Google Reader and Docs Apps Receive ICS-inspired Makeovers


Both Google Reader and Google Docs have updates available in the market as of the last hour. Each received an Ice Cream Sandwich makeover of sorts that includes swiping between stories or document categories, the same sharing options as you will see on new web versions, and prettier widgets. To be honest, the Reader update doesn’t look all that different, but the new Docs version most definitely resembles the look of G+ which was also recently updated.

Market Links:  Google Reader | Docs

Cheers Manny!

Tablet Support Comes to Google Reader App in New Update

Hooray for more tablet apps!  The number of Honeycomb apps seems to be on the rise these days, but we could always use more, especially the apps we use on a daily basis.  Google Reader is by far my top choice for a feed reader, so I couldn’t be happier that it now looks tabletified.  Sure, there are plenty of spicy photo-centric readers like News360 and Pulse that get the job done – I just like my news simple.  If you want something without all the fluff and that reminds you of an in-browser reader, then this is a great choice.   (more…)

Google Reader App Finally Released on Android

Go ahead and uninstall Pulse, Greed or any other RSS reader app you had installed on your phone as Google finally released their Reader which mimics the browser version perfectly.  OK, telling you to uninstall those other apps isn’t really fair, but after glancing at Google’s attempt for 5 minutes I can tell that this will immediately become my default.  It’s free, simple and has the backing of Google which means it should actually work correctly.

Grab it now!   (more…)