Google Voice Update on the Way, New ICS-Style Icon Included (Updated)

On the heels of the release of Google Chrome for Android, it appears as if Google Voice is also about to get a bump. The market won’t let you actually update the app just yet, but we can see that a new icon will at least be introduced. Will keep an eye on it.

Update:  If your market will not allow you to update, try this trick from reader fallingd0wn:

Pull up Google Voice in the web market on a PC.  It will show installed already on your phone, but click “Install” anyway.  You’ll get the updated version.

Update 2:  We have comparison shots of the new UI along with a feature for tablets called “Click-to-Call.”

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Will You Need Verizon’s Visual Voicemail App on Your Galaxy Nexus? Here You Go


Aside from My Verizon and Backup Assistant coming pre-loaded on the Verizon version of the Galaxy Nexus, it will essentially come bloatware-free. That means no visual voicemail app that has been included in every Verizon device for the last decade or so. If VVM is something you can’t live without, and refuse to switch to the greatest app on Earth (aka Google Voice), then you are in luck – Verizon has a VVM app available for you in the market that went live yesterday. Pretty screenshots from the LTE version of the phone included.

Market Link

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Google Voice Team Makes MMS Support Official: Working with Multiple Carriers, Hoping to Have Inbox Support Soon

Official. The Google Voice team just acknowledged the rumors from this morning that they have found a work-around for MMS (multimedia messaging service) messages. If you are a G-Voice user, you will need to cruise into Settings and choose the option under “Voicemail & Text” to “Forward text messages to my email:” to get this to work. That will allow your friends to send you MMS messages (pictures, video, etc.) and have them arrive in the email account that you have chosen to receive forwarded texts to. The plan is to have this become a part of your Google Voice inbox, but this will have to do for now.

This new feature is currently only available to Sprint customers. They are working with other mobile operators to bring it to everyone though, but that could take some time.

Via:  Google Voice Blog

Google Voice MMS Support Slowly Rolling Out? (Updated)

Update:  The Google Voice team has announced this feature. Full write-up here.

Die-hard users of Google Voice have long yearned for some MMS support. Things may be looking bright on the horizon as Google Voice is now starting to send notifications of incoming MMS messages through your email inbox. You won’t be receiving the message itself, but if you forwarding your texts to your email account, then you’ll receive an email notification of the message. That’s a step in the right direction.

Unfortunately this newest development only seems to be working on non-Verizon carriers at the moment, but we are hoping it makes its way to Big Red shortly. Kellex is the biggest user of G-Voice I know, so as soon as this feature hits Verizon, trust me when I say Droid Life readers will know first.

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Google Voice Update Fixes Bugs, Makes Reference to Making Calls Without Data (Updated)

So Google Voice received a pretty solid bug fixing update (UI enhancements too) this morning that improves notifications, eliminates that obnoxious need to press play twice in voicemails, and now warns you when you have no data connectivity.  It also mentions something about making calls without a data connection, but as far as we know, GV doesn’t make calls over data or does it?  We are officially confused.  Text messages are sent through data which is why they are not counted against your text plan, but phone calls are handled differently, aren’t they?  Hopefully this gets explained in a blog post some time today.

Reader Christiaan offers a solid explanation of this “no data” calling:

I’m pretty sure what they mean is that if you’ve called a phone number through Google Voice before, then your phone will remember what GV number to call to connect to.  The way it’s worked in the past is that every time you call a number through GV, your phone sends a data request to Google telling them the number you want to call, and Google sends back a number for your phone to actually call (a patch number).  Once your phone calls that patch number, Google’s servers then connect your through them to the actual number you want to call.

This new update will remember what the patch number is for each real number, so you won’t have to have data for previously called numbers.

Update:  The folks over at Android Police discovered that this version has basically been built for Honeycomb.  It may not say that it has full support in the market listing, nor can you load it directly from the market, but once you side load it onto a tablet you will see what we mean.  Tablet UI and a sweet new widget included.   (more…)

Google Voice Update Includes Battery Enhancement, Flash 10.3 Receives Support for OMAP4 Devices

One of the greatest apps on Earth, Google Voice, has an update available that should help to improve your battery life even though part of it also allows for your screen to stay on while listening to voicemails.  I know, it seems like two things that would work against each other, but you know what?  We’ll take Google Voice for its word, since it’s so awesome.   (more…)

Download: Google Voice for the Motorola XOOM

The Android community comes through yet again.  Actually, I should really change that to say, “XDA comes through again!”  For those of you with a Motorola XOOM that have been wanting Google Voice since day 1 and have somehow been living without it, you are now in luck.  After some really spotty instructions on how to get it working through a Titanium Backup were released over the weekend that had a 1% success rate, and 110% frustration rate, most of us had given up.  And then this morning, member sangreal06 modified a GV apk which works flawlessly and released it to the masses.

Download:  gv.4.2.13.fixed.apk (mirror)

To set up, you’ll need to add your XOOM’s phone number to your GV account and then walk-through the on-device set up.

Via:  XDA Forums

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Why the Lack of Google Voice on the XOOM? No Telephony of Course.

Opening the new Honeycomb market and searching for “Google Voice” was probably the first thing I did after grabbing my Motorola XOOM last Thursday and it was no where to be found.  Not being pleased with this discovery, especially knowing that my XOOM has a Verizon phone number tied to it, I started asking around on Twitter and apparently many of you found out the hard way as well.  And don’t bother sideloading it either, because it’ll force close on you.

When asked by one of our readers what the deal was, an Android Market rep had this to say…

Thanks for your note.  At this time, the Google Voice app is not compatible with your device because your device lacks the required telephony features.

Now, I totally understand that the device can’t make actual phone calls, but the silly little Galaxy Tab had Google Voice support.  As far as I know, no one was thinking about making calls on it, but for those of us that use GV to send texts, this was going to huge.  Sad, sad story.

To keep things positive though, we’re going to take his “at this time” comment and claim that we will one day have some sort of Google Voice on Honeycomb.  (Fingers firmly crossed.)

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