Custom Theme Friday: Golden Elegance for Lithium Mod

To those of you new to the site, we’d like to welcome you to Custom Theme Friday which is a segment posted at the end of each week featuring one of the hot new custom themes on the market.  You will need to be rooted to follow this process, but that should be easy after we showed you the “1-touch” method this morning (before it was suspended from the market that is).

So today we have one of the new themes for JRummy’s series of ROMs which is built off of FRG01B, the official Froyo release.  Again for those new, you’ll be seeing a lot of JRummy’s work around here and that’s a good thing.  The guy provides more custom color schemes and themes than anyone in the business.

We’ve also added some extra details to our usual instructions to hopefully help you out along the way…

Theme:  Golden Elegance for Lithium Mod  (Created by kookahdoo)


*Warning* – Just a reminder that rooting VOIDS your warranty and could potentially do permanent damage to your device.  Installing a custom ROM or theme could also possibly brick your phone.  This is not a recommended practice and you do so at your own risk.

1.  Download and install ROM Manager Premium.
2.  Open and tap “Download ROM”.

*If it’s your first time opening ROM Manager, you will need to tap the top option to “Flash Clockwork Recovery” first.

3.  Choose JRummy and “Lithium Mod V1.0.12”.
4.  Choose “Golden Elegance” or whichever color package you prefer.
5.  Choose a kernel, font, and any Addons.
6.  Once the ROM and add-ons finish downloading you will be prompted with this:

7.  Check the box to make a backup in case something goes wrong with the install.
8.  No need to “wipe data and cache” if already running a Froyo ROM.

*If you run into issues after installing, you may need to re-flash the ROM and make sure to wipe data and cache.  Just follow this same process, but check the box to wipe.

9.  Press “OK” and your phone will reboot and work some magic.
10.  Once it finishes, your phone will reboot and you will have Lithium Mod installed!

*If you get stuck at the boot animation, then something went wrong.  Either your phone doesn’t like the kernel you chose or you just need to “wipe data and cache.”  Boot into recovery (hold Power + X with phone off) and flash a “nandroid” backup that you created in step 7.

11.  Enjoy!

Let us know if you run into any issues!  And feel free to leave tips for any of our readers that are new to rooting their phones.

Full support thread and donate link here.

Full gallery after the jump!

Big Cheers to the whole Lithium Mod team:  Billygalbreath, insanenemesis, N8dyddy, jdlfg, romanrish, ronx, canvs2331, and JRummy! (more…)

Download: Fix Wifi Notification Icon for JRummy’s Kangerade

If you are running the newest version of JRummy’s Kangerade which we posted on Friday, chances are that you have thought about breaking your phone due to a constant wi-fi icon in your notification bar.  Well peeps, the man has issued a fix so that you can return to your non-hair pulling lives.

Download: Stock Theme Fix

Download: Custom Theme Fix


1.  Download the file necessary for your ROM to the root of your SD Card.
2.  Open ROM Manager and choose “Install ROM from SD Card.”
3.  Scroll down until you find the file you just downloaded and tap on it.
4.  Check the box to make a backup if you’d like; no need to “wipe data and cache.”
5.  Phone will reboot and that notification should be gone!

Big thanks to JRummy!

Let us know if this fix doesn’t seem to be working for you.

Cheers Chris!

Custom Theme Friday: JRummy’s Nex-Tang

Pretty sure this is 2 JRummy posts in one week, but the guy just seems to never stop working.  (We also tried to install this theme and failed miserably.)  Late last night or early this morning, Mr. Rummy released his entire lineup of FRF84B themes which as you may know, is the newest Froyo build out for the Motorola Droid.  What does that mean?  Stability.

Oh and we’ve also chosen one of his newer themes called Nex-Tang (made by @manup456)  to change it up a little bit.


1.  Open ROM Manager, choose Download ROM>JRummy>Froyo Kangerade V4.0.7
2.  Scroll down to choose Nex-Tang.
3.  Then finish up with whatever options you’d like.
4.  Make a backup if you don’t have a current one.
5.  No need to wipe data and cache if coming from another Froyo build.
6.  Phone reboots, loads ROM, and done!


Full support thread and donate link here.

Thoughts or issues?

Release: JRummy’s Froyo Kangerade V1.0

We’ve been waiting for our boy JRummy to finish up his Froyo ROM and the time is finally upon us.  Please say hello to Froyo Kangerade V1.0 in just about any color you could imagine.  He’s actually ported over all of his REMIX themes into this new Froyo build.  It’s as beautiful as everything that he’s done in the past.  Oh, and this might be the fastest ROM I have ever used…and that’s not a joke.

Color choices…

-Blueberry Flavored Froyo (Blue Theme)
-Daiquri Ice Flavored Froyo (Cyan Theme)
-Key Lime Pie Flavored Froyo (Green Theme)
-Pink Lemonade Flavored Froyo (Pink-Life Theme)
-Strawberry Flavored Froyo (Red Theme)
-Plain Froyo (Stock Theme)
-Froyo with Nex-Theme


1.  Open ROM Manager and choose Download ROM and then JRummy.
2.  Choose the Froyo Kangerade V1.0 Customizer.
3.  Follow each screen you are presented with to customize the Froyo ROM.
4.  Once finished, check the box to make a back up if you do not have a current one.
5.  You can skip “wipe data and cache” if coming from another Froyo ROM.
6.  Allow the phone to boot into recovery and work some magic.
7.  Once it finishes, it will boot back up into Kangerade. Enjoy!

For the full support thread, donate link, and installation without ROM Manager, visit this post.


JRummy, you are the man.

