Google Co-Founder Sergey Brin Wears Google Glasses to Blindness Foundation Event

Who would have thought that two days after Google[x] unveiled their “Project Glass” that we would see a somewhat working prototype in the wild? Sergey Brin, Google co-founder, sported a working prototype to a blindness foundation event, where his wife was receiving an award. Blogger Robert Scoble noticed them immediately when Brin walked in the door and tried to find out as much info on the hottest topic of the week as possible. He saw a blue light flash at one point in the lens, said they looked incredibly light, and definitely real.

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Wednesday Poll: Are you Interested in the Google and Android Powered Glasses?

HTC just got done unveiling the HTC EVO 4G LTE, which is a nice phone and all, but isn’t the story of the day clearly the Google[x] project known as “Project Glass?” We are talking glasses that can do everything your smartphone does, but right in front of you eyes. Full voice integration, a camera for snapping life, video chatting, social check-ins, responding to texts, and more are all featured in their video preview of what the technology “could” look like. They even mocked up some renders of the glasses themselves for all of us to geek out on.

But really though, are you interested? If Google released these for X-mas, would you buy it? Is this too Minority Report? Or is that exactly what makes it so awesome to imagine?

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Google’s Android Glasses With Built In Screen To Become Reality By This Year’s End?

Recent reports from various sources are stating that Google has plans to release specially designed glasses for consumers by the end of this year. Shown above is a pair of Oakley Thumps with the Google logo crudely shopped onto them. Minus the logo, sources close to the project have stated the glasses could look like Thumps but of course, will have a small screen built into the lenses for viewing by the wearer.

The glasses would be based on Android and even have 3G/4G data connections, plus GPS capabilities. If that isn’t enough, there are also indications that the glasses will come with a low resolution camera, for real-time layering of information on locations and other various things such as navigation. The most impressive part so far is what the price may be for technology like this. Sources state that they should cost no more than a regular smartphone. So we may be looking at about $300-$600 for a pair of these Terminator-like pieces of hardware.

Is this the next big thing, or is this just in gimmick phase? Would you be seen wearing these things and walking down the street? So far, I can only picture Eric Schmidt wearing these around town and thinking he looks awesome.

Via: NY Times