Google’s Smartwatch With Google Now Only Months Away From Production

Google Now Smart Watch

The often leaked and rumored Google smartwatch that supposedly runs Google Now is a lot more real and a lot further along in the process of being made than we expected. The Wall Street Journal, one of the first publications to report on this device, says they now have information that the watch is in “late-stage development” and “could be ready for mass production within months.” (more…)

Video: Would You Get a Google Smartwatch if it Looked Like This?


With the launch of the Pebble smartwatch, the tech world seems to be happily hopping on-board for wearable technology. We have seen a Google smartwatch concept before in the past that was based on a Google Now-like design, but this short video from T3 shows what a more Android-inspired watch might be like.  (more…)

This Google “Time” Smartwatch UI Concept is Neat


Smartwatches are all the rage these days. Everyone seems to want to feel more connected to their smartphone, a product we already can’t peel our eyes away from for two minutes. We have seen Pebble, one of the more highly regarded products, along with I’m Watch, what may be one of the worst smartwatch attempts in history. There are choices to be had, but what if one was completely Google-inspired? Take this Google Time concept for example.  (more…)