HTC Aero, When HTC Gave Up and Started Making iPhone Clones

According to @evleaks, this is the HTC Aero, a mid-range phone from HTC that will debut at some point in the near future. It has a 1080p display and low-end Snapdragon 617 processor and some RAM and a camera or two. It’s a phone. It’s also a blatant iPhone 6 clone. Yeah, this is that phone we couldn’t stop laughing at when it first appeared back in August next to an iPhone.  (more…)

Reported Photo of HTC One A9 Hits the Web, Complete With Largest Bottom Bezel Ever

HTC’s upcoming mid-range device, the One A9, has been reportedly photographed, posted online by the good people at No Where Else. As seen below, the device does not appear to be up for any beauty contests, since it features one of the largest bottom bezels we have ever seen on a recent smartphone. This is thanks to the inclusion of a home button/fingerprint reader, as well as HTC’s branding. Woof. (more…)

Mid-Range HTC One A9 Reported to Launch in November, Features 5″ FHD Display and Snapdragon 617

The retired leakster @evleaks is back at it, detailing specs and release information for HTC’s upcoming One A9 smartphone, aka Hima Aero. The device, according to Evan, will feature a 5″ FHD AMOLED display, Snapdragon 617 processor, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage, 13MP rear-facing camera, 4 UltraPixel front-facing camera, and metal build.  (more…)

HTC Hosts a Bunch of “Hot” Deals Like 40% Off Nexus 9, 50% Off RE Camera

For the rest of today (up until 11:59PM PT), HTC is hosting a a bunch of “Hot” deals on a handful of its products. You’ll find the One M9 at 25% off, plus it still comes with a $100 Google Play credit. The Nexus 9 is 40% off, while accessories, including the RE Camera, are 50% off.

Again, the deals run through tonight at 11:59PM Pacific. If you need anything, be quick about it.

HTC Hot Deals Link

Ahahahaha, HTC. No Way. Really?

Yesterday, this really terrible render of a supposed upcoming HTC device surfaced that we almost instantly ignored. Why? Because it looked like a terrible Photoshop job of an iPhone 6, with an HTC logo in place of the Apple logo and the camera and flash centered. Otherwise, it was an iPhone 6. It was bad. So bad, that we laughed at how bad it was, then laughed again before dismissing it forever.

And then these photos arrived a couple of hours later.  (more…)