Show Off Your Home Screens Day!

It is spring and that means it is time to show off everyone’s wonderful home screens! It has been a while since we last posted one of these, so put forth your sexiest setup and let the world in on your secrets. We tend to believe that our community is the best in the world here at Droid Life and are always curious to see how your phones are looking. With the Galaxy Nexus and many other HD phones having been out for months now, you should have had plenty of time to get them looking beautiful. Let’s see what you’ve made. (more…)

Show Off Your Home Screens Day!


With the holidays quickly coming to an end and with many of you picking up new devices as presents, there are probably plenty of big beautiful home screens out there that are in dire need of makeovers. And also, since the Galaxy Nexus hit and this on-screen button thing is throwing some of us for a loop, we need inspiration from the greatest Android community on the planet. And to get that, it’s time for one of our now-famous “Show Off Your Home Screens!” posts. It has been a while since we put together one of these, so let’s see what kinds of masterpieces you have created over the last couple of months.   (more…)

Show Off Your Home Screens Day!


It has been a few months since we last asked to see the masterpieces that you have created on your Android phone’s home screen.  Being a Thursday in between device releases, we thought this was the perfect time to see what you have cooked up.  The ADW icon packs, GO Launcher themes, and ROM skin options seem to be growing by the day, so please “Wow!” us.  We are always on the hunt for home screen inspiration – no better place to get it than from all of you.

Instructions:  When you drop your comment, feel free to give us some detail on what you went through to get to your current setup.  Launcher, icon pack, theme, apps, widgets, etc.  And to post up a picture, all you need to do is upload to somewhere like PhotoBucket or Flickr and then paste the image URL.  Our comment system will then turn it into an image preview for all to see.

My setup (left screenie):  GO Launcher EX, Clee 2 theme, Clockr Evolution, Whiteout wallpaper pack, hidden CircleLauncher.

Tato setup (right screenie):  LauncherPro Plus, LightGrid live wallpaper, Clockr, RaidZero Purple NRG theme.

Seven+ Releases Notification Bar Changer, No Root Required


The Seven+ crew that has worked countless hours to try and port some of the minimalistic Windows Phone 7 apps over to Android.  We have seen the calculator along with a UI changer in the past, but today’s release might be the most influential yet.  StatusBar+ allows you to change the style and color of your device’s notification bar without having root access, something that to our knowledge, has never been done before.  You can set it to start on boot up and even change the colors of notifications and the background.

*Noteon my Galaxy SII and Bionic, I was able to set the StatusBar+ as my notification bar, but only the clock will show.  I’ve reached out to the dev to see why notifications and signal icons will not show on these two devices, but I suggest you check out the free version to see if it will work correctly on yours before buying.

*Note 2 – and I’m an idiot.  Just tap on the notification bar and will display all of your icons.  Fantastic app.

*Note 3 – the signal strength appears to be broken.  There is no way I have full 4G coverage here.  A bug that will likely be worked out.

Oh, and they have opened sourced the project, so I’m sure we will have some snazzy alternatives with similar functionality in the near future.

Market Links:  Free | Paid

More info can be found at this blog post.

Via:  UltraLinx

Show Off Your Home Screens Day!

(K, Picolas, and Tato)

Can you believe that it has been something like 3 months since we last had a “Show us your home screens!” day?  Today’s event seems long overdue, so we’re hoping to see some really creative stuff now that there are hundreds of themes and app packs for both ADW and LauncherPro.  We also have a variety of devices that we cover on a daily basis in this Android world including tablets like the Motorola XOOM and Galaxy Tab 10.1 that bring a whole new customization element into the game.  This should be fun to watch.

For those that are new, what we’re asking for is a shot of one or all of your home screens in the comments followed by a little description of the setup.  This is how we share ideas, widgets, clocks, wallpapers, icon packs, themes, etc. with the rest of the DL community.

As you can see up top, we’ve got the 3 home screens of the DL staff – dirty details of the looks will be posted in the comments.

Update: We’ve posted up the wallpapers that we are all using here.

*Note – Taking screenshots can be done by non-rooted users through the Android SDK or with a variety of screenshot apps from the market if rooted..

Show us your home screens!

Show Off Your DROID Home Screens Day!

Been a while since we took a day to let everyone show off the beauty that is their personalized home screen.  And since a lot of you are rockin’ out with a new HTC Thunderbolt, we figured that you’ve probably had to change up that look a little.  We also have a variety of new themes in the wild for the DX/D2 and OG, so let’s show them off!

If you missed out the last time we did this, here are the basic guidelines:

  1. Take screenshots of as many of your screens as you’d like using apps like drocap2 or ShootMe if you are rooted.  Follow these instructions to take them using the Android SDK if not rooted.
  2. Upload your screenshots to an image hosting site like dropboxImgur or Tinypic.  Paste the URLs to the images in the comments to allow everyone to see the images as click-able thumbnails.
  3. Comment on and “like” your favorites.

With your shots, list out some, all or more of the following info:

  1. Device (D1, D2, Incredible, DX, etc.)
  2. Current launcher
  3. Special wallpapers, widgets, icons
  4. Custom ROM if you are running one.

My screens:

  1. Left: DROIDX | Right: Thunderbolt
  2. Stock launchers on both; Sense on the TBolt
  3. OreoSlice wallpaper pack on both, CircleLauncher, Circle Battery Widget, SimiClock on DX, BobClock on TBolt.
  4. Liberty 1.5 on DX.  rEVOlution skin on TBolt.