FYI: Offline Maps Saved by Typing “OK Maps” in Google Maps, Latitude Retires August 9

offline maps

Moments after the new Google Maps v7.0 went live last night, the cries of “Where is Latitude!” and “What happened to offline maps?” spread throughout the internet crowds. Since Google had yet to push out a blog post detailing the new features of Google Maps prior to releasing the update, you can imagine that we were all scrambling and concerned. Now that a post has been issued, we have two bits of news – one good, one bad. Offline maps are indeed still there, but Latitude will retire on August 9.  (more…)

New Google Maps 7.0.0 Goes Live in Google Play, Here is the New UI We Saw at Google I/O

new google maps

Remember the new Google Maps app for Android that we saw previewed back at Google I/O? It went live this evening for both phones and tablets! Well sort of. As is typical since I/O, Google is using their staged rollout method of releasing app updates, so there is a pretty damn good chance that you can’t download it yet. Sucks, right? But anyways, the new Maps is here!  (more…)

Google Buys Waze Social Traffic Service, Hopes to Outsmart Traffic Together


Google announced this morning that it has acquired Waze, a GPS and social traffic application that updates routes and drive information in real-time thanks to a community of users. Through Google Play alone, it has anywhere from 10-50 million downloads, but is on iOS as well.

The app has voice navigation, shows community-contributed road alerts, learns from your frequently traveled routes, and can even find the cheapest gas station on your way. But it also takes on a social function, in that your friends can join Waze, and be seen as you all attend a concert or arrive for a dinner reservation.  (more…)

Google Maps for Mobile Gets Reworked, Coming to Android and iOS “This Summer”


Google tipped us off early this morning, aside from the leaks we saw previously, that Google Maps might be getting some love at this year’s I/O.  A preview build of the new Maps was shown on iOS and Android. It featured a new slimmed down look with a search bar that took you into a revamped reviews section that has a 5 star scale instead of the previous 4. Google Offers was also worked into this same space to make finding food and deals easy.  (more…)

New Google Maps Sign-up Page Goes Live Briefly, Reveals All Sorts of New Details

new maps1

A new version of Google Maps for the desktop was leaked last week showing a new look that provided a more full-screen experience while matching up to the Google Now-esque card style of other Google services. A release of this version seemed imminent, but most of us figured it would wait for a Google I/O unveiling. Tonight (the night before I/O), the sign-up for this new Google Maps was live briefly, giving us a glimpse at what we can expect when it officially goes live.  (more…)

Google Maps Overhaul Coming to the Web, Bye Bye Sidebar

new maps1

According to the folks at Google Operating System, Google Maps (the browser version) is about to get a major overhaul. The two images we have included in this post are reportedly screenshots of what the new interface will look like. As you can see, it’s a more full-screened experience, without the traditional sidebar for directions and search results. Results return on-screen and can even be tied to Google+ Circle recommendations (think friends’ restaurant recommendations). The color scheme has also been updated to match the style of the iOS Gmail app.

When first seeing this look, my mind – as it always does – ran to, “When is the mobile overhaul coming?!” But in reality, this is sort of how the mobile version of Maps works already, at least on bigger screens. You already get a full-screen experience because there is less screen real estate to work with in general on mobile devices. With that said, the look does come off as a bit more Google Now-ish, something we have seen from a number of Google apps over the last year. So in that sense, there is a chance that the mobile version is updated to at least match this look.  (more…)