Sprint’s HTC One M9 Gets Android 5.1 Today, LG G4 Gets Minor Update

Earlier in the week, HTC told us to expect an Android 5.1 on the Sprint One M9 come July 1. This morning, they delivered on that promise. The update will arrive as software version 2.6.651.11.

Sprint didn’t bother to list out much in their changelog, only that this is 5.1. I would imagine HTC might sneak in some camera improvements and other little tweaks to Sense. If you get the update, be sure to let us know.

Meanwhile, the LG G4 is receiving a minor update that improves “Reactivation Lock” and lands as software version LS991ZV5.  (more…)

Mystery HTC Phone on Its Way to Verizon Stops by FCC (Updated)

A random HTC device stopped by the FCC today, looking all sorts of ready for Verizon. To be honest, though, I have no idea what this phone is. The FCC (ID: NM80PM3100) calls it a “smartphone” and says that it has support for all of Verizon’s typical CDMA and LTE bands, along with a couple of GSM bands for global roaming, but those are the only details we have.

Could this be the One M9+ on its way to the US? Eh, maybe. Is it another budget HTC device, like the Desire 612? Could be that too. Is this something completely new from HTC that we haven’t even been tipped to? That would be something.  (more…)

HTC Device Owners, Prepare to See “Promotions” in BlinkFeed

Back in May, a report surfaced that HTC was attempting to implement paid promotions (aka ads) into BlinkFeed. Today, that news becomes official, as the company has announced the changes being made in a post on its website.

In the post, HTC goes over everything you need to know about what is changing inside BlinkFeed, but basically, users in the U.S., U.K., Germany, Taiwan, and China will see a limited amount of paid promotions from companies such as Yahoo!, Twitter, and HTC itself. These promotions will showcase useful and exciting applications you can download, as well as new accessories from HTC.  (more…)

ASUS Didn’t Say They Talked to HTC About a Merger, But HTC Wants You to Know They Didn’t

Last week, ASUS admitted during an investor call that internally, they had tossed around the idea of trying to acquire HTC. That’s it, though, they just threw out the idea at a board meeting or something before moving on to other matters. They even followed up the brief mention of an acquisition by saying that they were unlikely to even attempt such a thing, because they aren’t interested in buying companies on their deathbeds like to grow organically.  (more…)

HTC Will Actually Innovate With Next Year’s One Instead of Mailing It In Again

The HTC One M9 is without a doubt, the most disappointing phone I have touched in years. HTC had a short list of items to address from 2014 to 2015 to make an almost-perfect phone and essentially failed at all of them. As I said in my One M9 review, I have no idea what the hell HTC spent the last year working on. What I do know is that your company has completely screwed up (maybe given up too), when your flagship phone from the previous year is better than your flagship phone for this year. You also know things are bad when you spend the weeks leading up to the release of your hand-picked media reviews, reminding everyone that once the phone hits customers’ hands and all of the early bloated benchmarks are public, you will throttle the phone down to not melt anyone’s face off.

After apologizing to shareholders for the company’s poor performance for the fourth straight year (stock price has dropped from NT$1300 in 2011 to under NT$100), CEO Cher Wang essentially admitted that it’s time for her company to do something different going forward and try not to repeat the past few years of mistakes. Wang told shareholders that HTC would launch a “hero product” in October to help boost their smartphone segment, but that they would also make significant improvements in innovation and design for their flagship phone for 2016. In other words, the HTC One M10 might not suck.   (more…)