Jet Car Stunts Lite Hits Market, Full Version Sees Price Drop

If you haven’t downloaded Jet Car Stunts yet because of the price, then you no longer have any excuses as a “Lite” version is now available alongside the price-reduced full version.  This game, seriously, has been even more addicting to me than Angry Birds ever was.  It does require some actual skill, is both frustrating and rewarding, but best of all, allows you to actually battle your friends on a track-by-track basis.  The Lite version contains 8 levels that aren’t seen in the full version, so even you die-hards out there should give it a go.  And for those willing to take the jump into the paid version, you should know that it can now be had for $1.92.

And after browsing through my scores, I noticed that I’m still topping all of you on almost every track.  Bring it on peeps.  Dethrone me!  My OpenFeint nick is kellex if you want to “friend” me.

Download Link

Jet Car Stunts Finally Lands on Android Market

Back in September we took a trip to San Francisco to hang out with the OpenFeint team to see some of the plans they had for Android, but most importantly, what new games they were looking to release.  One of the most impressive was a little game called Jet Car Stunts.  It’s a time trial racing game, but you aren’t necessarily battling other people so much as you are battling the difficult race tracks.  You have jet fuel to help you clear large gaps, the turning is super touchy, there are jumping tricks that only the best will find, and of course you’ll love the ability to post up a new high score into Feint to let your friends know how badly you’ve just crushed them.

It seriously has been one of the games at the top of our list for months now.  $1.99 in the market.

Download Link