Buy an HTC One (M8) at AT&T, Save $50 on FitBit One or Flex

Starting today, if you pick up a One (M8) from HTC at an AT&T retail location, you could walk away with either a FitBit One or FitBit Flex for $50 off of its suggested retail price. Apparently, AT&T is the only carrier to pre-install the FitBit app as bloatware on its version of the One (M8), a fact we were unaware of.

Without the $50 discount, both FitBit devices retail for $99, so bringing them to $49 sounds like quite the bargain.  (more…)

Tuesday Poll: Which Device are You Most Looking Forward To?

As we cruise through 2014, there appears to be a lot of good things to look forward to, especially in regard to upcoming smartphones from our favorite manufacturers.

All of the top OEMs look to have top-tier devices on the horizon, plus we still have yet to see flagship devices from both Motorola and LG. Since we know pretty much everything you might need to know about the LG G3, and its unveiling date is set for May 27, our community has not been shy when sharing their high hopes for the device. We share their enthusiasm for the G3.

Motorola has been placed high upon a pedestal, having received our Android Phone of the Year in 2013 with the Moto X. Whatever the company does intend to unveil for 2014, whether it be called the Moto X+1 or not, we do hope they don’t let us down.

Interestingly enough, Samsung and HTC both appear to be preparing a “Prime” device, featuring rumored QHD displays and top-tier specifications. To round it all off, the Galaxy Note 4 is reportedly in the works from Samsung, just as you would expect from a company that isn’t about to ditch a winning formula they have been milking since 2011.

So, the question is simple – which device are you looking most forward to? Share your thoughts and concerns down below.

Which Device are You Most Looking Forward To?

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HTC M8 “Prime” Render Appears Online, Shows Off Un-flush Duo Camera

Yesterday, @evleaks tweeted out a decently-sized spec list for the rumored “Prime” device from HTC, which included a 5.5″ WQHD display, Snapdragon 805 processor, 3GB of RAM, Cat 6 LTE radios, and water resistance.

Today, we could have our first small look at the rear side of the device, which shows HTC’s infamous Duo Camera, and a not-so-flush main camera sensor.  (more…)

Alleged HTC One M8 “Prime” Specs Leaked Thanks to Twitter Beef

Over the past few hours on Twitter, @evleaks has taken to de-mystify an upcoming HTC product, known currently as the M8 Prime. The leak is thanks to HTC’s Global Communications Manager Jeff Gordon, who ambiguously told his followers on Twitter to be careful where they get their news from.

Gordon’s initial tweet stated, “In the past few days, a well-known leaker has been completely wrong about at least two of his leaks.” Taking this tweet personally, even though Gordon states it was not even about him, @evleaks decided to pull back the curtain on a few specifications for the device from Gordon’s company.  (more…)

Red HTC One (M8) Official in Taiwan, Blue in the UK

Tired of the HTC One (M8)’s Gunmetal Grey, Glacial Silver, and Amber Gold color schemes? The wait for new options may finally be over, depending on where you live. After a seemingly endless number of leaks, HTC confirmed what we already knew, that the rumored Red and Blue versions of the One (M8) are coming to market.

Starting today, the red-colored M8 is available for sale exclusively in Taiwan. The “Aqua Blue” version, meanwhile, can be purchased at UK-based retailer MobileFun for £550 (about $920) unsubsidized. (more…)

HTC One (M7) Unlocked and Developer Editions Receiving Sense 6 Update Today

Unlocked and Developer Editions of the HTC One (M7) – that would be last year’s HTC One – are receiving their update to Sense 6.0 today, according to HTC. If you recall, HTC’s USA president committed to an “end of May” time frame for Sense 6.0 updates, so they are technically a little ahead of schedule. Good job, HTC.

The update includes things like new color coded themes, personalized font styles, Extreme Power Saving Mode, new gallery and camera interfaces, and BlinkFeed improvements. It’s a massive update that really only brings goodness to  your phone.  (more…)