Google Issued New Patent for Google Glass Design, But These Ones Look Different

It appears that a new version of Google Glass just ran through the USPTO, sporting some type of earbud attachment on the arms. On top of that obvious difference over the current version of Glass, the overall look of the device appears to be quite thick, but that could just be the drawing. It drums up the question, could this be what the public release version of Google Glass will look like? Pretty much an unanswerable question at this point, but it is fun to speculate.

Another possibility it that Google could release different versions of Glass suited to different use cases. As pointed out by A Quick Bit, this pictured version of Glass might be perfect for the active folks who like to run and listen to music, while also track their run in realtime. (more…)

Traffic Citation Against Woman Wearing Google Glass Thrown Out by Judge in California

In October of 2013, Cecilia Abadie made headlines all around the tech industry after being issued a traffic citation for wearing Google Glass while driving. Initially, the CHP (CA Highway Patrol) officer initiated a traffic stop after Abadie was speeding, but then noticed that she was wearing Google Glass. Since California drivers are not allowed to have a TV screen or any type monitor in use directly in front of them while driving, she was issued a second ticket.

Yesterday in a California courtroom, a judge ruled that since the officer couldn’t prove beyond reasonable doubt that Abadie was using the device, and Google Glass’ screen was on while she was driving, she was not breaking the law and dismissed the citation.  (more…)

Case4Glass Looks Like a Great Google Glass Case, Assuming Its Kickstarter Goal can be Met

Should you already own Google Glass, like the rest of us, I’d be that you have probably complained out loud a time or two about its storability and portability when not on head. The headset itself doesn’t break down, collapse, or do any other typical glass movement to make it easy to store, so owners of the $1,500 contraption are left either using the oversized and inconvenient soft-hard case that comes with Glass, or risking setting them down on a table. To remedy the situation or at least provide another option, a Glass owner/engineer has taken to Kickstarter (of course they have) to create the Case4Glass(more…)

First Real Look at Google Glass With Prescription Spectacles, Looks Much More Natural

Last night over on Google+, a Googler posted up the first real look of Google Glass working alongside prescription lenses and frames. It has since been removed from the Googler’s page, but luckily we were able to snag these screenshots beforehand. As we can see, the overall design is much cleaner, and thankfully the large metal band going across your forehead has been removed, which should make a few people less self conscious of how they look while wearing the hardware.  (more…)