What’s New in Google Play Services 5.0?

Not only did announce the new version of Android that is currently dubbed “Android L” (list of features) but they also gave us a massive Google Play Services update to 5.0.

The Play Services update allows apps to “more easily communicate” with wearables, which makes sense since Android Wear was a big part of today’s festivities. It lets developers build in game saving, Quests, and new game profiles to Play Games. There are new Wallet, Drive, Google Cast, Analytics, and Mobile Ads features as well.

The full list can be seen below.  (more…)

Google Play Services 4.4 Rolling Out With Running/Walking Recognition, Other Goodies

Google announced that Google Play services 4.4 have begun rolling out worldwide, today. The jump from 4.3 to 4.4 introduces a handful of useful tools for developers, like the ability to embed Street View imagery in apps,  detect activities like running or walking, and display in-app promo ads. There are indoor map API add-ons, minor changes in Games Services (dealing with Game Gifts), and a reduction in the work involved to place a “Buy With Google” button in an app.

You can find the full list of detailed changes below and at the source link.

The rollout has already started, but it will likely take some time to complete. And by the way, Google noted in today’s release that Google I/O will be here next month. Things should get even more exciting then.  (more…)

Google Play Services 4.3 Rolling Out – Includes APIs for Game Gifts, Analytics, Drive, and More

This morning, Google announced all sorts of new Google Play Games-relate goodies like Game Gifts, that allows players to send virtual in-game objects to fellow players. But what good are new goodies without APIs for developers to use to build them in? This afternoon, Google is giving us a Google Play Services update to v4.3 that introduces all sorts of APIs.

We’re talking Analytics and Tag Manager APIs now being incorporated into Google Play services as a “first class citizen,” Game Gifts API, updates to the Drive API (pinning, app folders, change notifications, etc.), and an Address API.

The Google Play Services 4.3 update is rolling out worldwide as you read this.

Play Link

The dirty details of all of these new tools can be found below.  (more…)

Google Play Services 4.2 Released for Developers, Brings Google Cast SDK

Developers rejoice, as Google launched Google Play Services version 4.2 this morning, which brings the full Google Cast SDK inside. With the new SDK, developers can start throwing a cast button right into their apps and then publish them to Google Play for users to download.

Google has worked hard to make the process fast and simple, so we should start seeing apps getting updated with Cast support pretty soon.  (more…)

Google Play Services 4.1 Update, Turn-by-Turn Multiplayer Now Possible

An update to the Google Play services has begun rolling out to Android devices. It brings along with it some pretty neat features for developers. Of course, these new options will slowly make their way into the apps and games that we love to use. There are a few improvements as part of this rollout, including the support needed for the newly-announced Google+ integration with Gmail

App Data and People Details Syncing Now in Google Play Services

google play services

As we approach Google I/O’s keynote tomorrow, all sorts of changes are beginning to happen in and around the world of Android. We just saw the new Google Play store version 4.1.6 go up and become available for download. It features a tweaked section button experience from the home page, new Wishlist appearance, and spaced out buttons on app pages. Following that news, we have the new Google Play Services app version 3.1.36 that includes new toggles for “App Data” and “People Details.”  (more…)