Here are the Final Press Renders for the Moto X

White Moto X

Next Thursday on August 1, the Moto X will be unveiled in New York City, and these are the final press renders according to @evleaks. We have seen the device pictured plenty of times and pretty much know how it will perform thanks to our hands-on time with the new DROID ULTRA, but the Moto X could still pack some mystery with it in terms of features and customization options.  (more…)

More Moto X Customization Details Rumored – Ceramic, Wood and Fabric Custom Backplates

eric schmidt moto x

Will there be anything for Motorola to announce once they finally decide to pull back the curtain on the Moto X? At the current pace of leaks and pictures of the device, that would be a big “nope.” Previous reports have shown that Moto’s next flagship will have intense customization enhancements, allowing customers to choose from many different colors for the phone, as well as custom engravings. Thanks to another small leak of info from ex-Android and Me owner, Taylor Wimberly, some material options have been highlighted for the Moto X as well.  (more…)

Plants vs. Zombies 2 Finally Launches, Although It’s a Soft Launch in Australia and New Zealand

Plants vs Zombies 2

Could Plants vs. Zombies 2 be the next Duke Nukem Forever? Sure, they haven’t been developing the game for more than a decade or anything, but with all of these delays and soft launches, it sort of feels like it. Today, PopCap’s Sr. Producer Allen Murray, took to the company’s blog to announce the availability or lack thereof of their upcoming mega title.

The game has technically launched, but it’s a soft launch that is taking place in only Australia and New Zealand. Yeah, that’s kind of a bummer for anyone who has been waiting for this sequel since earlier this year.  (more…)

Samsung’s UAProf Reportedly Confirms Galaxy Note 3’s Existence

Galaxy Note 3

According to Samsung’s own UAProf (User Agent Profile), the Galaxy Note 3 does in fact exist internally. Of course we haven’t had any type of confirmation from Samsung itself, but the list of rumors and expected announcement dates have been fueling the Note 3’s fire for quite some time. Was there ever a chance the device wouldn’t come to fruition? No, not really.  (more…)

Motorola’s Campaign Begins, Moto X Sign Up Page Goes Live

Motorola X Phone Sign up

Yesterday afternoon, Motorola’s plan to launch a full print-ad campaign was detailed for the world. In a tweet sent out this morning from the official Motorola account, a sign up page for additional info on the Moto X phone has gone live. Once signed up, emails will be sent to you at a later time, allowing Moto to keep you up to date on their newest happenings with the device.  (more…)

Insider Tips New YouTube App, Will Allow for Video Search Multitasking

YouTube logo

Ryan Socio, the gentleman who first reported the name Hangouts in regards to Google’s “Babel” project, recently got his hands on an unreleased version of the YouTube app for Android. According to Socio, the app has some sweet new features on the way.

Without giving any info on when we could expect the new version to hit Google Play, the insider states that the app will feature real multitasking capabilities, allowing watchers to view their videos, while also searching for other videos at the same time.  (more…)

NVIDIA SHIELD Price Lowered to $299, Release Date Scheduled for June 27

Project SHIELD

This morning, NVIDIA dropped a bomb, announcing that they have lowered the price of SHIELD from the original $349 mark, to just $299. Thanks to enough community feedback and response to the product from potential buyers, NVIDIA felt it best to lower the price, allowing them to get the device into the hands of even more dedicated gamers. For those that already pre-ordered SHIELD at the $349 price, NVIDIA says that once the device ships, only the new price of $299 will be charged to their cards. 

The Silent Age Hitting Google Play on June 24, Check Out the Trailer While You Wait

The Silent Age

Imagine you are a janitor back in 1972. While doing your job, you stumble upon a time machine and a cryptic message explaining that the world and all of humanity will come to an end in the future if you don’t use the machine to stop it. Sounds pretty kick ass, right? I thought so, too. The game is called The Silent Age, readying itself for launch on Google Play here in the States on June 24.  (more…)