May 2012 Verizon Rumor Round-up: DROID RAZR HD, Galaxy SIII, White Nexus, Family Data, ICS Updates and More

We get asked quite often to put together posts that grab all of the current rumors in the wild and present them, so that folks with contracts ending or the urge to buy a new smartphone know what to expect over the next few months. Since we focus on Verizon around these parts, that’s exactly what we will focus on here unless there is something else on on a potentially massive scale that needs mentioning. I can’t promise that this will be a monthly thing, but we would certainly like for it to be, assuming we get new juicy details for the world to slurp.  (more…)

First Look at the HTC Incredible 4G LTE Otterbox Defender Case

At this point, we are starting to pencil in a release of the DROID Incredible 4G LTE some time during the next couple of weeks. A finished build of the device has been photo’d a handful of times, the page for it went live earlier in the week, and now we are seeing cases from players like Otterbox arrive in retail packaging. We had a targeted date at one point that referred to April 26 as being the day, but with that being yesterday and no phone in sight, we will focus on next week or the one after.

Verizon released the Spectrum and RAZR MAXX back in early Q1 and nothing important since. With it being 1 month into Q2, you have to assume that something will arrive any day now. The DROID RAZR HD is a possibility, but we are expecting the Incredible 4G LTE to launch well before it.

As a recap, this device will sport a 4.3″ qHD LCD display, 1.2GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor, NFC chip, 4G LTE, 8GB of onboard storage, SD card slot to add on more, and 1GB of RAM. It’s almost like an HTC One S (our review), but with different screen tech, LTE, NFC and expandable storage. So yeah, that’s basically us saying that the Inc 4G is better. (more…)

More Pictures of the HTC Incredible 4G Emerge, NFC and Beam Onboard

A Reddit user was able to go hands-on with the upcoming DROID Incredible 4G yesterday thanks to a recent meeting with an HTC rep. During the encounter, he was able to snap a couple of pictures and also confirm some of the specs that have been floating around the web thanks to the leak on the DroidDoes page. The Inc 4G will have NFC capabilities and feature the Android Beam, which Galaxy Nexus users have been toying with for a few months now. As we already know, it will feature Verizon’s 4G LTE (naturally) and be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S4 chip. The display will be a qHD at 960×540 resolution to “help improve battery life.”

As far as when we can expect a launch, the rep had nothing but a guesstimation for May, so we’re here waiting to get the official word from Big Red. This device still perking your interest?

Via: Reddit | Phandroid

DROID Incredible 4G LTE Spotted at, Reveals Full Specs Ahead of Announcement

The official name of the next “DROID” on Verizon is the HTC DROID Incredible 4G LTE. The device made a brief appearance on this morning and is still sort of there if you want to check it out for yourself and see the final spec list. It’s exactly as our sources who gave us the first pictures of the device said, so you won’t be surprised. Well, there is a price point that needs to be addressed which we will get to.  (more…)

Scratch That, Incredible 2 Has Now Been Removed From Verizon’s Store


Yesterday we reported that the HTC Incredible 2 had hit “out of stock” status in Verizon’s store, but one of our readers noticed today that the device is gone completely. If you search for it, you won’t find a sales page and are instead left with support and device over sections. We know that the Incredible 4G is essentially ready for prime time (pictures of it), so this move by Big Red is not all that surprising. The last release date we saw for the Inc 4G was April 26, which is next Thursday – be sure to keep it close as we may finally see a new phone on Verizon that is worth talking about.

If you need something to compare it to, check out our HTC One S review. The Incredible 4G should be that phone, but with LTE, an NFC chip, and expandable storage – three things we knocked the One S for not having.

Cheers Brent!

Incredible 2 is Out of Stock at Verizon, Incredible 4G Incoming?

The Incredible 2 is now listed as “out of stock” at Verizon’s online store. While it does say “temporarily,” the device has been out for a year now and as we all know, has a successor on the way. Is this a sign that the Incredible 4G will be here any minute? We are sort of expecting it to drop at any time now that the device, in a finalized looking state has surfaced thanks to one of our tipsters (more pics here). Previously seen targeted dates had it pegged for an April 26 launch, which would be next week, but here we are on the 19th without a peep from Big Red or HTC. As we all know by now thanks to Bionic and Galaxy Nexus drama sagas, these “unofficial” dates, even if from within Verizon walls mean almost nothing until the press release arrives.

The Incredible 4G is expected to be the “DROID” version (LTE, NFC, and expandable storage) of the HTC One S which we reviewed yesterday. It should be a solid device for those in the market for an upgrade this Spring.

Cheers CG!

Thursday Poll: Interested in the HTC Incredible 4G?

So the HTC Incredible 4G was all over the place yesterday thanks to one of our tipsters, essentially for the first time in its finished form. What did you guys think? I know on paper that the specs seems semi-disappointing, but in reality, this is the HTC One S for Verizon. It has a dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor, qHD screen, NFC, 4G LTE and more than likely one of the better smartphone cameras you’ll find anywhere. While an actual HD screen would have been nice, this phone will be no slouch. And the price will probably be more than reasonable.

Ready to buy one? Waiting for something different? Satisfied with your current device?

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Here are Two More Incredible 4G Pics For Your Viewing Pleasure

Needed more HTC Incredible 4G pics to take you into the night? Here you go. Two more popped into our inbox this evening, giving us the clearest view yet of the front of the device. There is your dedicated hardware softkeys that HTC has chosen for their 2012 line of phones, along with a look at Sense 4.0, the qHD screen (believed to be 4-inches), and the Rezound/Incredible styling that we have seen on a number of VZW HTC devices over the years.

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