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Yup, Google Play Has a New Icon

Don't freak out, Google Play is getting a new icon. As you'll see on your device soon enough, if the update hasn't already hit your device, Google is rolling out a new icon for Google Play, ditching the shopping bag we currently have.  The icon is essentially...
netflix android

Rooted Android Device? No Netflix for You

It appears that over the weekend, a few rooted Android users discovered Netflix is no longer allowing them to access the streaming service. In fact, they can't download Netflix from Google Play, rendering the rooted phones useless if Netflix is involved....
google play free app of the week

Google Play Now Hosting “Free App of the Week”

Google has apparently jumped on board with the idea that you like free stuff every week. We'll see how long it lasts, but Google Play is now offering up a free app of the week. A new category for a weekly free app popped up over the weekend, showcasing a game...
star wars rogue one

Rogue One is Now Available on Google Play!

March 24 was supposed to be the day and all parties delivered the goods - Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is now available on Google Play. It's currently priced in HD at $19.99 and no rentals or 4K are there from what I can tell. Go get it!  Play Link