Google Opinion Rewards Launches Today in Canada, Australia and the UK

Were you intrigued by the launch of Google’s Opinion Rewards app, but unable to get in on the action due to your location? The small, yet awesome survey app that Google launched a few months ago has gone through more testing, and is now ready to branch out farther into the world.

When it was first introduced, Google was apparently only interested in the survey answers from the U.S. Today, however, the app expands to 3 more countries; Canada, Australia, and the UK. Once signing up and giving Google a few bits of information about yourself (age, sex, and occupation), you can start taking surveys that will get you credit to use on Google Play.  (more…)

Report: Google Could Launch Own Wireless Service in Fiber Cities, as MVNO Partner With Verizon

First it was with Dish, then Sprint, and now Verizon – Google has apparently had talks with almost everyone to potentially launch its own wireless network. According to a new report out of The Information, Big Red and Google chatted most recently about the Mountain View search giant using its network as an MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) in cities where Google sells its Fiber at-home internet. That would be awesome, except Fiber is currently only in two markets.  (more…)

SwiftKey Update Brings Google+, Evernote Personalization

If you use SwiftKey and are as horrible a touch typist as I am, you’ll be extremely pleased to hear that the makers of the venerable third-party keyboard for Android are rolling out features to improve typing predictions and autocorrect.

Updated personalization options within SwiftKey version 4.4.5 allow the app to collect typographical data from Google+ public posts and Evernote archives, much in the same way as Google’s most recent Keyboard release. The app goes one step further for owners of iOS devices; if you have SwiftKey Note connected to Evernote, the app will now also glean typographical information from that. (more…)

Google Keep Updated, Brings Searchable Images and Updated Interface

Google Keep, Mountain View’s proprietary note-taking application, received an update today on Android devices. The update brings a newly-polished user interface, much like we have been seeing on many other Google applications.

In addition to an updated look, users can now search text within images, allowing for an even better archivable/searchable database of notes and lists. List Settings have been added, which allows users to select where lists and notes are placed.  (more…)

Google Reportedly Readies New UI for Android Gmail Users

We know a few folks around these parts that would go so far as to say Android is somehow the step child to Google. With their apparent love for iOS, showering of Apple’s users with gifts of gorgeous UIs, and Hangouts with Google Voice built-in, it’s easy to see that in no way does Google discriminate against people who don’t rock Android as their daily driver.

If you use Google services, whether on Android or not, you best believe their teams will attempt to deliver a good user experience. For quite some time now, iOS users of Gmail have been treated to a fancy UI, with Android still rocking a mildly-ugly interface for the email service. According to Geek, who posted up screenshots of an upcoming Gmail build, it looks like Android users are in for the same UI treat, finally.  (more…)