Release: JRummy’s Pink-Life

While reading this post, just imagine the giant smile running across my face.  This, is pretty cool stuff right here.

As many of you know, we’re big fans of JRummy’s CyanogenMod ROMs and his newest release has a special connection to this site.  JRummy’s Pink-Life went live on Friday and has some special Droid Life goodies attached to it.  Not only did he feature our pink and black color scheme, but he included the DL boot animation plus our black and white live wallpapers that were released a couple of weeks ago.  Oh, he also optimized them to work even better with Cyanogen ROMs.

This may sound biased, but this might be the best work JRummy has done to date.  And to make this install even easier, he included a special Pink-Life Customizer in ROM Manager which will allow you to choose each option along the way.


*Note 1* – In brackets are the choices I made to get the full Droid Life experience.

1.  You have to be rooted to perform this.  (Root here.)
2.  Open ROM Manager and select “Download ROM”.
3.  Select JRummy and “Rom w/ Pink-Life (Customizer)”.
4.  Choose “Rom with Pink-Life”.
5.  Choose a kernel.  [Bekit 5 Slot 1.0Ghz standard voltage]
6.  Choose a launcher.  [LauncherPro]
7.  Choose a live wallpaper.  [Droid-Life Dark lwp]
8.  Choose a boot animation.  [Droid-Life Boot Animation]
9.  Choose a font if you wish.
10.  Choose extra apps if you wish.
11.  Choose apps to delete if you wish.
12.  Your custom Pink-Life ROM will now download.
13.  When prompted to backup or wipe data and cache, feel free to make a backup.
14.  No need to wipe data if you are coming from another ESE81 ROM.
15.  Choose to reboot your phone.
16.  Allow your phone to work the Pink-Life magic and reboot.
17.  Done!

Full support thread here including JRummy’s donate link.

Try your hardest to support his continued work by donating.

*Note 2* – The pink Beautiful Widgets skin is available under “Download Skins” at the very bottom of the list and is called “cashmere.”


Theme Release: JRummy’s Remix Red V.07

You thought last Friday’s theme was spot on with red?  Wait until you see JRummy’s new V.7 themes which include a red version.  This might be the sexiest theme I’ve seen to date.  Scratch that.  This IS the sexiest theme I’ve seen to date.  Obviously you all know I’m a huge fan of JRummy’s work, but he may have outdone himself with this one.

*Note 1* – For rooted users only.  Rooting instructions here and here.

Instructions for installation…

1.  Open ROM Manager
2.  Tap “Download ROM.”
3.  Tap “JRummy.”
4.  Choose the red theme and allow it to download.
5.  When prompted to “wipe data and cache” and “backup” read below…

JRummy’s V.7 themes are based off of Cyanogen  If you are coming from a 5.0.6 ROM you can skip “wipe data and cache.”  I even managed to go from without having to “wipe data” but it’s up to you.  If you are coming from anything before 5.0.5, you should probably “wipe data.”

Backup is a good idea just in case you are nervous or don’t have a current one.

6.  Tap “OK”, allow the magic to happen and your phone to reboot.
7.  BAM!  Enjoy!

Check out the official JRummy thread which includes additional goodies here.

*Note 2* – Many of the JRummy’s themes run on a low voltage kernel so you may want to upgrade to a standard voltage.  Bekit kernels in ROM Manager offer you all kinds of options.

Questions?  Comments?  How you liking the red?

Video: Installing a Custom ROM Using SPRecovery

Sorry to leave everyone hanging last night after posting the video tutorial on how to flash SPRecovery to your stock 2.1 Droid, but I wanted to wait to post this video until today to catch a broader audience.  Today’s video will walk you through step-by-step on how you can boot into SPRecovery and load basically any custom ROM you want without actually having root.  What is also fantastic, is that after you flash over a new ROM, you will have 2.1 root assuming you’ve chosen a 2.1 ROM.

So here we go!  Let’s get everyone on a custom 2.1 ROM and rooted…

*Warning* – The process we are about to layout is extremely risky.  If you choose to do this, we are not liable should you brick your phone or cause any sort of permanent damage.  If you do harm to your phone, please do not email us asking for help as you have already been warned and accept all risk involved. Cheers!

Initial steps…

1.  You have to follow the steps from yesterday on flashing SPRecovery using RSD Lite.

2.  You need to find a custom ROM that you would like installed.  In the video I’ve chosen the ROM that I’ve been using over the last week called JRummy’s Remix which is based off of CyanogenMod  It’s a fantastic ROM.

3.  I used the “” method of installing a custom ROM in this video.  This process will work for any ROM which has the option of installing using an file.  Here is a list of similar ROMs to the one I have in the video…

4.  If you find a ROM which will only allow the Nandroid backup method, this video should help you out.

Video instructions…

Step-by-step instructions…

1.  Update and backup any files you wish to restore, this will wipe /data.
2.  Download your ROM of choice and rename to
3.  Place the ROM on the root of your sdcard.
4.  Reboot into recovery mode (hold the power and “x” button at the same time).
5.  Choose “Wipe data/factory reset”.
6.  Choose “Wipe cache partition”.
7.  Choose “Install”.
8.  Choose “Allow installation”.
9.  Choose “Install /sdcard/ (deprecated)”.
10.  Reboot and you will have to add your Google accounts again.
11.  Done!  Enjoy!

*Note 1* – Keep in mind that you can flash one of the ROMs listed above which will give you 2.1 plus root access and if you do not like it, download ROM Manager and change to whatever you’d like.  There is also a 2.1 stock ROM with root available in ROM Manager.

Questions?  As always, drop them in the comments so that we can all take a shot at answering them!