Google’s Clock App Lands on Google Play for All to Install

The stock Clock app from Google, with all its Material Design goodness, is now available for all to install on Google Play.

This Clock app has been updated regularly over the years as new version of Android have been introduced. It has always seemed like one of the first places Google goes to test new design ideas. With this Clock, you get the full Material Design treatment, like rippling touches, smooth transitions, floating buttons with subtle shadows, and cute little animations.  (more…)

Moto 360 is Finally Getting Its Android Wear Update to Android 5.1.1

According to Googler Wayne Piekarski, a developer advocate who focuses on Android Wear, the big Android 5.1.1 update for the Moto 360 is finally ready. The update will start rolling out to units today, but as you are all well aware, these updates take time to reach everyone. The update will hit only a handful of devices today before gradually increasing its reach over the next few days or weeks.  (more…)

Nest Introduces New Protect and Cam, Updates Software for Thermostat and Apps

Nest just exited the stage at their scheduled press event for today, announcing all sorts of new stuff that Nest fans will most certainly enjoy. They refreshed their entire product line, in case you were wondering. That means they showed off the all new Nest Cam, a 2nd generation Nest Protect, new software for the Thermostat, and a brand new app for Android and iOS.

I’ll try and recap the big stuff, but I highly recommend you dive into the press release below, because there is more stuff in there than I can even talk about without spending my entire day on Nest.  (more…)

Report: Huawei Employee Confirms Nexus Plans, to Launch Later This Year

Even though alleged specs have been floating around for what seems like months, any type of actual confirmation regarding a Huawei-made Nexus device has been rather limited. However, we have new information this week, as a Huawei UK employee has anonymously reached out to the International Business Times, reportedly confirming the company’s partnership with Google in creation of a Nexus smartphone.  (more…)

Google Adds Nutrition Info for Popular Restaurant Chain Items

In a behind-the-scenes update, Google recently added nutrition info for menu items on some of the most popular restaurant chains you frequently visit. From McDonald’s or Wendy’s to TGIFriday’s or Chipotle, all you need to do is search for the restaurant name and “nutrition” on your phone (“chipotle nutrition”) and Google will give you the restaurant’s entire menu, along with listings of items and a quick calorie count.  (more…)

DEAL: Nexus 6 32GB for $440 on eBay!

Whoa. $440 for a brand new 32GB Nexus 6? You may want to jump on this deal at eBay before the “limited quantity” is gone. The deal has been live for a couple of hours, and with that price, it may not last long.

This is version XT1103, which is the US model that will work on every major carrier here. It comes in a factory sealed package and in midnight blue.

At $440, you are looking at a discount of $210 off the original $650 price. Granted, Google has slashed the price to $500 in recent weeks, so the discount isn’t quite as good as it would have been a month ago. Still, $60 is $60.

Free shipping is included.

EBAY LINK  (more…)