Humble Bundle 6 Updated With Three More Games: McPixel, Walking Mars and NightSky HD

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Been scoring deals through the Humble Bundle for Android? If you have yet to pick up #6, you can score three additional games, bringing the total to ten games for just $5. Score! The extra games that were just added are McPixel (an awesome title), Walking Mars and NightSky HD. Again, for $5 and the option for some to go to charity, it’s a win-win situation for players, developers and the community.

Go grab the Humble Bundle right here.

Humble Bundle 6 for Android Available Today – Features Seven Games, Pay What You Want

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The Humble Bundle 6 for Android is now available for you to pick up at whatever price you choose. As was the case with previous Humble Bundles, you get to pay any amount for a highlighted set of games, but should you pay more than the average price, you’ll receive some bonuses. You also get to select where you funds end up, whether that be with developers, a charity or a combination of both.  (more…)

Humble Bundle 5 is Now Live, Choose Your Price to Help Charity and Developers

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Android gamers rejoice, another Humble Bundle is upon us and packed full of awesome games for us to play. Six awesome looking games await you should you choose to donate a few dollars, which can go all to developers or charity depending on how you want to divide it. What is even better news is that all these games are cross-platform, meaning if you buy them for your Android device you can download it on your PC or Mac and play them there as well.  (more…)

Thanks to Major Success, 5 Additional Games Added to Humble Bundle 4

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If you are one of the supporters of the Humble Bundle for Android, we thank you. Thanks to major sales, the HB team released an additional five games into the bundle for those who pay over the average price. The games included are “alumni” to the bundle, which include five titles that were previously available in the second edition; Avadon, Canabalt, Cogs, Swords and Soldiers, and Zen Bound 2.

If you have yet to go pick up these games for a “name your price” fee, then this would be the time.  (more…)

Humble Bundle 4 Launches With More Awesome Games – Machinarium, Splice and Crayon Physics Deluxe to Name a Few

The legacy of the Humble Bundle continues on with the fourth iteration launched today. Gaming enthusiasts can open up their wallets and see how much money they have to pay for these 6 awesome games. As usual, you can choose how much you wish to pay and where you want the money to go between developers, charity and other ends. The games included are Walking Mars, Splice, Crayon Physics Deluxe, Eufloria HD and Superbrothers: Sword & Sorcery. If you pay above a certain amount you can get Machinarium added on at the end, another great game.  (more…)

Humble Bundle #3 Adds Four More Games, Including Osmos and Anomaly: Warzone Earth

The folks behind the Humble Bundle just pinged us because they have included 4 additional games in the current bundle #3 that was launched last week. Thanks to an ultra-successful campaign that eclipsed $500K in sales and 80,000 purchases, they thought this was a great way to reward everyone. The new games are Osmos, Anomaly: Warzone Earth, World of Goo, and EDGE. All of this titles were featured in previous bundles, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you haven’t had a chance to grab them yet.  (more…)

Humble Bundle #3 is Live – 4 Games at a Price You Decide, Bonus if You Pay Enough

The Humble Bundle has returned this morning for a third time, giving gaming enthusiasts a chance to pick up four games at a price they can set themselves. As is always the case, you get to specify where your money goes when buying these games. You can choose to help fund a charity (Child’s Play or the EFF), give back to the developers of the games, or toss in a tip to the Humble Bundle crew. You can spend a dollar if you’d like, or you can jump up the price to whatever you feel is necessary. If you pay more than the average price, you’ll get access to a 5th game.

The Humble Bundle #3 games are Fieldrunners, Bit.Trip Beat, SpaceChem, Uplink, and Spriits.  (more…)