 in funding. (more…)

InkCase Plus Wants to Put an E-ink Display in a Case for Your Phone, Crushes Kickstarter Goal in a Day

If you could think of a single accessory that would greatly enhance your smartphone experience, is there any chance that you would say, “Give me a secondary e-ink display that I could pair to my phone and attach in a case!” I can’t say that I would, but if the early success of a Kickstarter campaign for a product called the InkCase Plus is any indicator, maybe many of you would. The InkCase Plus went live yesterday on the crowd-funding site with a $100,000 goal. In less than a day, it eclipsed that goal and seems to be picking up even more steam.  (more…)

Pressy has Finally Arrived, We Go Hands-on With It

Pressy, the Kickstarter funded project that brought instant actions to your phone via headphone jack button, is finally arriving to backers after months of delays. The idea at introduction sounded interesting, so we went ahead and grabbed a couple, not knowing that Xiaomi and others would copy it and sell it cheaper before Pressy could get theirs off the manufacturing floor. But in the end, it is here and we want to take it for a spin. Well, we at least want to show those of you who backed it that it is real, is shipping, and actually works.  (more…)

Pressy is Actually Shipping, App Hits Google Play

Everyone remember Pressy? That would be the Kickstarter funded button that plugs in to your phone via headphone jack, so that it can then be used to trigger actions on your phone. It is yet another Kickstarter project that sounded amazing at inception, but its creators have struggled with the manufacturing portion.

There have been delays if you think about the original ship date which was slated for March. Companies like Xiaomi thought the idea was awesome, so they copied Pressy to a T and have already released their version which costs a fraction of Pressy’s $17-20 price tag. There are other knock-offs of the project filling eBay by the day, leaving Pressy fans a little more than frustrated. It’s a mess.  (more…)

Kickstarter Project 2Heads Makes Navigating a Smartphone Easier for Dyslexics

Dyslexia is a punishing disorder that makes reading tasks that seem simple to others – like making sense of a book or a menu in a restaurant – quite difficult for the afflicted. Treatments exist, but dyslexia is a lifelong condition that can never be fully cured. That’s why entrepreneur Dusten Pecor is Kickstarting 2Heads, a smartphone app that aims to help the dyslexic function better in everyday life.

2Heads works by presenting contextually relevant data, mostly by relying on location. Drawing from a database of web, manually entered, and OCR-scanned documents, the app tries to present the most helpful information at the right time.  That could be a menu at a restaurant, for instance, or signage at a public facility. (more…)