Google Music App Updated, Songs Can Now Be Deleted From SD Card

Everyone’s new favorite cloud streaming music app (Google Music) has an update available in the market that brings one major feature which was curiously missing from the start:  song deleting.  If you have been making songs available offline, you have been unable to remove them afterwards – well until now.  All you have to do us go back into your “Make available offline” settings and unpin whatever you want removed.  It should wipe them out of your cache folder after doing so.

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Google Music Beta Invites Start Rolling Out to the Masses

We first reported news that invites for Music Beta were being sent out to Motorola XOOM owners last week, but as of today, it’s looking like Google has opened the flood gates to almost everyone.  While I’ve been using the service for a week (and love it) thanks to an exclusive invite for attending Google I/O, another of my email addresses just received an invite.  Also, our very own Timotato just got his as well as a ton of our followers on Twitter.  It’s looking like a good day for music fans.  Check those inboxes!

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Music Beta by Google Launching at IO as a Cloud Storage Service, No Song Purchases Yet

All signs point to Google finally announcing the first piece to a music service this week as a cloud storage similar to what we’ve seen from Amazon.  According to reports, the service will be dubbed Music Beta by Google and will offer users enough space to load up to 20,000 of their songs into the “cloud” for free.  Yep, it crushes Amazon’s 1,000 song for free setup.  Motorola XOOM owners (Verizon version) will be one of the first sets of people to receive an invitation to Music Beta, while others will have to sign-up and hope to get an invite.

The tricky situation here is that Google is apparently proceeding to open this new cloud-based service without the consent of record labels just as Amazon did.  They’ve run into problems securing contracts, but they need to get this service up since we all know that Apple is preparing one of their own in the coming weeks.

We’re here in San Fran, so if this news drops, we’ll have it for you!

Via:  NY Times

Google Music Internal Testing has Begun?

According to “music industry sources,” Google has started internal testing of Google Music which has everyone speculating that the service is almost ready for prime time.  Employees are apparently running around using the service, one that resembles the mysterious syncing we saw from the leaked music app a few weeks ago.  There is a good chance though, that the final product will be much different.  (Wait, what product? Wasn’t it just a mysterious cloud syncing? Moving on…)  There is no telling when we could see the service debut, but this dog-fooding is usually a good sign that we’re close. (+1 for use of dog-fooding)

Maybe a Google I/O unveiling?  We can only hope.

Via:  CNET, Phandroid

Google Music Mysteriously Syncing to the Cloud on Android 2.3.3 ROMs

Remember the “Honeycomb” music app that leaked out back in December?  You know, the one that included a broken option to “Sync Music”?  It’s back in the spotlight today and for a good reason.  It appears to be finding a way to sync music to a mysterious Google Cloud on devices running Android 2.3.3.  This new active syncing was discovered over at XDA through user WhiteWidows who tested out the music app while running the latest CyanogenMod7 2.3.3 build.  Just after installing it, he received a permission request from Google Music and started digging deeper to see what was actually happening.

Once accepted, and the “Jumper” app that comes with the Honeycomb music app has been configured slightly, your phone will indeed start syncing your music…to somewhere.  WhiteWidows went as far as waiting for his entire music collection to sync, then removed his SD card and swapped it out with a blank one to see if he could still play his music.  Sure enough, he could. From the cloud.

There’s no telling where your music is going, but this gives some hope to the idea that Google’s Music service is just around the corner.  And after all, we are just 2 months from Google I/O, so hopefully the final bugs are being ironed out now and we’ll see some sort of epic unveiling on the 10th or 11th.

To test it out for yourself, grab either the latest CM7 nightly from ROM Manager or the new Bugless Beast that just came out today and give it a go.

After that, re-grab the “Honeycomb” music app here.  As you can see from the screenshots above, my original DROID running the new Bugless Beast GPA13 is indeed syncing right now.

Via:  XDA