Burner Releases on Android, Lets You Live Out Your Inner Spy Fantasies


If you are a big fan of Android, you probably know how awesome Google Voice is in letting you create a second number that you can use through your main device for free. However, if you are looking for something a little more, disposable, Burner has just launched on Android and looks pretty slick. The app allows you to make a new number on your device and load it with pre-paid minutes, but if the CIA is ever on your tail you can “burn” the number and get rid of all your data.  (more…)

Google Babel News: Google Voice Support “Eventually” Coming, Synced Notifications, “First Class” iOS Experience


Whenever Google Babel does arrive for public consumption, we’re starting to believe it will be everything we have ever asked for in a unified messenger service. We’re talking synced notifications, cross-platform conversation experiences, a new UI, photo sharing, quick access to live video chats, and on-the-record chat history viewing from anywhere. According to sources of ours who have shared new information with us (including a feature list), we’re getting all of this and more.  (more…)

PSA: Google Voice Chrome Extension Updated Yesterday With Desktop Notifications, It’s Not Babel


Yesterday, the official Google Voice extension for Chrome received an update that introduced experimental desktop notifications. To our knowledge, this update has nothing to do with a unified Google chat service (internally called Babel) and is simply a stand-alone update and feature for the Google Voice extension. The notifications, if you are on a Windows machine, will look just like the picture we have included above. Again, to our knowledge, this has nothing to do with Google’s new unified chat service that is currently being dogfooded to employees.  (more…)

Google Voice Extension Now Available for DashClock

google voice dashclock

Fellow Google Voice addicts, your DashClock extension dreams have finally been answered. Released this morning, we have an app called “Google Voice for DashClock” that does nothing more than display your last received message and number of unread new messages. You can also tap on items in DashClock to open the app. It’s incredibly simple, but is exactly what we have been waiting for – “we” as in those of us attached at the hip to Google Voice.

One thing to keep in mind, is that it requires you to enable it in Accessibility (Settings>Accessibility>DashClock Google Voice Extension). Also keep in mind that the app requires no special permissions, meaning it shouldn’t be able to capture any of your data. It should simply be relaying information from Google Voice to DashClock.

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Is This the Icon for a New All-in-One Messaging Service From Google?

google unified messenger

Developer Francois Beaufort, the guy who first pointed out that Chrome would be receiving Google Now-like notifications, posted up the screenshot you are seeing above to his G+ account, today. In the shot, we are seeing at least two things that have grabbed our attention – rich notifications in Chrome OS and an icon that looks a lot like one that would be for a messenger client of sorts.  (more…)

Google Voice Update Fixes Crashing Issue in Android 4.2

When Android 4.2 was released yesterday to a handful of devices, many of you noticed that Google Voice was having issues. In fact, if you created a new text message, then tried to add a contact, it would Force Close immediately. Thankfully, Google was quick to react and has already released an update to the Play store which fixes it.

One thing should be noted, though – after updating, I was forced to setup my Google Voice again. I’m not sure if that was supposed to happen or not, but it did. Remember, setup for Google Voice in Jelly Bean has changed slightly. We have instructions here.

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