Sundar Pichai’s First Interview Talks “Different” Google I/O, Android Updates, Samsung Relationship, and Time Travel

sundar pichai

As we head into the week which features the most anticipated Android and Google-related event of the year, new Android boss Sundar Pichai finally sat down for his first interview since taking over the reigns of our favorite mobile operating system. In a short Q&A with Wired, Pichai talks through Google’s relationship with Samsung, shares thoughts on Facebook Home, and even mentions Motorola’s status as one of their partners. But most importantly, he talked Android updates and Google I/O, which he claims will be different this year, because there may not be many products to announce.  (more…)

Analyst Purportedly Reveals New Nexus 7 Specs – Snapdragon S4 Pro, High-res Display, and More for $199

nexus 7 retail

Google has long been rumored to release an updated version of its popular Nexus 7 tablet at this year’s I/O, however, specific spec details for this re-hashed tablet have mostly been scarce. Last night, details may have emerged thanks to KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. According to Kuo, the new Nexus 7 will indeed arrive at I/O next week along with a set of impressive specs, while retaining its ultra-affordable price tag.  (more…)

Google’s Official I/O Companion App Updated For 2013

IO2013 App

Last night, the official Google I/O application was updated for the 2013 year. Inside, there are a ton of great new goodies, including the ability to scan attendees apps via NFC, a lockscreen widget (Android 4.2+), dedicated HDMI out for livestreaming the keynote, and a whole lot more. The app is extremely polished, as one would hope for I/O, so if you happen to be going to the conference next week or will be watching the festivities from home, check it out on Google Play.  (more…)

Google I/O 2013 Predictions, Speculation, and Rumors: New Nexus Q, Android 4.3, Chrome Dongle, New Gmail, and More

io easter1

Google I/O 2013 is next week. Hard to believe, right? It seems like only a few weeks ago that we were freaking out as the Nexus 7, Nexus Q and Jelly bean (Android 4.1) were all being unveiled through Google Play as we were entering the day 1 keynote of 2012′s I/O. But here we are, almost a year removed from that event and six months out from Google’s cancelled winter event that was supposed to feature the Nexus 4, Nexus 10, new version of Jelly Bean (Android 4.2), and an updated HSPA+ version of the Nexus 7. So as we approach next week, we thought we should drop some of our own predictions, include a few rumors that are floating about, and even a few whispers that have entered our inbox over the last week or so.

Ready? Here is our list of Google I/O predictions.  (more…)

Google I/O 2013 Developer Sessions Schedule is Up

google io cats

Will you be attending Google I/O 2013 in San Francisco next month? If so, you might want to start looking at which sessions you will want to attend. In terms of what’s available, there are sessions spanning from Android and Chrome to developing for Google Glass and Google Wallet. There are over 120 choices to choose from, so start planning!

A couple of sessions stand out in particular to us, those being in relation to “Google Cloud Messaging” and a variety of others geared towards gaming. For weeks, we have reported on Google Babel and the possibility of a new gaming center for Android – this sessions could very well be clues to those becoming a reality.

It should be quite the good time.

Via: Google I/O 2013

Contest: 10 Tickets to Lookout’s Google I/O Party Up for Grabs! (Updated: Winners Picked)

lookout security android

Google I/O is approaching swiftly, so that means it’s time to fill up our calendars with evening activities, one of which seems to be Lookout Mobile Security’s party. Last year, they asked us to invite a big group of readers from Droid Life to join in on the fun (“fun” meaning free booze and prizes), and have once again asked that we do the same for another 10 members of the DL community.  (more…)

Weird Rumor: 32GB Nexus 4 With CDMA and LTE to be Announced at Google I/O?

LG Nexus 4

Rather than a Nexus 5 is there a chance that Google releases a new version of the Nexus 4 this summer? According to a new rumor that is making the rounds and appearing in our inbox far too often, this is the word on the dark, back alley, make-sure-you-have-a-tight-grip-on-your-purse, streets. The rumor is this – Google is going to release a new variant of the Nexus 4 with both CDMA and LTE radios inside, along with 32GB of storage. It’ll be unveiled at Google I/O in May. So, what do we think?  (more…)

Did You Get a Google I/O Ticket? (Updated: SOLD OUT)


Google I/O 2013 registration is open, for those interested. Well, it’s sort of open. From what we’re hearing, the process is not going smoothly once again. The registration page is timing out, users are finding “waiting” messages with no end, and Google Wallet is having all sorts of issues during checkout. It sounds like a complete mess again.

Update:  Google I/O is now sold out. That took less than 50 minutes.

sold out

So, for those of you who attempted to get one, did you? Feel free to weigh in with your experience.