Android Wear Receives Major Update – Watch Face API Now Live, New App, Tons of Improvements

Android Wear is receiving a major update that begins rollout today. Alongside the update, developers are being given full access to the Watch Face API, which means that we will all soon enjoy legitimate watch face apps instead of the janky work-around solutions we have dealt with since the beginning of Android Wear. Outside of the new API, a list of new features and UI tweaks are here to improve the experience.  (more…)

Quick Look: Spigen Thin Fit and Ultra Hybrid Nexus 6 Cases

With the arrival of the Nexus 6, accessory makers like Spigen are doing their best to try and win over your money by offering up whale-sized forms of protection in a variety of shapes. We happen to have all of Spigen’s Nexus 6 case line-up in house, have gone through each behind the scenes, and finally narrowed the lot down to two in particular that we wanted to highlight for you as options that would we potentially consider on our own.  (more…)

Android Studio 1.0 Released by Google for Developers, Should Make for Better App Building Environment

To make developing for Android even easier, and a bit more pretty, Google released Android Studio 1.0 this morning, giving developers all of the tools, and then some, to create the most stunning applications.

With built-in templates, access to Google Cloud Services, and instant performance analysis, you will go from creating easy Kitty apps to building the next masterpiece for everyone to enjoy. Getting started is easy, as Studio 1.0 makes sure your SDK is always up to date, as well as having plenty of guides built in to make sure you never miss a line of code.  (more…)

Smart Lock Coming to Chromebooks, Unlock Your Chromebook With Your Android Device

After an upcoming update to Chrome OS, owners of a Chromebook who also run an Android device with the latest version of the OS (Lollipop), will be able to unlock their laptops without needing to punch in any passwords. Thanks to a feature called Smart Lock, you can set up your Android device as a wireless key to your Chromebook, meaning no more time wasted trying to log in to your device.  (more…)

YouTube Gets Its Material Design Update With Version 6.0.11

YouTube is the latest in Google’s suite of apps to be blessed with a Material Design makeover. The app was updated this afternoon with a fresh coat of intensely red paint, improved navigation panel, and updated colors throughout. We haven’t found much new in terms of functionality, so this may just be the update to bring the look of YouTube in line with the rest of Google’s apps (outside of Hangouts).

The app is slowly rolling out through Google Play, as is the case with most Google apps these days, so if you don’t see it in your My Apps section with an update available, feel free to sideload it using the link below.

Oh, and have you subscribed to us on YouTube yet? The DL channel is growing faster than ever. Subscribe here(more…)

Google Glass v2.0 Heads Through USPTO, Features Slimmer Design

An updated look for Google Glass appears to have stopped by the USPTO, featuring a slimmer, less bulky design. From the outside, it is rather hard to decipher what Google’s intentions are with the Glass project. Last time we checked, Explorer Edition units are still on Google Play for a whopping $1500, with public release timeframes coming and going throughout 2014.

Could it be that Google is just waiting for version 2.0 to give it a true public release and reasonable pricing?  (more…)

Google’s App Suite Getting Updated, Includes Updates for Gmail, Maps, and Play Music

A gang of updates are hitting Google Play this morning, covering a large part of Google’s entire suite of apps. Included are updates for Maps, Google+, Play Music, Search, Gmail, and more.

While the updates are hitting devices, there is still little detail as to what is inside, but since all of these apps have received Material Design makeovers, you should not expect anything too fancy. If anything, it is minor bug fixing and tweaks. If you spot something serious, let us know below.  (more…)