Toggle Your System Settings With Google Search Voice Commands

Using our voice to control a smartphone and tablet is a real treat, especially when considering how fast our mobile devices have evolved over the past few years. More specifically, Google Search and Google’s Voice Commands is evolving, and thanks to Lollipop, users can now toggle system settings (WiFi, Bluetooth, Flashlight) with nothing but their voice.  (more…)

Quick Tip: Set a Reminder for Daylight Saving Time in Google Now

If you are like me, you constantly forget about Daylight Saving time. Heck, I honestly can’t tell you why it is even implemented. Maybe I should Google it. Anyway, here is a quick tip for all of you.

Start up Google Now, then say, “Daylight Saving time.” Google will give you the dates and times for this year, then will also place a reminder button right below for you to save the event to Google Now. Hit this button to make sure you remember to reset all of your home’s clocks the day of.  (more…)

Report: Google to Revive Wallet, Partner With Carriers to Compete Against Apple Pay

A report from the Wall Street Journal claims Google is looking to revamp Google Wallet this year, making it a true competitor to Apple Pay. In order to do so, Google will go to great lengths, even offering US carriers a portion of revenue from mobile advertising in exchange for featuring the payment method prominently on all Android devices sold.  (more…)

YouTube Kids, a Child Friendly App, Launches for Android on Feb. 23

A kid friendly version of YouTube, called YouTube Kids, launches for Android on February 23, according to a USA Today report. In stats given from YouTube, the streaming site is becoming more of a family hotspot, so it is only natural that Google and YouTube would like to hide kids away from all of the evil things that take place on there. And by evil, I mean it. Have you read any YouTube comments recently? They cause cancer.  (more…)

Google Search Results on Mobile Now Include Carousel of Latest Stories

If you search for a topic or favorite website in Google Search from your phone, there is a pretty good chance that you will now be greeted by a scrolling list of the latest related stories. As can be seen in the clip below, Google has started offering up the “freshest, most relevant content” within a single website or topic grouped together in “one easy-to-scan place.”

Whether you are searching for Droid Life or want to check-in on the latest NBA trade rumors, the new search results are actually quite good. At the top, you get a specific website listing, but just under that, you can see all sorts of stories related to whatever you just searched for, all of which will have thumbnails and will take you directly to that story when tapped.

Great job on this one, Google.  (more…)