Google Glass XE16 Factory Image Available for Download

We are only a day or two removed from Google pushing out the major XE16 update to Google Glass, yet you can already download the factory image for the wearable. This isn’t there to be used to update your device; you should have done that over-the-air. This file is instead there in case your tinkering ways lead you down a dark dirty hole filled with bricks. In other words, it’ll save you in a pinch and bring your Glass back from the dead.  (more…)

Tuesday Poll: Are You Buying Google Glass Today?

Not that we expect a high percentage of the DL community to pick-up Google Glass, but we figured we should at least ask since it’s available. It’s poll time.

At $1,500, you can take sweet selfies like the one I just included in this post, become a certified Glasshole, and enjoy the world staring at you everywhere you go thanks to the futuristic beacon attached to your head.

OK, it has more uses than that. For example, you could take awesome photos of your kid in action without having to pick up your phone, can see Google Now cards without ever lifting a finger, and can get Google Maps directions placed just above your eye as you drive. Glass does have some redeeming qualities, it’s just so damn expensive in its current form.

But hey, it’s there today, if you want it. Are you buying it?

Are you buying Google Glass today?

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Google Glass Now Available to All for $1500

Google Glass, the somewhat-controversial wearable headset that has been enjoying a lengthy private testing period for developers, is now available to anyone willing to shell out $1,500. That’s right, Google Glass can be purchased by you, you, you, and even you.

Glass is available for a limited time – likely a one day sale – in five colors, charcoal, tangerine, cotton, shale, and sky. Should you buy Glass, you’ll be treated to a free set of frames or shades, an accessory that typically costs $225.  (more…)

Google Glass to be Purchasable by Anyone for Just One Day

According to The Verge, who got their hands on a leaked document from Google, the Mountain View-based company may look to open up Google Glass sales to anyone interested in buying a pair, for just a single day. As stated in the leaked internal document, an announcement may be made on April 15, giving information as to which day it will be that people can purchase Glass and join the Explorer program.  (more…)

Google Joins Forces with Luxottica for Google Glass, Retail Availability Looms Closer

Itching for a pair of Google Glass, but can’t let go of those Ray-Bans? That’s the exact situation I’m in, which makes me really pleased to see this latest news coming out of Google. Luxottica, a head honcho of sorts in the eyewear business, has just announced that they are working with Google X to “combine high-end technology with avant-garde design offering the best in style, quality and performance”. Count me in. (more…)

Google Glass Titanium Collection Now Available for Explorers Starting at $225

Last night, the Google Glass team unveiled their Titanium Collection set of frames as an option for those needing prescription lenses to work with their Explorer unit. That collection is now available through the Glass store, with four frames made of titanium starting at $225 a piece.

Each frame comes in five different colors (charcoal, tangerine, cotton, shale, and sky) so that you can match your Glass unit to the frame. You could also choose to mix and match colors if you’d like. Orders also include a custom hard case to help protect your frames. (more…)

Google Glass Finally Gets Frames for Prescription Lenses, “Titanium Collection” Available Tomorrow

This evening, Google unwrapped a set of four new frames for Google Glass, a group that includes options for prescription lenses. Yes, people who wear real glasses on a daily basis will now be able to wear Glass and actually see the world as they use it. These new frames may also help the product look less super-cyborgy-awkward-nerdgastic-wtfisonyourheadweirdo. Well, one can hope.

All four are made of titanium, so they are ultra-light and “designed just for you.” In other words, they are trendy, work with prescription lenses, and are also there in case you “just want a new look.” Oh, and your vision insurance may even help cover the frames.

The frame collection is being called the “Titanium Collection.” Google Glass Explorers will have access to the new frames tomorrow afternoon, with frames starting at $225.  (more…)