Google’s Wireless Service Might Include Free International Coverage

According to sources of the UK’s The Telegraph, Google has been in talks with mobile operator Three over allowing Americans to use phones abroad at no extra cost if they are signed up with Google’s yet-to-be-announced-but-very-confirmed wireless service. As you all know, taking your US carrier-attached phone overseas isn’t cheap. Calls and data when out of the US can cost multiple arms and legs from the typical US carrier, so it sort of makes sense if you think about Google doing something that would shake up on aspect of the wireless industry.


Google Wallet for Android Gets Maps Integration, Search Tool to Find Transactions

A Google Wallet update is rolling out today on Android that introduces two new features – maps and locations of transactions on receipt pages, and a search tool to help you find transactions.

On receipt pages, if available, you will see full Google Maps imagery that when tapped, will load up that exact location. The idea here is to not only keep track of your purchases, but also to identify those that look suspicious. As for the search tool, from the transactions page, you can now search for things like merchant name, item purchased, or other related keywords.

The update is live for most, so be sure to grab it.  (more…)

Google Updates News and Weather App, Includes “Suggested For You” Stories

Google’s News and Weather application, which is rather self explanatory, got a new update this morning that allows the app to show you suggested news stories in your newsfeed.

As for stories it will suggest, it seems to show stories related to things you have searched for before. For example, on my feed, I get a lot of Google, Kevin Durant, and Android-related stories. If you search for a lot of movies, Barbie dolls, and Godzilla, then you can expect to see suggested stories covering those topics.  (more…)

Google: Fewer Than 1% of Android Devices had Malware Installed in 2014

This morning, Google posted an “Android Security State of the Union” report for 2014 that paints a picture of a situation that is far different from the one sensationalist media, security companies, and Apple would have you believe. According to Google, fewer than 1% of Android devices across the globe contained a Potentially Harmful App (PHA) during 2014. In other words, cases of malware showing up on Android devices are incredibly rare.  (more…)

Our April Fools’ Day 2015 Round-Up – Google, Samsung, and More

First of all, today is April Fools’ Day. Don’t believe anything that happens in the next 24 hours, especially anything that appears on the internet. Today is both entertaining as hell, and also the most annoying day on Earth every single year. Companies like Google started in on the jokes yesterday and haven’t stopped yet this morning. Some are good – others, not so much. But hey, it’s all in good fun (until we can’t take it anymore and want it to be April 2).

Second, we have a rolling post of some of the better April Fools’ pranks over here. We started it yesterday and will continue to add to it throughout as more good ones arrive.

Finally, if you can’t take a bit of sarcasm and fun and lightheartedness, and find yourself just criticizing April Fools’ Day like a crusty old blogger, just go back to bed and wake up tomorrow.  (more…)