Google Fiber Headed to Raytown, Missouri and Shawnee, Kansas


City officials in Raytown, MO announced that they have struck a deal with Google to possibly bring Fiber, the 1Gbps Internet and TV service to their residents. Raytown sits just outside of Kansas City, where Fiber first took off early last year. A vote to officially offer the service could take place as soon as May, but even if it is then approved, who knows how long it would take to see construction begin.  (more…)

Purchase Details Revealed For Google Fiber in Provo, Costs Google $1


When Google Fiber was announced for Provo, UT, details were unknown on the total cost to Google to buy out the city’s already in-place fiber optic network, iProvo. Today, details are out and it isn’t as high as one might initially think. In total, Google is set to pay a single dollar ($1) to the city of Provo for the network. The real cost will come in an agreement that Google has made with city hall to have the network fully built out within five years.  (more…)

AT&T Announces Plans to Bring Gigabit Internet Service to Austin, TX

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In some type of twisted dark humor, AT&T announced today their plans to bring a 1Gbps Internet service to the city of Austin, TX. If you have been following the news of Google Fiber, they too made their expansion into the city of 820K residents official yesterday morning. So, for anyone not living in Austin, TX this must just seem like the worst thing ever.  (more…)

Google Releases Further Details About Google Fiber Rollout in Austin, TX

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It was made official yesterday that Google Fiber would be coming to Austin, Texas. While I don’t find it fair at all, the folks down there are as excited as ever, and Google is finally releasing more details about the roll out. According to their post, homes won’t begin to be setup until mid-2014. That seems like quite the wait, but it should be completely worth it.  (more…)

Google to Announce Fiber for Austin Next Week, Rest of Us Feel Left Out

Google Fiber

Oh my goodness. Looks as though the time has come for Google’s gigabit Internet service, Fiber to finally expand beyond its small realm of Kansas City. It’s about time, Google! According to a statement, the city of Austin, Texas and Google have a very important announcement to make on April 9th, with almost everyone who runs the city in attendance. While Google did not come out and say it is for Fiber just yet, The Verge speculates that there is already enough evidence to come to that conclusion.  (more…)