Google’s Password Alert Helps Protect Your Google Password From Phishing Scams

Did you know that 2% of messages sent to Gmail accounts are attempts at tricking you into giving up your Google password? Not only that, but according to Google, 45% of the time, they work! So out of every 100 emails that roll through your Gmail inbox, 2 of them are phishing scams, and 1 of the 2 might get you to give up your password. Think about that for a second. That’s bad. Really bad.  (more…)

Google Launches Chrome Dev to Google Play, Live on the Bleeding Edge

Another version of Chrome has hit Google Play this afternoon, Chrome Dev. Much like Chrome Beta, which is still available at the time of this writing, the app’s description states “Live on the bleeding edge: Try out our latest features.”

So, if the Chrome Beta was not already buggy enough for you, Chrome Dev will allow you to have the latest features from Google ahead of anyone else, bugs and all.  (more…)

Google Launches Project Fi App to Google Play

For those here who are hoping to set up their Project Fi wireless accounts, you will definitely need the new Project Fi app that Google just launched onto Google Play. Honestly, we don’t think anyone is getting invites quite yet to try out the service, but with the release of this app, it is likely that folks who asked for an invite should receive them soon, given you live in an area that Google supports.  (more…)

Google Gives 70 New Apps Access to Google Now

Back in January, Google announced that it was allowing 3rd party apps to work with Google Now for the first time; 40 of them to be exact. This was huge news because it meant that your favorite non-Google apps could start to give you relevant, perfectly timed information in your Google Now stream just as you need it, in the way that Google attempts to do with transit info, the weather, and your travel plans. Today, they expanded the program by allowing another 70 new partners to get in on the fun.  (more…)