An Update on Hangouts and Google Voice Integration, It’s Going to Take Some Time

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After Google announced this week that Hangouts for Android would finally have SMS support, the immediate two reactions were, “What about MMS?” and “What about Google Voice?” We know now that MMS support is coming as well, but the move to integrate Google Voice appears to be a bit trickier. In a post to G+, Nikhyl Singhal (Google’s product manager of Hangouts) talked about a hurdle that needs to be dealt with before they can securely merge Voice with Hangouts on Android. In other words, it’s going to take more time.  (more…)

Hangouts on iOS Gets Google Voice and Call Integration Before Android

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Not that I wanted to set you off on your weekend way with irritating news, but yes, the iOS Google Hangouts app just received an update that allows it to make and receive phone calls. The update doesn’t incorporate SMS or MMS or voicemail, but does allow you to place calls using your Google Voice number (should you have one) and receive them via Hangouts. We still don’t have this type of integration yet on Android, which is incredibly weird to say since again, this is from the company that controls Android(more…)

Google Voice Receives Update on Android…Support for Short Codes and Bug Fixes

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Google Voice, an app we are expecting to see the death of at any minute as Google merges its functionality into Hangouts, received an update today. It’s minor. Like, super minor. The changelog has already been updated, showing that the app now adds warnings when someone attempts to send text messages to 911. It also supports new short codes and fixes bugs. That’s it.  (more…)

Sliding Messaging Updated to Incorporate Google Voice Support

Sliding Messaging

Our favorite messaging application, Sliding Messaging, received a very important update this week, beginning its complete support and integration of Google Voice. In the update, texts can now be sent directly through the app from your Google Voice number. The developer is currently working on being able to receive Voice texts through the app, but it’s not quite there yet.  (more…)

You Can Now Make Calls in Google Hangouts, Continues to be the Future of Google Voice

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This afternoon, Google announced that making calls through Hangouts will go live over the next couple of days. Since the move from Google Talk to Hangouts happened shortly after Google I/O, we’ve been anxiously awaiting the return of calling through Gmail. To make up for the wait, Google has gone ahead and made calling “better than before.”  (more…)

Koush Gets Google Voice Working Through Any SMS App on Cyanogenmod, Available for Download

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Google Voice, while an amazing concept and at times brilliant product, has been neglected by Google for the last couple of years and is for the most part incredibly frustrating to use these days. It still doesn’t do MMS, but maybe more importantly, users have been forced to use the painfully buggy and slow Google Voice app for texting rather than some of the more popular SMS apps available. Thanks to Koush, that second issue may have been fixed.  (more…)