Google’s Project Treble Might Actually Fix Slow Android Updates

It’s no secret that Google’s partners have almost always been terrible at updating their devices to the newest versions of Android. They either take forever to do so, are constantly versions behind, or give-up on updates altogether as devices age and they struggle to justify the cost and time involved in getting them ready. Google thinks it finally has the solution for updates with something called Project Treble that will arrive first in Android O(more…)

Galaxy S8 is Super Cool, But…

I’m still using the regular Google Pixel on that daily grind.

Samsung made a phone that I just told you was the best phone you could buy today. The Galaxy S8 (and S8+) still is, in my opinion. Nothing has changed on that front. It’s just not the phone for me. Even as iPhone-ish as this small Google Pixel is, with its ugly face and weird backside, it’s the Android phone that does the things I need it to in the best possible way.  (more…)

Google’s Other In-The-Works Fuchsia OS Gets a UI Preview of Sorts

Google is working on a third operating system called Fuchsia. This is something separate from Android and Chrome OS that isn’t based on Linux and is essentially an all-Google product from top to bottom it seems. It’s kind of been around since last August, but recently was updated on some level with UI elements that give us a preview of what Google is up to here.

I’m not really sure where to start because there is a lot to talk about, but the basics are as follows. Fuchsia is built on Google’s own kernel called “Magenta,” while the interface and apps are written in Google’s Flutter SDK (with Google’s Dart), a Vulkan-based graphics renderer called “Escher,” and all sorts of Google’s Material Design. It’s all Google, folks, something that can’t be said for Android.  (more…)

Google: Nougat Beta Concluded, Android O Beta Coming Soon

Google I/O kicks off next week and we’re sure to learn quite a lot about the next major update to Android – Android O. Not only will we learn more, but it seems reasonable to believe Google will launch a usable beta for Android O, too. As posted on the Android Beta Program website, the official Nougat beta has concluded, but an official Android O beta is “coming soon.” (more…)