Google’s ‘Android Things’ Makes Building Connected Devices Much Easier

I believe it was two years ago, the main theme around CES and the showroom floor was IoT (Internet of Things). While every company discussed IoT and the endless possibilities, it seems that the industry has taken a large sized chill pill on the buzzacronym. Today, though, Google is bringing it back, releasing a Developer Preview of Android Things, a comprehensive way to build IoT products with the power of Android.  (more…)

Google Store Opens Up Pixel and Pixel XL Orders Again, But With Some Delayed Shipping Times

I wish I was writing to tell you that Google was offering a $50 or $100 discount to its Pixel phones, but instead I’m just here to tell you that you can order them again. I know, that’s not exactly ground-breaking news, but Google Store orders of the Pixel XL in particular haven’t exactly been there for weeks outside of a few short pop-ups. Today, both the Pixel and Pixel XL can be ordered again from Google, though there are some wait times on the XL.  (more…)

Google Adds Rogers to the List of Carriers Using Messenger for RCS Messaging

A little over a month after Google announced that it had teamed up with Sprint to bring RCS (Rich Communications Services) to its customers via the Google Messenger app, Google has now announced the same for Rogers in Canada. Starting today, some Rogers customers will already get access to the enhanced messaging experience that RCS brings.  (more…)

Google Appears to be Renaming Google Keyboard to Gboard With Update to V6.0

Remember Google’s Gboard app for iOS that released earlier in the year? We loved Gboard and hoped it would come to Android because it put the power of Google Search directly in your keyboard. Sure, we now have Google Assistant on select devices and in select apps, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a number of people out there who would still love to have that integration. Today, that may happen as Google appears ready to rename Google Keyboard to Gboard as it releases version 6.0 to Android.  (more…)

DEAL: Save $100 on Pixel C 64GB ($499), $50 on Detachable Keyboard ($99)

For those in the market of an Android tablet, the Pixel C is one of the better options. Yes, it is priced quite high, but you are getting one of the more premium tablet experiences available to Android users, especially if you opt to grab a Pixel C Keyboard, too.

To help combat that high price, Google is hosting a limited-time sale on the Pixel C and its detachable keyboard. Right now, you can grab the Pixel C in 64GB for just $499, which is $100 off. The keyboard is also on sale at $99, down by $50. This brings your total to $598.  (more…)