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google allo

Allo for Web Now Supports Firefox, Opera, and iOS

Google's Amit Fulay, the overseer of Allo, announced newly supported web browsers for Allo this morning. Previously, only users of Chrome were able to get in on the amazingness of Allo for the web, but now, users of Firefox, Opera, and iOS can get in on the...
pokemon go servers

Poll: Did You Play Pokemon GO This Weekend?

You played Pokemon GO this weekend, right? If you say "no," I don't know that I can believe you. Even me, the guy who spent 30 mins on Friday's DL Show talking about how little I know or understand about Pokemon, installed Pokemon GO and nabbed a Pokemon or...
slack app

Slack Rolls Out Calls Feature to All

Slack, the team workplace chatting service that only tech nerd press seem to drool over constantly, every day, on Twitter, as if they are the "In" crowd because they use Slack and you don't, rolled out a calls feature to all yesterday, after having been in...