Google Adds Health Info to Knowledge Graph, Quick Search Answers Your Health Questions

Think of the last time you saw a Cialis commercial and wondered, “Am I suffering from erectile dysfunction?” Within the next couple of days, you can save your marriage and find the answer to that question by asking Google! Thanks to the “Google app,” which is really just Google Search, you will be able to ask all sorts of health-related questions and receive beautiful laid out answers through the Knowledge Graph(more…)

Google Acquires Odysee Photo and Video Storage Provider, Team Joins Google+

Odysee, a photo and video storage/sharing service which had an iOS and Android app, were acquired by Google this week, with the future of the service now taking place on the Google+ team.

Users of the application received a message this morning, stating that service would come to a halt on February 23. If you do have photos and videos on the service, don’t worry, as they are not yet disappearing. For the time being, once the shutdown date comes, users can download an archive of their content for safekeeping.  (more…)

Google Eyeing Virtual Help Desks at Retail Locations, Has Been Testing in Google Play Since November

The idea of a Google retail location would be nice, but since the company does not really have much to sell (besides a couple Nexus devices), we are afraid it might be a waste of rent. However, the company is reportedly working on two things currently, one of which has already been under testing since last November.

According to TechCrunch, Google may want to bring virtual help desks to retail locations in places where their products are for sale. As purely an example, since no retailers have been rumored yet, picture a kiosk inside of a Best Buy, where you can chat via Hangouts with a trained Google rep who can go over products such as the Nexus 9 or a Chromebook with you before purchasing.  (more…)

Google and Mattel Hosting NYC Event February 13, Plan to Intro New Product

Google and Mattel are sending out invites to a special product announcement taking place February 13 in NYC, hosted during an annual toy convention. While nothing points to this unveiling as being Android related, the inclusion of View Master-like film at the top of the invite lends credit to the possibility that Google and Mattel intend to release something related to virtual reality.  (more…)

Report: Thanks to New Deal, Tweets Will Instantly Appear in Google Search Results

A report from Bloomberg claims Google and Twitter have reached an agreement, and in the first half of 2015, tweets will be searchable through Google Search as soon as they hit timelines. While not yet publicly announced, it is said that Twitter hopes this deal will bring more non-users to the service, ultimately getting more people to sign up.  (more…)

Google Reportedly Working on Entirely New Version of Google Glass, Will Have Zero Public Experimentation

According to a report from The New York Times, which dives into high detail of the history surrounding Google Glass, including its founding in Google X, as well as Sergey Brin’s affair which ultimately led to its death earlier this year, Glass is not dead. While the story is long, it is nowhere near finished, as Google now has two new people at its helm, hoping to release a new version of Google Glass sometime down the road.  (more…)