First Real Look at Google Glass With Prescription Spectacles, Looks Much More Natural

Last night over on Google+, a Googler posted up the first real look of Google Glass working alongside prescription lenses and frames. It has since been removed from the Googler’s page, but luckily we were able to snag these screenshots beforehand. As we can see, the overall design is much cleaner, and thankfully the large metal band going across your forehead has been removed, which should make a few people less self conscious of how they look while wearing the hardware.  (more…)

Potential Google Glass Explorers, Let’s Talk Glass, Your Invite, and the $1500 Price Tag

From the countless emails we are receiving, it looks like Google is pumping out Google Glass invites to a lot of folks. The majority of the emails from readers we receive are asking our opinion on if the $1500 price tag for Glass is worth it. Let’s be real, $1500 is a lot of cash to some people, so it is important to know exactly what you are getting for your money if you plan on dropping that amount to be an early adopter of this hardware.  (more…)

Google Glass Gets Official Google Play Music App, $85 Stereo Ear Buds

Google Glass Explorers can start rocking out to their own tunes now, as an official Play Music app has been released for the headset. The app allows users to stream their existing music library right from a device via the Bluetooth connection or can even start up a radio station or listen to playlists by stating, “Ok Glass, listen to…” and then say the name of an artist, song or genre.  (more…)

Google Glass has a Sign-up Page for All Interested, Your Chance to Wait in Line for an Invite


We know that $1500 is a lot to spend on a consumer electronic that is still in its infancy, but if money ain’t a thang, and you live life on the bleeding edge of tech, (and have failed to get in on a variety of Explorer invite opportunities) your chance to join the Google Glass party is not over. Google has a sign-up page for their Explorer program that doesn’t guarantee a thing, but is a way to get on their list of interested persons. (more…)

Google Glass Update XE11 Brings New Compatibility With Google Play Music

project glass3

As noted by Phandroid, the newest XE11 update for Google Glass has brought along a fancy new undisclosed feature with it that Google will apparently be announcing soon. Users that decide to sideload the Google Play Music application to Glass, can then control and stream music right through the headset after saying the command, “Ok Glass, listen to…” followed by the name of a song or artist.  (more…)