Google Maps Updated to Version 6.11.1, Hopefully It Fixes HTC Rezound Reboot Issues

A Google Maps update to version 6.11.1 just went live in the Play store. It’s not clear yet if anything major was included, but we know that HTC Rezound owners have patiently been waiting for a fix after the last update. For those not familiar, the last Maps update was causing Rezounds and other HTC devices to reboot immediately after launching the app. To say it was an unfortunate situation is an understatement. The only way to fix the issue was to uninstall that last update and use an older build of Maps. Hopefully, this takes care of it.

If you own a Rezound, be sure to update and let us know how your device behaves afterwards.

Update:  According to the comments, this update does indeed fix the reboot issue for Rezound owners.

Update 2:  An official post with details for the update is now up. It sounds like biking directions and biking turn-by-turn navigation were also included along with the reboot fix.

Also, once an official changelog is posted, we will update this post.

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New Transit-inspired Version of Google Maps for Android is Available

Version 6.1.0 of Google Maps for Android is now available. Announced yesterday, this new build includes a transit page makeover, new transit options in the pulldown (not showing for me yet), more detailed My Places pages, and a Location History option. It also appears as if the standard icon for Maps in the app has been updated, but that doesn’t change functionality by any means. Another solid update.

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Google Maps Now has Schedules for More Than 1 Million Transit Stops, App Update Coming Today

Google announced today that you can find schedules for more than 1 million transit stops across the globe through Google Maps. Along with this announcement, they mentioned that an update to the Android Maps app (version 6.10) will arrive today, bringing with it a more polished UI for viewing said transit schedules. A new Transit layer accompanies the new schedule look as well, so that you can filter by bus, train, tram or subway.  (more…)

Google Maps Adds Live Traffic Support for Additional 130 Cities Across America

Google announced that it is to bring live and typical traffic support to roughly 130 smaller cities across America through Google Maps. In addition, they are also including even further support for areas in China, Brazil, Canada, and many other countries. Google didn’t post a list of every supported area, but did give this chart that shows traffic lights at every area that allows for the coverage. Thanks, Google.  (more…)

Google Releases Updates to Movies, Books, Chrome, Google+, YouTube and Maps

Many of Google’s applications are receiving major updates starting today. Maps now has the ability to store offline data, which means no more worrying about having to rely on a steady data connection to have in-depth and highly detailed maps wherever you are. Chrome, as we suspected earlier last week, has officially dropped its Beta tag. Google+ was a main point in their I/O presentation, with its new “Party Mode” and the ability to view feeds all from your notification bar in Jelly Bean. They also released the special tablet UI.

YouTube has received a complete UI overhaul, with navigation now happening on the left side of the screen and the ability to download videos over WiFi in the background for smooth playback while you’re on the go. Google’s Books app has received a few new features and you can now tap the top corner of a page to set a bookmark, along with video and audio playback when they’re embedded in the books.

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A Quick Look at iOS 6 and Its New Android Features

Whenever a new version of iOS is announced by Apple, we usually take a few minutes to look at the features that were highlighted and compare them to Android, since in many cases, Android users have been experiencing the “new” fun for years. With iOS 6, the same can be said again, but to give credit to Apple this time around, we have to point out that words like “reinvented” weren’t used much if at all. During today’s presentation at WWDC, Apple’s execs seemed to give off the impression that they knew they weren’t changing the game “again,” but were finally adding in features that should have been there long ago.

If you are reading tech blogs across the globe today who insist that iOS 6 is the greatest thing since Zapp’s Cajun Crawtator chips, we are here to show you that you can do all of this stuff now on your Android device and more.


Another Google Maps Car Involved In Collision, Second Incident in Past Month

We just received these images from a reader out in Virginia, who spotted this Google Maps car parked on the side of the road after what appears to be a small traffic collision. Interestingly enough, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen a Google Maps car trade paint with someone else on the road. From what we can see, this was rather minor in comparison, but we hope everyone is okay. (more…)