Tip: Quickly Drag and Drop Text With a Double Tap in Jelly Bean and ICS

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In Jelly Bean and Ice Cream Sandwich, the Android team built in a quick way to quickly move text around that you may not have seen before. All it takes, is a double tap and hold, and then you have control over the word you would like to move. You can easily rearrange words in a text box or take one and copy it to another. The video above demonstrates it in case that didn’t make any sense.

The trick works perfect on the Galaxy S3 with TouchWiz over Ice Cream Sandwich. As you’ll see in the video, it has its issues on stock Jelly Bean and apparently, other ROMs as well.

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Android Distribution Charts Updated – Same Gingerbread Story, Just Another Month

As expected, since it’s the first week of the month, the Android distribution numbers have been updated. Also as expected, they look very similar to last month’s numbers, which show Gingerbread (Android 2.3) continuing to dominate and Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) slowly on the rise. Jelly Bean (Android 4.1) on the other hand, jumped a whopping 0.6%. This is life on Android, folks.  (more…)

DROID Xyboard 8.2 Ice Cream Sandwich Update Finally Approved

Verizon and Motorola approved the Ice Cream Sandwich update for the DROID Xyboard 10.1 back in August, but for whatever reason, they weren’t ready to release it for the little brother, the Xyboard 8.2. Today, they approved it, so the four owners of the device should receive the update within the next week or so. Normally when we see these support docs go live, the update follows shortly thereafter.

The update is 299MB in size.  (more…)

Motorola Updates Ice Cream Sandwich Timeline – Bionic and Xyboard 8.2 Officially Pushed to Q4

Yesterday, we pointed out a conversation that Motorola’s Punit Soni was having with DROID Bionic owners over the fact that the Ice Cream Sandwich update for the device has not arrived on time. Soni made it clear that the new group of Moto leaders was going to do everything in their power to not only make sure situations like this do not happen in the future, but also wanted people to know that they are working to fix the problem now. One of the first plans of attack was to get a new deadline for the Bionic, something he followed through on this morning.  (more…)

Motorola’s Punit Soni: Bionic Owners Have “Gotten a Raw Deal,” New Motorola Will Try to “Fix Things”

Punit Soni has only been the VP of Product at Motorola for a few weeks and already has taken to Google+ to interact personally with current customers to try to fix some of the company’s past mistakes. One of the topics he is actively involved in includes the DROID Bionic and the fact that it still has not received its Ice Cream Sandwich update. As you all know, Motorola previously promised to the world that the update would be here in “early Q3,” however, we are now days away from the end of Q3 and the update is no where in sight.  (more…)

Ice Cream Sandwich for Verizon’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 LTE Rolling Out Now

Over the weekend, we first reported that Samsung and Verizon had approved the Ice Cream Sandwich update for the Galaxy Tab 10.1 LTE. Only one of our readers had received the update as of yesterday, but according to Big Red, it should be rolling out in phases to everyone.

Here are the highlights according to VZW:

The upgrade features the Browser Desktop View for Internet browsing and Data Usage widget, allowing users to monitor data usage. Ice Cream Sandwich also offers an updated Quick Panel for quick access to frequently used settings.

Additional Ice Cream Sandwich highlights include a redesigned gallery app with Photo Editor and Email Composer to send quick emails.

Did you receive this update yet? Does anyone own this tablet? (Only half kidding.)

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Ice Cream Sandwich Update Finally Approved for Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Along with word that Verizon’s Galaxy S3 is about to receive its first update, we are pleased to announce that the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 with 4G LTE on Big Red is also set to receive an update. How does Ice Cream Sandwich, sound? We know that many of you have been waiting patiently for this update, especially after seeing he WiFi version received it a couple of weeks ago.

The update brings you to Android 4.0.4, includes pinch-to-zoom from your home screen, Google Plus integration, an update Quick Panel, data monitoring, a redesigned gallery app with photo editor, all new camera capabilities, and WiFi direct support. It’s a big one, folks.  (more…)

Ice Cream Sandwich Arrives for Thunderbolt in Form of LiquidSmooth ROM

If you were a little upset when HTC missed their self-imposed deadline of August for the ICS upgrade for the Thunderbolt, we may have some good news for you. LiquidSmooth has pushed out another milestone update for their ROM bringing a lot of bug fixes and general ICS-goodness to the aging Thunderbolt.

If you are looking for an AOSP-based ROM for the Thunderbolt this will be right up your alley. The developers have kept everything clean and smooth while still offering customizations like navigation bar colors and lockscreen customization. The list of features this ROM goes on and on so if you want to beat HTC to the upgrade punch hit the source link below.

XDA Thread for LiquidSmooth 

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