HTC One M9 Prices at Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint

Now that we have Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge pricing and availability out of the way, it’s time to focus our attention for a minute on the HTC One M9. Like Samsung’s flagships, the One M9 will go up for pre-order tomorrow, March 27, and arrive at most carriers April 10. Since there is only one model, pricing here is pretty straight forward, with a full retail price sitting right around $650 at most places, but there will also be monthly payment options.

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HTC One M9 Pre-Orders Also Begin March 27, Unlocked Version Priced at $649

At 12:01AM ET on Friday, March 27, HTC will also open up pre-orders of its new flagship, One M9. The in-store date for the M9 is April 10. In other words, HTC is attempting to go head-to-head with Samsung and the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. Hey, good luck with that.

Like Samsung, HTC is leaving it up to carriers and retailers to announce their own specific availability and pricing, but for the most part, you should expect the phone to retail for around $649 without a contract and be available on April 10. Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint are all going to carry the HTC One M9. You will also be able to find it at Best Buy, Amazon, Target, and Costco. (more…)

HTC is Preparing to Announce the One M9 Plus on April 8 With Duo Camera, QHD Display

During the lead-up to HTC’s announcement of the One M9, another device made by the Taiwanese manufacturer with a larger display, awkward-looking fingerprint sensor, and Duo Camera kept popping up in blurry cam shots across the pond. Everyone just assumed this was some sort of “Max” or “Plus” version of the M9, except that once HTC took the stage in Barcelona, only one phone was unveiled. Well, on April 8, that other phone will become official in China.  (more…)

HTC Possibly Reconsidering Not Updating One M7 Carrier Variants to Android 5.1

After news broke earlier this week that HTC had no intentions to update carrier variants of the One M7, but did plan to update the Google Play Edition of the device, One M7 owners took to the Interwebz to show their disappointment in the news.

Now, HTC may be rethinking its plan, with the company’s product overlord Mo Versi stating on Twitter, “Many of the fixes are already in our current SW (software), but understand your concerns. Stay tuned.”  (more…)

Deal: HTC RE Camera Slashed to $99 at Best Buy ($100 Off)

HTC’s RE camera, a GoPro-like action cam that is the first of many of HTC’s new product lines, is on-sale at Best Buy in a daily deal for just $99. The RE normally carries a $199 price, so we are talking about a 50% discount for today only.

As a recap, the RE is HTC’s action camera that shoots 1080p video, uses a 146-degree wide-angle lens, 16MP Sony sensor for stills with digital image stabilization, and is waterproof. It might be shaped like a periscope, but the design allows you to hold it comfortably while snapping photos at will. It doesn’t have many buttons or a viewfinder, so you have to use an Android companion app to see the photos and videos you are capturing. That’s OK, though, because it allows for quick sharing.

I don’t think anyone would consider the RE to be an award-winning product, but I can tell you that in my time with it, it has become a great party, child-chasing, and travel camera for all of those spur of the moment shots. It’s probably worth about $100.

The deal includes white, blue, and orange models.

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HTC One M7 Will Not Receive Update to Android 5.1, but the GPE Will

According to HTC’s Mo Versi, the company will not be updating the regular One M7 to Android 5.1, but the Google Play Edition will see the update.

While that may be a bit of a bummer to owners of the One M7, HTC likely does not want to spend many resources updating the device that features a full run of Sense software, and will instead opt to keep the variant running stock Android up to date. However, this is likely the last update the One M7 GPE will see.  (more…)