Android L Might Let You Customize Your Quick Settings Drop Down on Official Release

If you have been following our coverage of Android L since its announcement at Google I/O this year, you will already know that we are pretty big fans of the new Quick Settings Panel. The new layout and design of the feature makes it easier to use and looks much better than it has on any version of Android we are running now. The only way we could be bigger fans of the QSP is if we could customize it. Apparently, Google is one step ahead of us.  (more…)

Report: Samsung Ditching KNOX in Favor of Google Taking Over Android Security

The last news that we heard in regard to KNOX, Samsung’s answer for a secure Android platform, was that it had just gotten approval from the American government for use by government officials. After receiving such a vote of confidence, it looked like KNOX was on its way to being something we could see more of, but today’s report points to Samsung ditching the project all together.  (more…)

Gmail Update to Version 4.9 Brings Streamlined Google Drive Attachment Feature

A new update to Gmail brings a streamlined Google Drive file attachment feature, which should make sharing files from your account to another person a few seconds faster.

Before, users would hit “attach file” through an email draft, then select to share a file from Google Drive. Then, they would browse their Drive folders to find the file which they wanted to share. Now, users can select “Insert from Drive,” from the email draft,  completely skipping the part of attaching a file from within Drive. Convenient.  (more…)

Android Distribution Updated for July 2014 – Kit Kat Now at 18%

Google updated its Android distribution numbers this afternoon, showing yet another steady increase to 18% of the Android user base being Kit Kat users. Last month, Kit Kat – the most recent version of Android available to the public – was listed at about 14%, still way behind Jelly Bean with 58%.

This month, not too much has changed, as Jelly Bean still commands the field at 56.5%. While a minor decrease is taking place in Jelly Bean’s numbers, it’s basically at a snail’s pace.  (more…)

More HTC Volantis Details Leak (Updated)

Update:  Ignore. This was fake; @evleaks got “hoaxed.”

Talk of Google’s next Nexus tablet, codenamed Volantis, has been heating up over the past month. Back in June, the world received what it thought was an early render and specifications for the device, aka the Nexus 9, but according to sources of @evleaks, that initial report was inaccurate.

From what @evleaks states, Google is currently testing an HTC-made super tablet, which could be released with ridiculous specifications.  (more…)

Google Acquires Songza to Make Google Music Better, Other Products Too

Google announced this afternoon – oddly at the same time that the USA’s World Cup match started – that they had acquired Songza, a music service that uses “contextual expert-curated playlists to give you the right music at the right time.”

The goal for the future is to find ways to bring Songza tech to Google Play Music, YouTube, and other Google Products. For now, Songza remains the same and is available on Google Play and iOS.

Fans of Songza? Tell me why you love it.  (more…)