Google Shopper Updated to Version 3.0, New UI and Image-centric Search Results

Google is trying to make the task of holiday shopping a bit easier today, with the launch of Google Shopper version 3.0. Inside the update, you will see a newly re-vamped user interface which focuses more on images than it does text or icons. Also in the update is a search feature that also relies on imagery and not so much text.

To round it off, Google Shopper is full of online promotions and deals that should have you saving money all over the place. Can’t argue with that, right? You can go pick up the update in Google Play starting today.

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Google Shopper Updated, +1 Your Favorite Products And Google Offers Notifications


The art of ‘plus one-ing‘ just got a bit more exciting thanks to Google’s latest update to Google Shopper. Users can now +1 their favorite products and for those who are into looking their best, Google has even added a “Pamper” category which includes nearby salons and spas. Ooh la la.

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Any Google Shopper fans here? If they would combine a check-in feature with places you’re shopping that would definitely be neat.

Google Shopper Updated to Version 2.0, Now Includes Google Offers Deals


I’m not exactly sure how popular of an app Google Shopper is, but Google is certainly doing its best to make sure you at least give it a quick glance to see if it can help save you money.  The app received a pretty polished update today which includes its Google Offers program (for select cities, plus NYC as of today), “nearby” deals, and a list of the deals that you have saved for later.  I would assume that this will probably work best for folks in major cities, but hey, why not give it a shot to see it can help save you some hard-earned cash?

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