Google Voice Number Porting is Official, Here is a Video Explanation

Google Voice number porting isn’t exactly new, we wrote about it 5 days ago, but today it became a little more official.  The Google team even tossed together a quick little video to help  get your number ported over and service back up and running.

We’d like to remind you all though, that by porting over your number, you’ll be cancelling your contract with your current carrier.  This could result in some unwanted fees, so proceed with caution.  Most of you will want to wait until your contract is up before going this route.  If you want to have your same phone number forever though, this is something to consider.   (more…)

Google Voice Now Allows Phone Number Porting

We don’t know how long this will last or to how many users this option was made available, but Google Voice is currently allowing people to port over their phone numbers into their system.  What exactly does that mean?  That you can take your current phone number from say AT&T, port it into Google Voice, change to Verizon, forward the number they give you to Google Voice, and never have to tell your friends that you have a new number because it has been ported.  You can essentially “own” your phone number for the rest of your life.

In order to do this, you will have to pay a one-time $20 fee, but more importantly, may face termination fees from your current carrier.  I wouldn’t suggest that any of you do this right now, but instead wait until your contract is up.  At that time, it may be a good idea so that you can lock in your number forever, but again, NOT in the middle of a contract.

We’re seeing rumors suggesting that the option may have disappeared, but as you can see from the screenshot I just took 5 minutes ago, it is definitely still live.  If you are a Google Voice customer, then head into your account, choose Settings>Voice Settings>Change/Port to get started.

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Youtube, Google Voice and Voice Search Receive Updates (Updated)

Both Youtube and Google Voice saw updates today and are available in the market right now.  Neither are huge, but the Youtube app did enable commenting, subscription viewing from the main page plus some other performance tweaks.  The Google Voice update was just a bug fixer according to the description.

Update:  Voice Search update also just hit the market.  They improved connection errors and contact name recognition.  (Cheers Octo!)

Quite the week for Google I’d say.

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Google Voice Updated, Allows for Voicemail and Text Searching

Google Voice just received a much needed update that allows you to search through your voicemail transcripts and text messages.  As you can see from the shot above, you can now easily see how many times your writers spam your inbox…err.  (Hi Tato!)  As you would also expect from a search giant, this new feature works very well and a button for it has now replaced the “Settings” option you once received when hitting menu.

Update now for free in the market!

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New Google Voice With Widgets Made Official

The new Google Voice with widgets has gone official.  And actually everyone needs to update to this new version, including those that installed the leaked version from the G2 system dump that we posted last week.  For those not familiar, this update gives you 2 widgets which you can see in the screenie above.  A nice addition to one of the greatest apps ever invented.

Available in the market now.  Download Link

Source:  Google Voice Blog

Download: New Google Voice with Widgets

The new version of Google Voice which will be included with the T-Mobile G2 has been found in the system dump that’s out in the wild.  Who cares right?  Well it becomes news-worthy for the simple fact that this version comes packed with 2 widgets to drop on your homescreens, making your voice and texting addictions even more accessible.

Download:  googlevoice-

Install as you would any other .apk file.  It will upgrade your current Google Voice.

Source:  XDA Forums

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Google Voice Update Possibly Kills Unlimited Calling Trick?

One of our readers has pointed out that there is an update to Google Voice right now in the market, but it’s one you might want hold off from grabbing if you have been using GV to get unlimited free calls through your carrier.

The new update includes an assignment of “direct access numbers” to each call you make…

Until today, the Google Voice app had to make a request to the Google Voice server every time you wanted to make a call to send us the phone number you wanted to dial. Then the call would be connected via a Google Voice access number. With direct access numbers, we assign a unique phone number to every person you call. This means that we no longer need to use your data network to access the server each time you make a call, so calls will be placed much faster.

In theory, this means your outgoing call number will be different each time you make a call and will no longer allow you to place a dedicated one into your favorites list through your carrier.  This would remove your ability to place unlimited calls.

Is that really true though?

Tech pros, weigh in!

Source:  Google Mobile Blog

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