Google Glass v2.0 Heads Through USPTO, Features Slimmer Design

An updated look for Google Glass appears to have stopped by the USPTO, featuring a slimmer, less bulky design. From the outside, it is rather hard to decipher what Google’s intentions are with the Glass project. Last time we checked, Explorer Edition units are still on Google Play for a whopping $1500, with public release timeframes coming and going throughout 2014.

Could it be that Google is just waiting for version 2.0 to give it a true public release and reasonable pricing?  (more…)

Changes to Google Glass TOS Suggest Progress Toward Price Reduction, Official Launch

Android Wear devices may have stolen the spotlight for now, but that does not mean Google Glass, the search giant’s other platform based around glance-able information, is not inching closer towards a palatable price and retail launch. Evidence of progress comes in the form of recently made changes to the Google Glass Terms of Service (TOS), which Glass Almanac astutely observed and highlighted. (more…)

Still Interested in Google Glass? Don’t Forget About Google’s Basecamps

With no word from Google as to when the public might expect a full retail launch of Google Glass, which means finalized hardware and software design, the company is still trying to give more regular folks a chance to play with Glass.

Google has special Basecamps in select cities, where the public can go get fitted for Glass, talk to Googlers about the device, and even purchase a unit if they feel inclined to do so.  (more…)

Google Glass Now Shipping With 2GB RAM, All Sorts of New Apps Announced

We aren’t even to Google I/O yet and announcements are already flooding out of the Google Glass team, through interviews with Sundar Pichai, and from the crew over at Cyanogen. In this quick post, we are focusing on all of the new Glass announcements, which include 12 new apps (“Glassware”), camera framing when taking pictures, new Google now cards, and maybe most importantly, the jump in new models of Glass to 2GB of RAM.  (more…)

Google Glass Frames by Diane von Furstenberg Now Available

Many gurus of fashion have tried their hand at making Google Glass a little less “dorkish,” but in our humble opinion, no one has succeeded quite yet – after all, it isn’t easy making a face computer look attractive. The latest attempt is from American designer Diane von Furstenberg, whose DVF design studio launched a line of Glass frames under the moniker “DVF | Made for Glass.” (more…)