Rumor: Google to Release Overhauled Stand-alone Camera App, Address All Sorts of Issues

I think it’s safe to say that for years, our biggest complaint about Nexus devices and stock Android has involved their cameras or camera apps. From a confusing menu system to a weird viewfinder experience, the camera app that Google has shipped over and over again is not great. Pair it with sensors that do not appear to have been optimized and you are left with frustrating results. We keep hoping that Google will fix one of its longest standing issues, but even a camera-specific update to the Nexus 5 in Android 4.4.1 didn’t quite do the trick.

According to a report out of Engadget, Google is on the verge of releasing a new camera app that should address a number of complaints, while also opening up new opportunities for both developers and non-Nexus devices.  (more…)

Nexus 10 Listing on Google Play Changes Status to “Coming Soon”

Google’s Nexus 10 tablet sold out on Google Play months ago, around the time of the Nexus 5′s introduction. Since, its store pages have almost always contained some form of “we are out of inventory” or “check back later,” like most Google products do when they sell out or are about to be replaced. Today, though, those listings changed and now say “Coming soon” in the area that typically lists out shipping info. The prices for the 16GB and 32GB are also back at $399 and $499, respectively.  (more…)

Google Looks to Hire Pokémon Master in Latest April Fools’ Gag

With April Fools’ taking place tomorrow, Google will look to continue its long running stand as the king of pranks. With tons of cash to spend on elaborate ideas, the company has become known for over-the-top jokes; featuring celebrities, fantastic videos, and a ton of custom software to go along with the schemes.

The latest prank from Google is the Pokémon Challenge, which is an attempt by the company to hire a “Pokémon Master.” In order to get the gig, folks from all over the world must explore their surroundings using Google Maps, capturing Pokémon. The first to “catch ‘em all” will win the position at Mountain View.  (more…)

Feature Request: Google, Don’t Make Music Listening on All Access an Individual Experience

Welcome to another edition of our feature requests. Last time, we asked Motorola to tweak its Active Display features to be a bit more like AcDisplay, to make things a bit easier to use. Today, our request focuses on Google Music All Access. We are humbly asking Google to let us get other people involved, because as The Beatles once said, we all get by with a little help from our friends.  (more…)

This is How Google Responds to a U.S. Search Warrant

Privacy. Privacy. Privacy. It’s such a painful topic to discuss. We hate it. The government hates it. Google hates it. You hate it. But it’s a hot item thanks to all of those just mentioned. As is such, Google needs to keep addressing your privacy in order to keep many of you using their services.

In their latest privacy-focused video, Google discusses how it handles U.S. search warrants that have been received from a criminal investigation on one of its users, while maintaing privacy. The video walks through the entire process from investigator to search warrant to judge to that warrant being served on Google. Once it hits Google, a number of people touch the warrant, deciding how much information is needed, if the warrant is too vague and needs to be sent back to investigators, and then if the user needs to be notified.

It’s worth a watch, criminals. (more…)

Google Music Now Allows Users to Upload Songs Through Chrome Browser

Since the launch of Google Music, the only way for users to upload music was through a separate desktop application. If you used that application, you might know that it’s not the most intuitive thing ever created, and sometimes, would bog down your entire computer while it uploaded tracks.

Today, Google is looking to fix this issue, with the release of a new Lab which allows for the uploading of songs right from your Chrome browser.  (more…)