Our Twitter Conversation Reveals Incredible HD as an LTE Device

We had a quick Twitter conversation yesterday with a Verizon LTE engineer (@black_man_x) who through a “sneaky panda tweet”, basically mentioned that the Incredible HD is on the way and it will be an LTE device.  Here is exactly what he mentioned…

Just saw something so incredible that it was almost HD… and LiTE as a feather…

Can you translate that?  Incredible HD running on LTE.  We expressed our feelings to him and received this response back…

@droid_life bgr posted a pic of the old hardware months ago.. its been refined a bit. Sure u all will get a leak. Love the site btw

He’s referring to the picture above which is a mirror image of the Desire HD, so we’re hoping the refinements mean it will look similar to the original Incredible as it will always be one of the sexiest devices we’ve owned.

While there aren’t any official pictures in the wild yet, expect them to find their way to the forefront soon.


DROID Incredible Prices Also Slashed to $149, Incredible HD is Real?

We were so excited to see that the price of the Droid 2 had dropped that we skipped right by the Droid Incredible.  It appears to have also dropped today to $149 after mail-in-rebate, which should have you asking right away, “Incredible HD might actually be real?”  The phone is rumored to be dropping on the 23rd, but we have yet to see any actual proof of that.  In fact, every source I’ve talked to has never heard of the device, but said that if it does come out, it definitely won’t be a “DROID.”   (more…)

DROID 2 Joining Incredible in the FREE Category Tomorrow at Best Buy

We received a tip earlier that the Droid 2 would be joining the Incredible tomorrow in Best Buy’s “Free Phone Friday” promo, but wanted to show you the official proof.  While it won’t be announced with the October promo, just know that you can still walk in and grab one for free.  They should have just called it “DROID Phone Friday” and taken over the world.

Crank up the Incredible HD and Droid 2 Global rumors!

Cheers money!

Rumor: HTC Incredible HD Headed to Verizon on November 23rd?

According to reports, there is an HTC Incredible HD in the hands of certain Verizon reps and is scheduled to launch on November 23rd (Yes, next month.).  You may remember this device after shots of it leaked out through BGR a couple of months back, looking like the HTC device which we wish had landed on VZW from the beginning.  There were rumored specs such as a front facing camera, 4.3″ screen, etc., but what we really know now is that if it comes out, it’ll be the U.S. version of the Desire HD.   (more…)