Dumb Ways to Die Finally Released on Android, Totally a Must-Have Game

Dumb Ways to Die – a game that a few iOS users have been hanging over my head for a long time now, has finally come to Android through Google Play. For anyone else who has been looking for this title, you might have seen a barrage of fakes in the Play store under the same name. Thanks to helpful reviews titled, “Fake” and the ever-so-delightful, “This app is total bull***,” we were able to stay clear of any deceitful titles.


Galaxy S5 Rumor Watch 2013: Samsung Looks to Incorporate Metal Chassis and 16MP With OIS?

verizon galaxy s4

The hypebeast train never slows, as new rumors have surfaced on the Interwebz, detailing a few features of Samsung’s 2014 flagship device. The Galaxy S4 was released a couple of months ago, which means that Samsung is already working on the next rendition, with sources stating that prototypes are already in use overseas. The Galaxy S5, which is presumed to be debuted sometime next year, is currently on track to have production begin later this year around Q4.  (more…)

Details on Samsung’s Galaxy Gear Smartwatch Gathered, Shared Before Unveiling

samsung logo

Let us premise this with “nothing is confirmed,” but according to Gigaom, they have enough information on the upcoming Galaxy Gear smartwatch from Samsung to warrant a post on it. According to their sources, the following info is as close to the real deal as could be without being from Samsung itself, so let’s take a peek at what we have.  (more…)

Newest Report Points to LG Making the Nexus 5, Could Feature 5.2″ 1080p Display and Snapdragon 600 CPU

white nexus 4

Reports from various sources have been going back and forth between Motorola and LG to make the next Nexus device, dubbed the Nexus 5 by the press. While even LG execs stated that they are not creating the Nexus 5, the newest rumor to hit the web from China’s MyDrivers.com states that they are in fact working with Google to bring the latest flagship device to the market.  (more…)

Leaked Photos Hit the Web of NVIDIA’s Tegra Tab

Tegra Tab

Recently, a device branded the Tegra Tab was pictured and thrown onto the web, but there has been no word from NVIDIA that they are working on such a device. It has been reported for some time that NVIDIA would be looking into contracting out hardware (tablets included) to make sure that their new Tegra processors were hitting the market, but nothing official ever came from that. NVIDIA lost the bid to have their Tegra 4 processor power the new Nexus 7, which instead features a chipset made by Qualcomm. Unfortunately, that has been a sad move by Google, as Qualcomm has been very stingy about releasing factory images for the device.  (more…)

HTC One Max Pictured Again, This Time With Something to Compare Its Size to

HTC One Max

Yesterday, we got a fantastic look at HTC’s upcoming One Max smartphone. They were some good pictures that showed off a massive-looking device, but it was still hard to tell just how big this phone was. Thanks to a new leak, we now have it sitting on bottom of another device (an XT882 from Motorola), so we can see a good comparison of the One Max against something else that is already on the market. For your reference, the XT882 has a 4″ display, with dimensions coming in at 4.81″ x 2.46″ x 0.52″. (more…)

Sony’s Honami Device Pictured With 20MP Sensor and G Lens


The Honami device from Sony has been making rounds across the web for some time, with press renders and other spec details leaking like crazy. The newest leak shows off what Sony has in store for the device’s back-facing camera. According to a leak from Vietnamese site Tinhte, the device’s camera has been pictured featuring Sony’s G Lens technology with an XX.X indicator for the megapixels.  (more…)

New Moto X Details: Moto Magic Glass, Laminated Aluminum Structure and Dual LTE MIMO Smart Antennas


More details are hitting the web concerning Motorola and Google’s upcoming Moto X device. The source for this new info is Taylor Wimberly, the ex-owner of A&M, now taking to his Google+ page to spill almost everything he knows about the device. With a past of being pretty spot on with the Moto X leaks and info, we tend to listen when he has something to say about Moto’s upcoming flagship.  (more…)