HTC Posts First Profit in 3 Years, Mid-Range Models to Thank

If HTC’s latest financials are any indication, the company may no longer be in dire straits. The Taiwan-based OEM posted its first quarterly revenue growth in more than three years, an increase in sales to $47.9 billion ($1.5 billion) from $42.9 billion a year ago. HTC also beat analysts’ predictions of an operating loss, instead posting a profit of NT$180 million and net income of NT$470 million.  (more…)

CES 2015 Starts Sunday: A Quick Preview

CES 2015 starts on Sunday. Seems a little crazy that it’s back already, I know, but that’s what we get during the second week of every new year – a trip to Las Vegas. As you can imagine, we are headed into the desert once again to see what major electronics manufacturers have in store, even if there is very little focus on mobile or Android these days. The show is still a big enough deal that we need to at least show up to find out.

Keep in mind that the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) isn’t what it was four or five years ago. There was a time that it was a really big deal for mobile enthusiasts. It once was a show where new flagship phones were announced from all of the big players, but those show up less and less anymore. Now, we typically get one from Sony, maybe another from LG, and that’s about it. There are wearables and tablets galore, most of which are terrible products from companies you have never heard of that you would never buy, but they have their moment in the news cycle.

Media outlets put up big stages, try to tell you that this week is going to be “Huge!” and that you must tune into their ridiculously over-the-top coverage because it will be the best CES yet, but they are lying. CES is mostly boring these days. Well, unless you like TVs and the technology that goes into cars. Yes, TVs and automobiles now dominate CES.  (more…)

HTC: 2015 Roadmap is “Our Best Ever,” With “Huge Surprises” on the Way

HTC’s 2014 was certainly better than its 2013. They released the One (M8) (our review), a beautifully crafted smartphone that few can match in terms of build quality. They teamed up with Google to produce the newest Nexus tablet, the Nexus 9 (our review). They entered new product categories with their RE camera and slapped 13MP cameras into the fronts of phones because…selfies. But maybe most importantly, they actually managed to turn a little profit in Q3 of this year and stop the years and years of bleeding. Sure, their revenues are still in decline as sales also continue to slide, but hey, profit is profit. HTC will take whatever they can at this point.  (more…)

HTC’S Next Flagship “Hima” is Headed to Verizon

Thanks to an ANTuTu benchmark (assuming it is real) of an unreleased HTC phone that was posted by @upleaks, we now know that HTC’s next flagship phone, currently codenamed as “hima,” is headed to Verizon under the model number HTC6535LVW. That benchmark also seems to confirm the impressive set of specs that has been rumored often over the last couple of weeks, a set of specs that will have you seriously considering HTC as the manufacturer of your next phone.  (more…)

HTC Gallery Updated on Christmas, Brings Cloud Gallery Feature

The team over at HTC was busy working on Christmas yesterday, with the release of an update to its HTC Gallery app on Google Play. A while ago, HTC launched this standalone gallery app, allowing for quicker updates and added features whenever they chose to launch them.

In this newest update, HTC brought the ability for users to view pictures and watch videos straight from the cloud. To enable this feature, you will need to connect your Facebook, Drive, Dropbox, or Flickr accounts, but once done, you should then be able to view your images from wherever.  (more…)