HTC Announces “Uh Oh” Protection for the One M9, One-Time Phone Replacement for Cracks, Water Damage, or Carrier Switching

Unfortunately, HTC didn’t announce US availability of the their new flagship One M9, this morning, like we were hoping. But, they did announce a new protection plan that comes with the device for free and will likely come in handy during your time of ownership. It’s call HTC Uh Oh Protection.

What is HTC Uh Oh Protection? It’s similar to the cracked screen deal from HTC Advantage that came with the One M8, except along with the one-time screen replacement that Advantage offers, Uh Oh Protection also protects against water damage or if you decide to switch carriers. Plus, if you don’t need use the Protection within the first 12 months of ownership, HTC will give you $100 to spend towards a future HTC One.  (more…)

Question of the Day: Why Aren’t You Buying the HTC One M9? Why are You?

The day after HTC and Samsung each took the stage at MWC to announce their new phones, we asked which of them you would most likely buy. The poll could not have been clearer – only a quarter of you are at all interested in picking up the HTC One M9. Today’s question of the day wants to know why that is. Why aren’t you buying the HTC One M9? And if you were one of the 25% who is planning to, what are you seeing in the M9 that convinced you that it should be in your pocket?

Is it the safe play with the phone’s design? Did HTC fail to address your concerns from the One M8? Are you worried about the Snapdragon 810? Maybe HTC didn’t need to change anything from last year’s phone? Maybe, just maybe, HTC improved enough on the M8, a phone that you already thought was the best phone ever made? Or perhaps it all has to do with Samsung blowing your mind with the S6 and S6 Edge? You could also just really love your current phone and don’t need to upgrade.

You tell us.

HTC Shows Off One M9 Features in Some Really Awkward Videos

When HTC isn’t reminding the world that the “Ultra Melt Your Face Off Mode” found in the new HTC One M9 is only an included feature because current handsets in the wild are running software that isn’t final, they are putting together promo videos to you know, promote their new flagship handset.

Through a series of clips released over the weekend, HTC walks us through the headline features of the One M9, which includes things like the new Blinkfeed, more personalization in home screens, a smart widget, advertisements suggestions for restaurants, the best low-light selfies (low-light selfies are a thing!), sleeveless jean jacket dance parties with the crew, and fairy dust sound effect-filled magic tricks with the moon.  (more…)

You May Need to Buy Oven Mitts With Your HTC One M9

According to overseas site Tweakers, it appears the HTC One M9 and GFXBench don’t mix. GFXBench is a popular benchmarking app, which is run on most flagship devices, just for the simple gratification of comparing devices to one another.

Unfortunately, as seen in the thermal image below, the One M9 runs insanely hot in comparison to other devices running the same exact app. As seen in the image, the One M9 peaked at 55.4 degrees Celsius, which equals over 130 degrees Fahrenheit. To the human touch, that could easily be enough to leave a mark. If you compared regular bath water, 120 degrees Fahrenheit is considered to be scalding, enough to damage human tissue.  (more…)

HTC has a “BIG” One M9 Announcement on Wednesday for US Customers

Come Wednesday, HTC plans to get “BIG” with its One M9. No, that doesn’t mean a bigger variant of the One M9 that was announced at MWC, it likely means a date of availability for the US. And actually, I wouldn’t be surprised if it has something to do with T-Mobile, potentially even immediate T-Mobile availability on Wednesday. As a reminder, T-Mobile’s next big Uncarrier event is also on Wednesday and their invite mentions the word “ONE” within it(more…)