Google Voice Extension Now Available for DashClock

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Fellow Google Voice addicts, your DashClock extension dreams have finally been answered. Released this morning, we have an app called “Google Voice for DashClock” that does nothing more than display your last received message and number of unread new messages. You can also tap on items in DashClock to open the app. It’s incredibly simple, but is exactly what we have been waiting for – “we” as in those of us attached at the hip to Google Voice.

One thing to keep in mind, is that it requires you to enable it in Accessibility (Settings>Accessibility>DashClock Google Voice Extension). Also keep in mind that the app requires no special permissions, meaning it shouldn’t be able to capture any of your data. It should simply be relaying information from Google Voice to DashClock.

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Is This the Icon for a New All-in-One Messaging Service From Google?

google unified messenger

Developer Francois Beaufort, the guy who first pointed out that Chrome would be receiving Google Now-like notifications, posted up the screenshot you are seeing above to his G+ account, today. In the shot, we are seeing at least two things that have grabbed our attention – rich notifications in Chrome OS and an icon that looks a lot like one that would be for a messenger client of sorts.  (more…)

Google Voice Update Fixes Crashing Issue in Android 4.2

When Android 4.2 was released yesterday to a handful of devices, many of you noticed that Google Voice was having issues. In fact, if you created a new text message, then tried to add a contact, it would Force Close immediately. Thankfully, Google was quick to react and has already released an update to the Play store which fixes it.

One thing should be noted, though – after updating, I was forced to setup my Google Voice again. I’m not sure if that was supposed to happen or not, but it did. Remember, setup for Google Voice in Jelly Bean has changed slightly. We have instructions here.

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How to Setup Google Voice in Jelly Bean


This may be embarrassing, but I have to admit that when I first set up Google Voice on my Galaxy Nexus running Jelly Bean, that I was confused once I hit the Voicemail part. To hopefully help some of you skip the pain, I thought I would toss out this quick tip. It’s not unbelievably difficult by any means, but there is an extra step that you will want to make sure you complete. So here we go!  (more…)

Uppidy Saves Your Text Messages to the Cloud for Safe Keeping

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Folks who are not taking advantage of Google Voice’s feature of saving messages to the cloud, may want to take a look at Uppidy. If you want to make sure you never lose an important text message or special picture you have received ever again, then check out the short video. The service automatically saves all of your messages to the cloud, then makes them available from any device, including your PC, from anywhere you are. It sounds perfect for the people who are constantly flashing new ROMs or getting new phones.

Sign up here.

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Google Voice Updated – Better Text Notifications, Multiple Message Recipients

If you love Google Voice as much as Kellex does, you should head on over to the Market and grab the newest version that just went live.  The update allows you to prefetch voicemails so they can be listened to offline, send multiple recipients the same text message, and receive better text message notifications. Was hoping for some MMS support, but I guess we will be waiting a tad-bit longer for that luxury.

What’s in this version:

  1. Prefetch voicemails so they can be listened to even when there is no data coverage
  2. Allow sending text messages to multiple recipients
  3. Improved text message notification

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Google Voice Team Makes MMS Support Official: Working with Multiple Carriers, Hoping to Have Inbox Support Soon

Official. The Google Voice team just acknowledged the rumors from this morning that they have found a work-around for MMS (multimedia messaging service) messages. If you are a G-Voice user, you will need to cruise into Settings and choose the option under “Voicemail & Text” to “Forward text messages to my email:” to get this to work. That will allow your friends to send you MMS messages (pictures, video, etc.) and have them arrive in the email account that you have chosen to receive forwarded texts to. The plan is to have this become a part of your Google Voice inbox, but this will have to do for now.

This new feature is currently only available to Sprint customers. They are working with other mobile operators to bring it to everyone though, but that could take some time.

Via:  Google Voice Blog

Google Voice MMS Support Slowly Rolling Out? (Updated)

Update:  The Google Voice team has announced this feature. Full write-up here.

Die-hard users of Google Voice have long yearned for some MMS support. Things may be looking bright on the horizon as Google Voice is now starting to send notifications of incoming MMS messages through your email inbox. You won’t be receiving the message itself, but if you forwarding your texts to your email account, then you’ll receive an email notification of the message. That’s a step in the right direction.

Unfortunately this newest development only seems to be working on non-Verizon carriers at the moment, but we are hoping it makes its way to Big Red shortly. Kellex is the biggest user of G-Voice I know, so as soon as this feature hits Verizon, trust me when I say Droid Life readers will know first.

Via: Life Hacker