Humble Mobile Bundle 5 Gets Three More Games

In case the great cause and game selection of the Humble Mobile Bundle 5 did not quite win you over when it went live, you will now have three more games to play, as long as you pay more than the average price (currently sitting at $5.21). Paper Monsters, R-TYPE, and Enviro-Bear 2010 will be joining other great titles such as The Room Two, Carcassonne, and R-TYPE 2, so if you have not bought into the bundle yet, now would be a good time to do so. (more…)

Humble Mobile Bundle 5 Released, Packed With Good Gaming Titles

Humble Bundle, the easiest way to score good games on Android while also helping a charity in need, has a new pack of titles available for purchase. The way it works is easy – simply pay whatever price you want, determine how you want the money divided (a lot to charity or a bit more to developers), then download your DRM-free titles.

However, to access extra titles, you will need to pay over the average price of just $3.95. Considering that if you purchase these games separately you would be paying up to $30, this is a pretty good deal.  (more…)

Humble Bundle 9 Gets Three New Apps — Savant: Ascent, Syder Arcade, and The Shivah

If you are not familiar with Humble Bundle, users can buy a group of games for a lower-than-market price, all while helping app developers and a selected charity out. Its latest incarnation, Humble Bundle 9, already had six great titles to boast, but is now gaining three more for those of you who pay more than the average price for the bundle. (more…)

Humble Bundle 9 for PC and Android Released, More Great Games for the Same Great Cause

Another edition of the Humble Bundle is upon us. The 9th edition of the Bundle for PC and Android brings us 6 new games at a price that you choose. Want your money to go to charity? Or more to go to the developers? You get to choose who gets the cut and how much you want to pay. Everyone wins.

Out of the six games that are being offered in this Bundle, you get 4 of them no matter what you pay. Broken Sword 2: The Smoking Mirror, Bridge Constructor, Ravensword: Shadowlands and Type:Rider are all yours for whatever cost you choose.  (more…)

Three New Games Added to Humble Bundle 4 – OLO, Color Sheep, and Gunslugs

As expected, the folks behind the Humble Bundle 4 added three new titles to their pay-what-you-want package of games that already included Badland, Breach & Clear, Catan, Riptide GP2, Vector, and Zombie Gunship. As long as you pay over the average price, which at the time of this posting sits at $3.75, you get all of the previously mentioned games plus OLO, Color Sheep, and Gunslugs.  (more…)

Humble Bundle 4 Released – Pay What You Want for Riptide GP2, Zombie Gunship, and More

The Humble Bundle is a collection of games where you can pay any price you would like, and then dictate where the money goes. You can choose to give money to the developers, or if you are a humanitarian of sorts, you can choose for the money to go to charity. It’s been a big part of the app ecosystem on Android, so whenever there is a new bundle to hype up, we love doing so.  (more…)

Humble Mobile Bundle 3 Released, Includes Kingdom Rush and Ridiculous Fishing

Humble Bundle

A new Humble Mobile Bundle has arrived, still working towards providing excellent gaming experiences for those who want to benefit charities and hard-working developers. Included in this package are classics such as EPOCH and Kingdom Rush, but also an incredibly special inclusion of Ridiculous Fishing. This game, which is currently available for iOS users, was previously in works to be released onto Android “soon,” and to see it released in a Humble Bundle first  instead of onto Google Play is phenomenal.  (more…)

Humble Bundle 7 Features 6 Games for Android, You Know the Drill By Now

Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 4.31.13 PM

It is definitely a good time to be a gamer, even more so if you do your gaming on your Android device. It seems like just yesterday that we had a new Humble Mobile Bundle launch and here we are today looking at the seventh edition of the original Humble Bundle. The recipe remains the same: get some great games from indie developers at the price you choose! (more…)