Qualcomm Confirms Snapdragon 810 Inside HTC One M9

Not that you will be surprised by this news, but Qualcomm just confirmed via Vine and Twitter that the new HTC One M9 will be powered by their Snapdragon 810 processor, the same processor that Samsung passed on for its Galaxy S6.

The short Vine shows a shadowed phone in the background, fronted by a clock that starts at 8:10, then transitions to 10:08 before turning over one minute to 10:09. The “8:10″ here means Snapdragon 810, the “10:08″ is the clock seen on all HTC press renders, and the flip over to 10:09 has to stand for the 9 in HTC One M9.  (more…)

Two New Images of Alleged HTC One M9 Arrive, Continues to Break Our Hearts

First, hats go off to HTC for keeping everyone in the dark for so long this year with regard to the design of the upcoming One M9. Every leaker and every blog has been stumped as to which phone we are actually going to see be unveiled this weekend at MWC. Was it the evleaks sexy version, or was it this rehash of last year’s One (M8)? If the two latest, official looking leaked presser images are to be believed, then our hearts are officially breaking for HTC.  (more…)

If This Really is the HTC One M9, are You Going to be Disappointed?

This morning, German electronics retailer, Cyberport, posted up listings for a phone that they are calling the HTC One M9. Along with those listings, they included 8 high-res, official-looking press images of the device in both gunmetal and silver/gold, a massive list of specs, pricing, features, and just about anything else you could ask for when a device has been made official. Except, of course, the HTC One M9 won’t be official until next weekend. So what’s the deal? Is this really it or not? If so, are you disappointed?  (more…)

Wednesday Poll: Which OEM Would You Want to Make the Next Nexus Smartphone?

Last year, right around this time, we asked our community which OEM they would like to see create the next Nexus device in partnership with Google. With 42% of the vote, Motorola was the landslide victor. Now here we are in 2015, with likely quite a few of you sitting at a desk with a Motorola-made Nexus 6 by your side. Funny how things work out, yes?

So, to keep up with the opinions and views of our readers, we would like to ask you the exact same question, one year later. Now that most major OEMs have had their shot at creating a Nexus device, all but Sony, which OEM would you like to make the next Nexus device?

Did Motorola do such a good job on the Nexus 6 that you would like them to do another? Is it Samsung’s turn to give it another shot? And what about HTC and its Nexus 9 tablet? Did HTC do such a good job with that tablet hardware that they have earned your trust for another Nexus smartphone? Or, just maybe, is it Sony’s turn in 2015?

More importantly, and something we have all probably thought about, but what about the name? We have had the Nexus One, Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4, Nexus 5, and now Nexus 6. But we can’t have a Nexus 7 smartphone in 2015, since that already exists in tablet form. What is Google going to do there? Your guess is as good as ours.

Throw your thoughts down below on who should make it and what it should be called.

Which OEM Would You Want to Make the Next Nexus Smartphone?

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Deal: Just $12.99 for This Quick Charge 2.0 Adapter

Back in January, I expressed my love for Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 2.0 technology that allows you to charge your phone at pretty insane speeds when compared to your typical USB charger. The technology has been made famous by Motorola within the last year, thanks to their use of it as a selling feature in the new Moto X, DROID Turbo, and Nexus 6. They are also selling a $35 Turbo Charger that can give your phone hours of use in just a few minutes time. But Quick Charge 2.0 is in more than Motorola devices. In fact, the HTC One (M8) from early last year has it, as does the Xperia Z3 and Z3 Compact, and Galaxy Note 4. That’s right, most of the popular phones released within the last year have the technology built in.

Unfortunately, most official OEM Quick Charge 2.0 chargers aren’t cheap, so many of you have avoided buying any. Like I mentioned, Motorola sells their Turbo Charger for a whopping $35, but HTC also has a quick charge adapter that runs $35 too.

If you want a lower cost charger, you currently have to turn to places like Amazon. There are a handful of third party accessory makers now making Quick Charge 2.0 adapters, one of which is Tenergy, who just so happens to be hosting a Lightning deal over at Amazon at the moment. For just $12.99, you can grab yourself a Quick/Turbo charger and realize why I think it’s the future of charging.

As of right now, the deal is 41% claimed, so you may want to hurry.

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HTC UK Confirms “New HTC One” Unveiling for March 1

In case you had any doubts at all, the latest tweet from HTC UK’s account should make the entire situation pretty clear. The ‘New HTC One‘ is coming on March 1.

Being unveiled during MWC in Barcelona, we still are not clear if it will actually be referred to as the One (M9), One M9 sans parenthesis, or simply just HTC One. The first One from HTC was just One (aka One M7), then last year’s was One (M8). While all of them are technically the One, HTC tried quite hard to differentiate the two One devices with the added model number in parenthesis whenever mentioned. It is definitely a clustered naming situation. (more…)