You May Need to Buy Oven Mitts With Your HTC One M9

According to overseas site Tweakers, it appears the HTC One M9 and GFXBench don’t mix. GFXBench is a popular benchmarking app, which is run on most flagship devices, just for the simple gratification of comparing devices to one another.

Unfortunately, as seen in the thermal image below, the One M9 runs insanely hot in comparison to other devices running the same exact app. As seen in the image, the One M9 peaked at 55.4 degrees Celsius, which equals over 130 degrees Fahrenheit. To the human touch, that could easily be enough to leave a mark. If you compared regular bath water, 120 degrees Fahrenheit is considered to be scalding, enough to damage human tissue.  (more…)

HTC has a “BIG” One M9 Announcement on Wednesday for US Customers

Come Wednesday, HTC plans to get “BIG” with its One M9. No, that doesn’t mean a bigger variant of the One M9 that was announced at MWC, it likely means a date of availability for the US. And actually, I wouldn’t be surprised if it has something to do with T-Mobile, potentially even immediate T-Mobile availability on Wednesday. As a reminder, T-Mobile’s next big Uncarrier event is also on Wednesday and their invite mentions the word “ONE” within it(more…)

HTC One E9 Reportedly Photographed, Sports 5.5″ QHD Display and Dual Tone Color

Photos of an alleged One E9 from HTC have hit the web, courtesy of Chinese regulators. For Americans, existence of the E9 does not mean too much quite yet, as usually, HTC has an overseas device that they tout as a secondary flagship. If history serves us right, the chances of this exact device landing on our soil is unlikely, given HTC’s need to position the One M9 at the top of their North American portfolio. (more…)

Do You Give a Sh*t About VR?

I don’t. But who am I? Every tech company on Earth thinks that you and I should care about VR. It’s the next tablet frontier, and you know, that went so well for Android OEMs.

VR is everywhere. Samsung is in on it – they have two Gear VR headsets now, each of which only works with a single phone. HTC partnered with Valve on one. Occulus is still doing its thing, we think. Sony is too. Don’t be surprised if LG takes a whack at it. Google is ready to bring Android to VR, reportedly. Companies are putting together “mind blowing” demos of it to sell the press on. Somehow, it’s working in that sense. Regular tech press (the smartphone-reviewing kind, not those at actual gaming conferences), who know so much about gaming and VR (that would be sarcasm), love VR. They all take front-facing selfies of VR headsets on their heads to be like, “I am VR. Blown mind is me. Great demo, guys!”  (more…)

Win an HTC One M9 Before It Goes on Sale

HTC just announced a contest through Twitter that will give you a chance to win their new One M9 before it ever hits stores. They plan to give away five of them, to be exact. All you need to do is hit up the link below and fill out their incredibly simple form (name, email, and what your current phone is). That’s it.

The contest period runs from 3/2 through 3/24. The approximate retail value of each phone is $599.  (more…)

Monday Poll: Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, or HTC One M9?

It’s time, time to decide which of the new devices from MWC you are most interested in or excited about. HTC gave us the One M9, a safe device that is a lot like last year’s One (M8), except it has a 20MP camera on the back, more powerful processor inside, UltraPixel camera in the front, and some cute new software features built into Sense 7. Samsung, on the other hand, didn’t play it safe at all. They gave us two phones, the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge, both of which push the limits of smartphone technology. Almost everything crammed into the Galaxy S6 and its slanted brother is new smartphone technology never used before.

Each phone arrives within the next two months, but if you had to pick today, which one are you going with?

Which would you choose - Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, or HTC One M9?

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