Google’s Voice Access App Allows for Complete Control With Just Your Voice

In an effort to improve access to technology for those with disabilities, Google is upgrading its set of accessibility tools available across multiple platforms. The largest of which, at least in our opinion, is the availability of a new Voice Access app on Google Play. Currently downloadable via a beta, Voice Access allows users to control all aspects of their smartphone by speaking simple commands. You can swipe across your screen, open apps, and send messages all by using your voice.  (more…)

DEAL: Nexus 5X 16GB is Just $229 Today at eBay ($120 Off)

The Nexus 5X, the smaller new Nexus from Google that lives on the affordable side, is available today at eBay for a ridiculously low price of $229. That’s $120 off, by the way.

This particular phone is version H791, which is actually the international or euro version, so that means you probably can’t use this phone on Verizon or Sprint. It’s essentially an unlocked GSM phone, with all supported bands for T-Mobile and AT&T. Sorry, CDMA folks.

Still, if you want a Nexus and are on AT&T or T-Mobile, talk about a hell of a deal.

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Google Confirms End of Google Wallet Card on June 30

Monday’s report of the Google Wallet Card reaching end-of-life status is now confirmed. Moments ago, Google sent out emails to Google Wallet Card owners, notifying them of the June 30 stoppage, which will result in their physical Wallet Card no longer working.

Google notes that the Google Wallet Card will work up until June 30, but that users won’t be able to load any new money on it after May 1. If another user sends you money after May 1, you’ll still see that cash, though.  (more…)

Google Intros VR View for Developers, Easily Embed VR Content in Apps and on the Web

There is currently no shortage of content for VR, but at the moment, experiencing that content from the user standpoint can be somewhat limited. Google is looking to change this with the introduction of VR View. With this, developers of apps on Android and iOS, as well as developers for desktop, can easily implement immersive experiences for all of their users to enjoy.

For example, if you created a real estate app, how cool would it be to allow for users to get a 360-degree view of that kitchen from right inside of an app, instead of describing it with words. Or for travel destinations, sharing 360-degree views of the beach, instead of stating, “ocean views.” As Google puts it, it can turn a meh experience into a magical experience.  (more…)

Nat and Lo Give Us the Skinny on the Updated Voice in Google Search

As you may have seen over the past week, the voice for Google Search has been getting updated for many users. It’s more clear, and at times, the way it speaks sounds very much as if you were speaking in real-time to another human being. Of course, that’s because at one point, the words you are hearing were previously recorded by an actual human voice actor. With countless hours of work, thousands of sentences are spliced and stitched together, allowing Google to have its search engine say whatever it needs to, in a way that comes off naturally.  (more…)

Google’s Calculator App Hits Google Play, Brings Android Wear Support

Google’s own Calculator application is now available for downloading on Google Play onto any Android device you have, allowing Google to send updates and new features more quickly to your device for the app. For the longest time, the Calculator app has been baked into the system, as it is on nearly every mobile phone ever made, but this continues Google’s work to strip out most apps and have them available right from Google Play.  (more…)

Report: AT&T Might Sell a Bloatware-Infested Cyanogen-Powered ZTE Phone

According to a report out of The Information, AT&T is looking into a Cyanogen-powered phone, because it thinks that Cyanogen could make a compelling Android-alternative option to its customers. That may be better put as, AT&T thinks that by partnering with Cyanogen, it can load up even more garbage bloatware on phones to help push you into their other services, like DirecTV.  (more…)