HTC Nexus 9 Potentially Makes First Appearance in Plastic Body, Stops Off at FCC

Is that the first picture of the HTC Nexus 9? According to leaker @upleaks, it might very well be the “T1,” which is one of the codenames for the device (“flounder” is the other). Appearing on Twitter within the last day, along with a note that the device may not sport the all-metal design that HTC has become known for over the last couple of years, this looks like early renders and matches the description of previous leaks. The device still maintains previous Nexus styling, along with the rumored 4:3, square-like form factor. The device is said to be a prototype, so take that into account.  (more…)

HTC REcamera Stops by FCC With Bluetooth and WiFi

Next week, at a press event in NYC, HTC is going to announce the REcamera, a GoPro like camera companion for your smartphone that is waterproof and will probably be sold as the ultimate selfie machine, because companies are still clinging to the selfie craze. Don’t believe me? Just look at the official images pulled from the REcamera’s official launch website.

The device, as is typically the case before any product gets announced, stopped by the FCC this week. As you can see in the image above, we have a tube-shaped device with FCC labeling on the bottom. The tube-shaped design matches up exactly to the official images we have already seen that show off a camera built from submarine parts (OK, I made that last part up).  (more…)

Report: HTC to Release “M8_EYE,” Features 13MP Rear-facing Camera

According to two separate Twitter leakers, HTC is set to launch a new variant of the One (M8), internally called the M8_EYE, complete with a 13MP rear-facing shooter and Duo Camera setup.

From what the leakers state, the phone should feature all of the M8’s same specifications, except for its new shooter. In addition, the phone will run Android 4.4+ with Sense 6 out of the box, just like the current M8 offering from HTC.  (more…)

HTC’s GoPro Camera Gets Teased in New Video (Updated)

HTC posted a teaser video this afternoon for a product that will be unveiled on October 8 at a press event in NYC. The video (at least to us) seems to hint over and over at a camera rather than a phone. We say that in part because a report from a couple of weeks ago suggested that HTC was getting into the GoPro market, but also because at one point in the video, two women are seen setting the device down on a tablet to snap a photo, something not easily done with a phone.  (more…)

HTC Scribble Application Now Available on Google Play

For OEMs like HTC, chief among the benefits of hosting apps on Google Play are faster updates. Traversing the lengthy and unpredictable path toward OTA approval is obviously undesirable if the enhancements are minor, which is probably why HTC continues to decouple applications from its firmware. The latest to receive the treatment is HTC Scribble, a digital scrapbook app. (more…)

SunShine Bootloader Unlock Tool Released for Moto X, DROID Family

TeamAndIRC released their SunShine bootloader unlock for the original Moto X and the DROID family from last year (MAXX, ULTRA, and Mini), this afternoon. The unlock tool comes in the form of an .apk that is sideloaded onto your Motorola device of choice. Once installed and paid for ($25 per device), a quick run through of a compatibility check followed by an approval or two is all that it takes before your phone is unlocked.  (more…)