Google May Have Third, Larger Phone in the Works Under Codename “Taimen”

Yesterday, a report suggested that Google has codenamed the upcoming 2017 Pixel devices “muskie” and “walleye.” Today, I’d like to expand that conversation by tossing out a third device under codename “taimen.” The existence of the name and device comes to us via multiple sources, though the exact details of it are scarce.

Here is what we know.  (more…)

New Google Pixel Phones Might be Codenamed “Muskie” and “Walleye”

Google’s hardware team(s), or the team(s) that work on making Nexus (and now Pixel) devices, are big fans of sea creatures. We know this because they always codename upcoming hardware products with fish or aquatic life names. Like this. This. This. You get the point. Even last year’s Pixel phones were codenamed “marlin” and “sailfish.” So it only makes sense that upcoming Pixel devices for 2017 would continue the trend, right?  (more…)

Google Carrier Services Update Showed Up Today – What is It?

Let me guess, you got an update to Carrier Services on your Android phone today? You are not alone! Our Twitter feed and inbox are pretty filled up with a whole bunch of confused people. What is Carrier Services? Is this a CIA spy tool? What’s with the 2009 screenshots in the app listing? What. Is. Going. On.

Well, the app’s “What’s New” area doesn’t tell us much other than the update includes “Lots of new features, and a couple bug fixes.” But if you jump through to the description, Google reveals that Carrier Services “helps carriers provide mobile services using the latest networking capabilities.” More importantly, Carrier Services “includes support for enhanced features in the Android Messages app.” Ah, ha!  (more…)

Google Goes All-In With Hangouts as a Business Tool, Breaks It Into Two Apps: Meet and Chat

Hey, I’ve got Hangouts news for you! Will you like the news? That depends! Will you be 100% f*cking confused by it? That also depends! Let’s talk about it! Exclamation point!

Today, at Google Cloud’s Next conference, the company announced the future of Hangouts. As you all know, Hangouts has basically been put on the backburner as a consumer product with Allo in the wild now. During the day’s keynote, they tried to clean-up what is to come and that’s Hangouts becoming two products: Meet and Chat.

Ready for this fun?  (more…)