DEAL: Google Play Movies and TV Running 50% Code and It Works on Movie Bundles

With the holiday weekend arriving in hours, you may be considering the list of movies you’ll want to throw up on the TV before, during, and after dinner with your relatives, in order to avoid crazy uncle Larry and the conversations that stem from all of the fake news he consumes through Facebook. Google has you covered in a big way. With a coupon code, you can grab 50% off any movie. However, it also appears that this code can be used for bundles of movies to deeply slash the price on some classics.  (more…)

Stable Chrome OS Gets Google Play and Android Apps on Two Chromebooks

Google Play and Android apps moved a step closer to a broader release to more devices today, thanks to a graduation of the Google Play beta experience to Chrome OS stable. Wait, did that make sense? What I’m saying is that Chrome OS stable (v53.0.2785.129) now has access to Google Play and Android apps, though only on two devices at the moment. Still, we’re making progress!  (more…)