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google pixel really blue

Google’s Pixel Launcher Hits 1 Million Installs

Which probably also means they've only sold 1 million Pixel phones. After releasing a cool 8 months ago, that sure doesn't seem like very many phones. We know that Google has struggled to produce enough to meet what little demand there once was, but only a...
lg taimen

LG Might be Making the New Pixel XL

Following up on yesterday's news that the original 2nd gen Pixel XL (codenamed "muskie") had been cancelled and replaced, possibly by a larger "taimen" device that we first reported on, the folks at 9to5Google found a little nugget in the Google Issue Tracker...
android o 8.0.0

Android O is Officially Android 8.0

This isn't surprising, since Google told us a couple of years ago to expect a point change each year, but Android O is now officially Android 8.0. In the latest developer preview 3 that dropped today, we get confirmation of that.  There isn't really anything...