Google Earth Receives Update, New Layers Including Real-Time Flights and Earthquakes

Google Earth has received a lovely update today, which includes a nice selection of new layers and added stability. The new layers include real-time flights, real-time earthquakes and more. Users can now also share their current views with friends and family through applications such as Google+ and Facebook. If you’re still using Google Earth, then you will definitely want to go see what’s new.

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Cheers Derek and Steve!

Google Earth Updated, Allows for Deep Sea Diving

Google Earth received a nice update today which allows you to dive deep into the oceans of the world and see vast crevasses which will blow your mind!  OK, that might be a stretch, but it’s still pretty cool to know that you can zoom in next to Bermuda, hit the little eyeball button and check out all of the sunken pirate ships that mysteriously vanished in the Triangle.  OK, again, pushing it, but the overall idea is still pretty entertaining.

Still free in the market.


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Source:  Google Mobile Blog

Download: Google Earth for 2.1 Update 1

For whatever reason, Google Earth was pulled from the Market of most Motorola Droid users who updated to the official 2.1 both manually and OTA.  We still haven’t heard exactly why this happened, but we’ll assume that Google must have some good reasoning behind it.  Many of our readers reported being able to see Google Earth initially after updating and within a few days, noticed it had disappeared.  Weird right?  Fortunately, we still have the 2.0.1 version that we made available a few months ago and it works flawlessly on the 2.1 update!

Download: google_earth.apk (alt link)  (alt link2)

Thanks to everyone who tested this!

google earth for 2.0.1 and non-rooted users

wasn’t that nice of google to release google earth yesterday to all 2.1 users?  all i have to say is, “nice try big g.” this is android we’re talking about remember?  did you really think that this community of android machines and amazing developers would not conquer all?  well it has.  again!

instructions for installation…

1.  go into settings -> applications and check the “unknown sources” box.
2.  make sure you have “astro file manager” installed on your phone.
2.  visit this post from your phone’s browser.
3.  tap and download this file onto your phone:  google_earth.apk  (alt link) (alt link2)
4.  when finished downloading, open up astro file manager.
5.  find your “downloads” folder and and tap the “google earth” file.
6.  tap “open app manger” and then “install”.
7.  bam.

let me know if you have any issues!

google earth app arrives in android market

the long awaited google earth app has finally arrived in the android market.  for those of you not familiar with google earth, just think of it as google maps on steroids and a super fun toy to mess with in your spare time.  practical uses?  not many that i can think of, but would love for someone to enlighten me.

there was talk of this only being available for the nexus one and 2.1 phones, but it showed up for me first try in the market.  (i am currently rooted which may have something to do with it.) and now that it has finished downloading and installing, i can tell you that i am definitely flying around the planet using 2.0.1.

update 2/22 9:23am:  apparently you can only access this app on your moto droid if you are rooted. interesting for sure…that 2.1 update better be coming this week.

features include multi-touch and voice search.  (quick tip:  using 2 fingers, do a twisting motion and you will get the earth to spin.)

how about some pics of the dubai earth islands?  eiffel tower?