Android M Feature: Google Cleans Up “Storage & USB” Menu, Adds Quicker File Manager Access

In the Android M Preview 1, Google introduced a tweaked Storage manager to simplify the experience from preview Android builds. In the new Android M Preview 2 they went ahead and continued the overhaul, this time going with a very minimal styling that also gives you quicker access to Android’s built-in file manager. They also renamed the setting to “Storage & USB.”  (more…)

Google Includes Google Now on Tap in Android M Preview 2…Sort Of

We didn’t think Google was going to bring out Google Now on Tap until the final preview build of Android M was released, but in this new Preview 2, they appear to be gearing up to let us either test it or are just setting up for that final preview. We say that because we are seeing a setting to enable and then opt-in to Google Now on Tap as I type this.  (more…)

Android M Feature: Google Already Tweaked Preview 1’s Odd App Drawer

We are just now diving into the new Android M Preview 2 that was released moments ago, but already, some things are standing out that have been tweaked. Everyone remember the vertically scrolling, alphabet-heavy app drawer that was included in Preview 1? Google already changed it quite significantly. We aren’t sure if they changed it over the criticism others placed upon it, or if that was simply a test of one layout before another test of a newly  tweaked layout began.  (more…)

Google Makes Editing and Reviewing Easier in Docs, Sheets, and Slides on Android

During yesterday’s #updatewednesday, where we didn’t see the update to Hangouts 4.0, we did get updates to Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets that should improve the experience for those who spend days in documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.

Google made it easier for users to edit titles or rename files directly from the overflow menu, added the ability to change slide layouts to predefined layouts on mobile, and gave people the commenting power when in “Office Compatibility Mode” in the Docs app.  (more…)

I’m Using the Nexus 6 Right Now…and Dammit, I Kind of Like It

I reviewed the Nexus 6 some eight months ago now, saying that it was the best Nexus yet and that everyone should try to get their hands on it at some point to see if they could handle the whale-like size. That was one of the last times I spent serious time with “shamu,” because for me, this big of a phone is just too much to handle. And not only that, but the Galaxy S6 arrived shortly after, a phone that I still would consider to be the best phone you can currently buy.

Over the last couple of weeks, though, something happened to my T-Mobile Galaxy S6. It has become a total lagfest of a disaster that needs constant reboots and RAM wipes and task kills in order to function. I don’t know why this is happening, but I’m leaning towards blaming the Android 5.1.1 update that it received in mid-June. My unlocked Galaxy S6 that is still on 5.0.2 seems to be fine.

Because of the recent frustrations that the Galaxy S6 gods have pushed down upon me, I’ve found myself firing up a Nexus 6. I couldn’t tell you what brought me this way instead of to the G4 or Moto X or variety of other phones on my desk (that’s a lie, I’m about to tell you why), but this is where I’m at. And you know what, as big of a sea creature as this may be, I’m kind of liking it at the moment. Like, really liking it.  (more…)

Chromecast Gets an Ethernet Adapter for Those Spotty WiFi Rooms in Your House

You know how your Chromecast is tucked behind your TV, in a basement family room, far away from your wireless router, and so its connection typically isn’t the best? Google wants to fix that with a power source for the Chromecast that doubles as an ethernet adapter.

The accessory popped up today on the Google Store, but has since sold out (or was pulled by Google). Assuming it shows up again with stock, Google wants $15 for it. That’s not a terrible price for a power/ethernet adapter, but it seems a bit crazy knowing that the actual Chromecast unit runs just $35.

Anyone interested? If so, we’ll be sure to let you know when it’s back in stock. (more…)