HTC Q1 Losses Climb to $62 Million, but March Revenue Improves

HTC posted its Q1 2014 financials today, and they are decidedly mixed. The company’s profits were less than investors expected, but one-month revenue rose incrementally after 28 consecutive months of declines.

The company’s first-quarter loss was NT$1.88 billion, which amounts to $62 million. That is worse than the Bloomberg-compiled analyst estimate of NT$1.59 billion loss and HTC’s own Feb. 10 forecast of NT$860 million. Revenue for the quarter fell to NT$33.1, down from $NT42.8 billion last year.  (more…)

S-OFF Achieved on All Variants of HTC One (M8)

That was fast. Merely two weeks after the handset’s initial release, the talented Firewater development team has managed to achieve S-OFF (“security off”) on all variants of the HTC One (M8).

For those who aren’t familiar, S-OFF disables HTC’s proprietary low-level write protection mechanism, allowing software to modify the internal flash storage of your device. Translation? Custom bootloaders, recovery menus, ROMs, and kernels are all a possibility.  (more…)

Video: HTC One (M8) in Amber Gold, Gunmetal, and Silver

Since we happen to have all three colors of the HTC One (M8) in house at the moment, we thought, “Why not do a beauty shot video?” After all, this phone is – at least in our opinion – one of the most beautifully designed in recent memory. The all-metal unibody construction that is highlighted by clean accent lines, looks like smartphone luxury. Sure, it might be way too tall, but there is no arguing against the premium feel of it in hand.  (more…)

Relax, HTC One (M8) Sales Aren’t Struggling, Phone Hasn’t Even Fully Launched

It’s been a little over a week since the HTC One (M8) “launched” here in America, although, the company would like to remind us that the M8 doesn’t hit “full retail” until April 11. However, while it still may not be available through all retail outlets globally, if you live America, and want to buy the phone, it’s easy to get your hands on it.

According to a new report from Chitika, a company which measures web traffic on its network, the One (M8) is off to a rather slow start. When compared to all other HTC devices currently activated on the network, the M8 sits at just 0.1% after a week and a half of being on sale.  (more…)

Video: Using Duo Camera, Motion Launch, BoomSound and More on the HTC One (M8) Google Play Edition

After running through a quick unboxing of the HTC One (M8) Google Play Edition, we spent some extra time cruising around the software, seeing if Google or HTC had left any of HTC’s goodies behind in the stock build of Android 4.4.2. Actually, we really just wanted to figure out the Duo Camera and if it really worked, since Google is advertising it as working in its Google Play listing for the phone. Thankfully, it does. But there are other little leftovers as well that are worth noting.  (more…)

HTC One (M8) Google Play Edition Unboxing and Quick Look

Last year, during Google I/O, Hugo Barra stood on stage to announce Google’s new Google Play Edition program of Android devices that would offer stock software experiences, with timely updates, on the same hardware sold through carriers with manufacturer skins. Samsung and HTC wound up having the first two entries, since their flagships at the time – the Galaxy S4 and HTC One (M7) – were still fairly new. Both were received with praise, even though they each carried premium prices.

Since HTC decided this year to make their new flagship, the HTC One (M8), available in as many different ways as possible, we once again have a Google Play Edition to check out.  (more…)

Last Day to Purchase HTC One (M8) Developer Edition at Discounted Price of $649.99

Today is the last day you can pick up an HTC One (M8) Developer Edition for the discounted price of just $649.99. After that, it goes up $50 to $699.99, which might have a few people screaming.

Regardless, Developer Edition units of the M8 feature support for 4G LTE connectivity on both AT&T and T-Mobile, 32GB of on-board storage, and also comes with an unlocked bootloader.  (more…)