Verizon’s Black Friday Deals: XOOM for $199 and Free Red Incredible 2

Black Friday deals are starting to roll in from a variety of retailers. Verizon’s just went live, so we wanted to quickly show you some of the deals that will be made available to you on the craziest shopping day of the year.

  • Motorola XOOM for $199 on-contract
  • Red DROID Incredible 2 for FREE (Friday only)
  • Double smartphone data still going on ($30 for 4GB)
  • Free activations
  • Sony Xperia Play and LG Enlighten for FREE
  • LG Revolution for $49.99 (Friday only)

Nothing to blow your socks off. Hard to compete with Amazon’s Penny Sale though.

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DROID Incredible 2 in Red Hitting Stores November 24

If the standard black DROID Incredible 2 wasn’t to your liking, hold out until November 24 as Verizon appears primed to release a full-on red version. We aren’t sure if this has anything to do with Project Red or not, but it would certainly fit the theme of that organization. Specs and price will likely remain the same. Not a bad way to re-launch the product ahead of the holidays though, right?   (more…)

Hulu Plus Receives Update – Now Supports the DROID Bionic, DROID3, Incredible 2 and 5 Other Devices

Been disappointed at the lack of device support for Hulu Plus?  You may want to check out the latest update then, because 9 new devices were added.  The DROID Bionic, DROID3, Incredible 2, Revolution and DROIDX2 are just a few of the big players who are now on the team.  See the full list at the market link while you enjoy enhanced playback – the only real bug fix included.

Market Link

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DROID Incredible 2 Update to Build 4.08.605.3 Rolling Out Now

The DROID Incredible 2 has another minor update available for it as of, well, right now.  The update is 32MB and improves email synchronization along with a couple of other data-related bugs. It’s nothing major, but you should jump into Settings>Software update now to pull it.  Always good to be up-to-date.

And since I know that some of you will ask, I still have not received word as to when the Thunderbolt will receive Gingerbread.  HTC told us we would see it by the end of September, so that gives them another couple of long drawn out weeks.

Changelog after the break.   (more…)

Receive $50 Amazon Gift Card With Purchase Of New Verizon Device On 2-Year Contract

Any folks looking to pick up a new DROID Bionic on a 2-year plan now have a nice little incentive from Amazon to get it through them. Between now and September 26th, buyers will receive a $50 gift card to be used however you see fitting when buying any Verizon device on a new 2-year contract. This goes for the DROID Bionic, DROID Incredible 2, Thunderbolt, or any other Big Red phone.

Can never argue with $50 towards some accessories for a brand new device.

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White DROID Incredible 2 Available Now from Best Buy for $149

The white edition of the DROID Incredible 2 is now available exclusively through Best Buy for $149 on a new 2-year contract.  The device insides won’t be different than the black version that has been available for some time, but the color change is more-than-welcomed to a U.S. smartphone world that seems to think humans only like black phones.

To recap, the device sports a 1GHz single-core processor, 768MB of RAM, dual cameras, no 4G LTE, and HTC’s Sense.  Also, when you first boot this pearly white entry up for the first time, it will be running Android 2.2.  However, with the 2.3 (Gingerbread) update becoming available for the black version over a month ago, we are hoping to see it pop up in the very near future for this device as well.


Here is our Incredible 2 review.

White DROID Incredible 2 Headed to Best Buy August 21

When we first reported news that Best Buy would carry the white DROID Incredible 2 some two days ago, a release date for it was still up the in air.  Well, folks – August 21 is the day.  You can head into a store on Sunday with $149 in your pocket and walk out with this BBY exclusive color.  Aside from Android version and its shiny white skin though, there are no real differences between this and the original Incredible 2 (same processor, dual cameras, no LTE).  It will start-up for the first time out of the box with Android 2.2 on it which we’re finding to be odd.  Hopefully the Gingerbread update is made available immediately following, since the last thing we need is another fragmentation bullet point to start over something as silly as a color change.   (more…)

White DROID Incredible 2 Headed Exclusively to Best Buy

If you follow us on Twitter, then last night, you probably saw our tweet about Best Buy’s plans to exclusively release an all white version of the DROID Incredible 2 some time in the next few weeks.  Here is the photo evidence of those claims.  In September’s Buyer’s Guide from BBY, they plan to pimp this shiny new version of the Inc2 all over the place.  This isn’t the first time we have seen the white and silver version or a color exclusive from BBY though, but it is the first time we’ve heard about plans for someone to sell it.

As you all know, we’re big fans (our review) of the Incredible 2 even sans 4G LTE.  Anyone buying?

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