Forget Robert Downey Jr, HTC Signs Robison Cano to Multi-year Deal as Brand Ambassador

HTC announced it has signed Robinson Cano to a multi-year agreement, bringing the Seattle Mariners 2nd baseman onto the team as a US brand ambassador. No word on just how much HTC is paying Cano for this opportunity, but what does that matter?

Cano recently moved to Seattle (HTC America’s HQ is located in Seattle) from New York City, and has become a big part of the community in Washington state, creating the RC22 Foundation which serves underprivileged youth worldwide. (more…)

HTC America President Apologizes for Yesterday’s Nexus 9 Flash Sale Incident

Yesterday morning, HTC kicked off the HTC Hot Deals weekly promotion with a bang, offering a brand new Nexus 9 for just $199. Of course, supplies for the promo were extremely limited and traffic was very high on the servers, which hindered people’s experiences when they attempted to buy one. And we all know what happens when things on the Internet don’t go as expected – infinite Twitter rage.  (more…)

Google Posts Nexus 9 Android 5.0 “LRX21L” Factory Image

Google just posted the Android 5.0 “Lollipop” factory image for the Nexus 9, if anyone is interested. While the image doesn’t do much for anyone who doesn’t own a Nexus 9, this still could be a sign of things to come. Maybe. Actually, it could be days or weeks before the other factory images arrive, but hey, we like to get excited. You know we will keep you updated.

The build is for “volantis,” which is one of the codenames for the Nexus 9. The build version is LRX21L.  (more…)

HTC Intros Hot Deals for Holiday Season, Nexus 9 on Sale for $199

If dealing with the crowds of Black Friday is not in your cards anymore, HTC is looking to help with your holiday shopping list. Starting today for the next nine weeks, HTC will host a new Hot Deal every Tuesday morning at 9am Pacific (12pm Eastern). These deals will be huge price drops on devices, discounted accessories, and who knows what else.

The first Hot Deal, undoubtedly to get your attention, is a brand new $199 Nexus 9 tablet. Supplies will be limited, so your best chance is to have all of your payment info ready right when the clock strikes. To keep even better track of the deal, you can follow HTC’s own twitter hashtag, “HTCHotDeals.”  (more…)

Nexus 9 LTE Stops by FCC With Support for 10 LTE Bands

An HTC-made tablet stopped by the FCC yesterday under ID NM80P82300, one we are assuming is the LTE-ready version of the Nexus 9. As you may have noticed, the LTE version of the Nexus 9 hasn’t gone up for sale yet, nor have we been given a release date. This could be the reason why. As Google learned with the Nexus Player, you can’t sell a product unless it has been given the green light from the FCC.  (more…)