New Kickstarter Called GlowLytes Will Put Android-controlled LED Lights in Your Front Yard

It’s always fun to browse through Kickstarter and find neat projects to fund, and a new one called GlowLytes has caught our attention. It is much like the multi-colored LED bulbs that you can put inside of your house sockets, but these are specifically made to be put outdoors. Once you set up the set of multi-color LED lights, you can control individual bulbs using your Android or iOS device. There are also presets available for special occasions, such as Christmas, 4th of July, and Halloween. It’s a fun and mobile-related way to show off your festive side all year round. (more…)

Omate TrueSmart Smartwatch Closes on Kickstarter With Over $1,000,000 in Funding


If you were trying to figure out what product you could launch to kickstart a new company, I’ll give you your best idea for free right now – just make a smartwatch. Like seriously, just make a smartwatch and put it up on Kickstarter. These things can’t fail. The latest of the smartwatches to go wild on the crowd funding site is called the Omate TrueSmart. Having been successfully funded almost immediately after launch, the project has now closed with over $1,000,000 in funding and over 4,000 backers.  (more…)

Pressy is a Fully-Funded Kickstarter Project That Adds Functionality to Your Headphone Jack


Pressy, a project on Kickstarter that already reached its $40,000 goal, has the Internet going crazy. The device/accessory is a pretty great idea, though. Pressy fits right into your phone’s audio jack, which then allows you to perform tasks with a few simple taps on its button. What’s even sweeter is that when you have your headphones plugged in, and not Pressy, you can use your headphone’s button (if they have one) to perform the tasks. I suggest watching the video, because explaining it better than they have would be impossible.  (more…)

Kickstarter’s Lumu Light Meter Adds Android Support With 10 Days Left, Photographers Get to It

Screen Shot 2013-07-01 at 3.24.06 PM

Lumu, a light meter for your smartphone that plugs into a headphone jack, had its Kickstarter campaign updated this afternoon to finally include Android support. For the first couple of weeks of its existence, Lumu was an iOS-only accessory, even though it was picking up massive steam by the minute. In fact, we’re only two weeks in and its funding status currently sits at $171,000, with an original goal of just $20K. As you can tell, the Lumu has been an instant hit with early tech adopters.  (more…)

Introducing SolePower, the Walking-Powered Phone Charger We All Need


Kickstarter is a breeding ground for amazing and revolutionary ideas from companies that are looking for a helping hand. If you think you like the idea, you can choose to be a backer and donate your money to their cause. In return, you usually get whatever it is they are trying to create, along with whatever incentives they are giving out. This new one, called SolePower, could either be the smartest or craziest (little bit of both) we have seen to hit the site yet.  (more…)

TYLT VU Wireless Charger Up on Kickstarter, Allows for Free Positioning While You Juice

VU wireless

With wireless charging dubbed one of the next big things for mobile devices, you can bet on seeing more and more companies attempting to create the perfect wireless charger. What makes wireless charging somewhat of a pain is that you are required to have your device placed perfectly in place at times to allow for the flowing of electricity. In addition, most wireless chargers are made for the phone to lay flat on a surface, not at an angle, making the ability to actually use the device while it’s charging somewhat of a pain in the rear. With the TYLT VU wireless charger that is now up on Kickstarter, you can place your device anywhere on this stand and get to juicing up, while also having it at a usable angle.  (more…)

With Kickstarter Backer Orders Delivered, Pebble Set Sights on Shipping Pre-orders

Pebble Smartwatch Android

Now that Pebble has shipped almost all of their original batch of smartwatches out to backers of their Kickstarter project, they are ready to ship devices out to the first set of pre-orders. Those who ordered black or cherry red Pebbles will receive an email asking for confirmation of shipping addresses this week. If you went with orange, grey, or white Pebbles, you’ll have to wait for Kickstarter backers to receive theirs first, a process which is still ongoing.  (more…)